Skin Element Snake Peptide Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Skin Element Snake Peptide is an anti-aging cream that claims its peptide-rich formula will reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and rebuild and rejuvenate the skin.  The product promises results from the natural age-defying properties of snake venom, and other ingredients linked to anti-aging science.

According to the manufacturer, snake venom peptide works in a similar way to Botox by “freezing” the facial tissue, but without the painful injections.  The specialized delivery system is meant to allow nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin for maximum benefit.

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Skin Element Snake Peptide Ingredients and Side Effects

The website for Skin Element Snake Peptide claims scientists have discovered natural anti-aging properties of snake venom, and imply snake venom is included in the formula.  The ingredients, however, are not listed anywhere on the website, and no scientific research about snake venom peptides in skin care has been published.

The lack of information about the formula, or even simply a list of key ingredients, is a huge concern for many reasons.  Consumers want to know:

  • They are paying a fair price for a product.
  • If there are any potentially harmful ingredients included.
  • How ingredients in the product compare to ingredients in other products.

Without a list of ingredients or descriptions about what they do, consumers are unable to make informed decisions about whether or not a skin care product will work for their specific needs.

Skin Element Snake Peptide Quality of Ingredients

Aside from the vague suggestion that the formula includes snake venom, there is no other information provided about the science behind it.  The website does a fantastic job of describing and hyping the results users may experience, but without an ingredient list, consumers are unable to determine if the product contains what they need for their individual skin types.

The safety aspect is very concerning.  Some ingredients could pose serious health risks for highly allergic or sensitive users.  Consumers concerned about allergens, toxins, or any other harmful ingredients might consider other options before settling on Skin Element Snake Peptide. There are many other reputable products that list their ingredients, what they do, and won’t force a purchase in order to find out what you’re getting.

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The Price and Quality of Skin Element Snake Peptide

Skin Element Snake Peptide is somewhat expensive compared to many other anti-aging treatments available on the market.  If you decide to give this product a try, you must sign up for the free trial and provide a credit card for the shipping charges of $4.94.

Once the trial is over after a period of 14 days, the full product cost of $97.83 will be charged to the credit card on file.  Customers are urged to pay attention to the small print to avoid unwanted charges, however, as they are automatically enrolled into an autoship subscription service until it is canceled.  The responsibility to cancel is on the customer.

There were mixed customer opinions regarding the value.  Many thought it worked fine as a daily moisturizer, but did not see any dramatic results:

“I didn’t see any difference in my skin at all. It didn’t give me a rash, but it definitely does not do what they claim.  It is laughable they compare this to Botox.”

Another customer said simply did not feel it was worth the cost:

“I tried this after being suckered in by the claims posted on the website.  After going around and around with customer service and my bank to reverse charges, I am sticking with my $20 moisturizer from now on.”

There is simply not enough evidence to prove the snake venom peptides perform as advertised, or how much is actually contained in the formula, and the lack of information about the science behind the products is concerning.  For such a high price point, research backed evidence, clinical trials, and unbiased testimonials would do more to prove its value than vague claims and deceptive sales tactics.

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Business of Skin Element Snake Peptide

The manufacturer of Skin Element Snake Peptide is Beauty Impressions, LLC, headquartered in Pacoima, CA.  Their contact info is:

Phone: (855) 567-2147

Address: Beauty Impressions, LLC

12924 Pierce Street

Pacoima, CA 91331

Email: An email contact form is available on the website.

There are many complaints against Beauty Impressions, LLC for what many customers feel are deceptive marketing tactics.  There are also many complaints that the product simply does not work, or that it produced negative results on their skin.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Skin Element Snake Peptide

The customer reviews of Skin Element Snake Peptide are mostly negative, with many complaints being about the auto-ship replenishment services that so many online skin care companies require their customers to use.

Here is what some customers have said about Skin Element Snake Peptide:

“The free trial is NOT free…  The treatment works ok, not the best.  I prefer other anti-wrinkle products, but it looks like I’ll be using this one until they finally stop sending it to me and cancel like I asked.”

One customer had fewer hassles with the returns process than others, but the fact remains that they returned it because it did not work for their skin needs:

“My skin developed a mild rash after I used it for only a few days.  I returned it and received a refund soon after.  If you read all the terms and return it within the time period stated, then you can avoid unwanted charges.”

