Here’s Why Exercise is Good for Your Heart

We’ve all known for quite some time that exercising is good for our tickers, but now experts know a little more as to why this is the case. In a study of mice, researchers found that exercise may turn on a “genetic program” that makes the heart grow through heart muscle cell division.

“We’ve identified a pathway involved in beneficial cardiac hypertrophy – the good kind of heart growth,” says Bruce Spiegelman of Harvard Medical.

It appears that the gene C/EBPb is responsible for influencing the heart’s strengthening. The researchers say that the the heart adapts to increased pressure and volume by getting bigger during exercise.

While running is one of the most popular choices for a cardio exercise, you don’t have to go that route if you are a beginner or if you have concerns about your joints or injuries. Consider walking at a brisk pace to lesson the impact on your joints.

Bicycling is a scenic way that you can get in some cardio around your neighborhood. It’s low impact on your joints as well.

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