There are not a lot of reviews for Skin Element Snake Peptide, as it is not a very well known brand.  It is not surprising the reviews are mixed, since the effects of any skin care product depend on individual skin type, allergies, whether or not product is properly applied, and other contributing factors.

There are enough negative reviews to warrant concern about the autoship program, as well as the safety concerns about the ingredients.

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How Does Skin Element Snake Peptide Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Skin Element Snake Peptide
  • 44/100
Conclusion – Does Skin Element Snake Peptide Work?

Skin Element Snake Peptide is formulated to improve the visible signs of aging, and claims to provide similar results to Botox without the invasive surgery or high cost of the procedure.  The clinical trials touted by the website are nonexistent, however, and there is no scientific-backed research about the formula or its ingredients anywhere to be found.

The website does not list any anti-aging ingredients, or any ingredients at all for potential customers to research, and the high number of negative reviews suggests that Skin Element Snake Peptide may not be the best choice for anti-aging skin products.  When there are many options out there, it doesn’t make sense to take chances on an unproven product.

Our expert reviewers researched and compared many proven age-defying products and agree: Kremotex is the best overall.

Its fast-acting ingredients boost collagen production, and essential antioxidants and vitamins promote cell regeneration, reversing the effects of aging and skin damage.  Many positive testimonials on their website, along with amazing before and after transformation photos show why Kremotex was voted the best anti-aging cream of 2016.

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5 Responses to Skin Element Snake Peptide Review: Don’t Buy Before You Read This!

  1. Brenda Roesser says:

    I thought I was getting trial samples. They were full sizes & they had enrolled me in an automatic shipment. Fortunately I had not opened either the eye vibe or skin element face cream, when I saw the $92 & $97 charged, plus 4 foreign fees of .99, .99, .05 & .01. I called & cancelled, got the RMA #’s to return the products. One of the amounts was refunded to my account. It has been 7 months since they received the products & I have been trying to get the rest of my money. Have made numerous calls & I get a different excuse each time. You can’t talk to the department that does the refunds. Don’t buy either product!

  2. Melissa says:

    Such a scam. Before I even received the product I called to cancel my order because I looked at the reviews and I saw complaints about how they charged people before their free trial was up and that they didn’t refund them. When I called they said that they wouldn’t do that and to just try it out and that they would give me an extension trial. I called the day before the last day of my trial and they said I wouldn’t be charged but the next day I saw that they charged me $200!!! DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. It doesn’t even work. Customer service is terrible too.

  3. Angela says:

    Was scammed into buying the “trial” size products for $4.95 only to have $200 charged on my cc shortly after. They did refund me after I argued with them for about 10 minutes. They told me to keep the products. I used the “trial” (which is actually full sized) for a couple months. No noticeable results. Seems like an over seas scam with not many English speaking representatives. They even stated celebrities (specifically, Carrie Underwood) that uses the products. Kremotex is much much better and worth the price!

  4. Anonymous says:

     Beauty Impression advertises, in the name of the actress Angelina Jodi attributing her divorce from Pete to her devotion to developing this beauty product, and offers a free trial for the SkinElement cream at $5.99 plus $0.99 fee and EyeVibe cream at $3.95 plus $0.99. Three weeks later an additional charge of $105.79 and $97.83 appeared on my credit card. I did not realized until the second shipment of same products appeared the next month and another $105.79 and $97.83 on my credit card. All I wanted is the free trial. Now I got charged over $400. There is no free trial and they claimed that when I ordered the free trial, I was automatically enrolled in the monthly auto shipment. I called the company to tell them that I had not enrolled in the auto-shipment program. They only agreed to refund for the second shipment, but refused to refund for the first free trial shipment. This is a big ripoff. On top of it, my skin breaks out all over my body only after one week of using the cream. Nothing good has come out of this free trial scheme — all bad through and through.

  5. Charleen says:

    This product was dangerous for me. I began experiencing vertigo after using it. I did not realize it was the cause. I made several trips to the doctor thinking it was something medical – nothing could be found to be the cause. I was not consistent with using it and I stopped after a few uses. I began using it one month later and started experiencing the vertigo symptoms again. I stopped and never experienced it again.

    I do not recommend this product. I do not know what the ingredients are – but based on my experience, they are not healthy.

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