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What is it?

Clinique Acne Solutions is a line of skin care products designed to gently treat acne in three easy steps.  A clinical-strength clearing gel is available for extra acne-fighting power, as well as several other products that target acne symptoms and minimize their effects.  For the purposes of this review, we will be focusing on the three base products: Cleansing foam, clarifying lotion, and an all-over clearing treatment.

While the line was developed mainly as a treatment for acne, the products also contain ingredients well known for their anti-aging properties, so users may see positive results in their skin they were not even expecting.  Formulated to work together synergistically to treat the symptoms of acne, Clinique Acne Solutions promises to reduce pore size, heal inflammation, and soothe and hydrate skin.

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Clinique Acne Solutions Ingredients and Side Effects

Active ingredients in Clinique Acne Solutions products believed to provide acne-fighting benefits, as well as address anti-aging concerns:

Salicylic Acid Benzoyl Peroxide Green Tea
Cucumber Extract Glycerin Caffeine

Salicylic Acid: A natural exfoliator and anti-inflammatory, used in acne treatments to help keep hair follicles free from oil, dirt, sweat, and other impurities that can clog pores and lead to breakouts.

Benzoyl Peroxide: Organic compound found in the peroxide family, generally used in acne treatments for its natural antibacterial, peeling, and drying properties.

Green Tea: One of the most powerful antioxidants available, removes impurities from the skin.  The polyphenols contained in green tea neutralize free radicals and reduce inflammation, helping to slow the aging process.

Cucumber Extract: Non-sensitizing plant extract with potent antioxidant properties, used in skin care to hydrate and soothe.  It is also fragrant without being irritating, so it is sometimes used as a natural fragrancer.

Glycerin: A natural humectant that can either be derived from plant oils or synthetically made.  Draws water from the air into the skin, and forms a protective layer over skin to lock in the moisture.

Caffeine: Used in skin care products for its natural antioxidant properties, it also increases microcirculation of blood in the skin, protects against UV radiation and photoaging, and it is believed to shrink blood vessels, reducing inflammation.

Clinique Acne Solutions Quality of Ingredients

Clinique Acne Solutions lists its active ingredients on the website, which is good for those with sensitive skin or allergies, and those who simply take an active interest in the products they apply to their skin.  There is an abundance of soothing plant extracts to calm skin and reduce inflammation, and other natural ingredients that are good for healing.

All Clinique Acne Solutions products contain Benzoyl Peroxide, which is a great acne-fighting disinfectant, and they are all formulated to be lightweight, and not at all greasy.

There are also, however, several fragrance ingredients and other unnecessary additives, like peppermint oil and witch hazel, that may irritate skin.  The products are said to be safe for all skin types, though not all skin is the same, so one should always check with a specialist to discuss the possible risks associated with the ingredients.

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The Price and Quality of Clinique Acne Solutions

The products under the Clinique Acne Solutions brand are competitively priced on their own at around $16.50-$26.00, depending on product, size, and where it is purchased.  A full line could run customers between $40-45, more if they purchase products outside the main three included in the kit.  This is still a fairly good value compared to many other lines of skin care products, assuming the user achieves results.

Customers are pleasantly surprised by the value:

“I wasn’t expecting much.  I always assumed only celebrities could manage such amazing skin, but this really worked on my oily T-zone, and I could afford it, which still blows me away.”

“I don’t know why I pulled the short stick from the gene pool, but I am over 50 years old and still break out.  I don’t know what I would do without Clinique.  Botox, I guess?  No, I can’t afford that, but I can afford this.”

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Business of Clinique Acne Solutions

The manufacturer of Clinique Acne Solutions is Clinique Laboratories, LLC, headquartered in New York, NY.  Their contact info is:

Phone:   (212) 572-4200

Address: Clinique Laboratories, LLC

767 5th Ave, #1

New York, NY 10153

Email:    There is an email contact form available on the website.

There are very few complaints against Clinique Laboratories, LLC.  The few online complaints have been resolved to the satisfaction of the consumers, and they have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau website.

The website is attractive, informative, and easy-to-navigate, and offers a comprehensive and helpful FAQs section, as well as detailed steps of their policies regarding returns and exchanges.  Consultants are also available through chat for questions about the products and ingredients.

They do offer a replenishment service, the likes of which are a huge letdown to consumers who often don’t realize what they are getting into.  When you order from the Clinique website, however, you must consciously select the option to automatically renew your products.  Customers are not automatically enrolled into any programs or services.

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EDITOR’S TIP: For the best results, our experts recommend using anti-aging creams for at least 3 months. Save your money by buying a few bottles at once.

Customer Opinions of Clinique Acne Solutions

The customer reviews of Clinique Acne Solutions are generally positive.  Clinique is a well known skin care brand, and many people feel comfortable trusting their skin to it. There are several glowing testimonials on their website about how it improved their acne and cleared their complexions, and hundreds of positive customer reviews to further back the products.

Not all skin care products perform the same for all skin, so until you try it for yourself, you won’t know how it works for you and your individual skin type.  Fortunately, there are online reviews available, allowing consumers to make informed decisions.

“Clinique makes my skin look and feel better than it has in years.  I can’t thank them enough, I don’t know what I’d do if they stopped making it.  I don’t even want to think about the possibility!”

“I don’t have trouble spots anymore.  Now I just have a regular face!  I had to tighten my finances one month and tried a cheaper brand, but as soon as the zits came back, I recalculated to make sure it always fits in my budget.”

“Not only has Clinique Acne Solutions cleared up most of my acne, but it makes my skin feel tighter and more toned, like I had a subtle facelift.  Ok, maybe I wouldn’t go that far. But my skin does look several years younger.”

There were no negative reviews to be found on their website, though it is worth pointing out that there is a disclaimer on each review stating whether or not they received Clinique Smart Rewards points for their review.  Most reviewers answered yes.

The efficacy of any skin care product depends on individual skin type, allergies, proper application, and many other contributing factors. Please keep this in mind when researching skin care products based on customer reviews and opinions.

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How Does Clinique Acne Solutions Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Good Company Reputation
  • Quality Ingredients
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Clinique Acne Solutions
  • 41/100
Conclusion – Does Clinique Acne Solutions?

Clinique Acne Solutions claims their acne treatment is just as effective at clearing up existing acne as leading prescription treatments, and with regular use, it also promises to prevent new blemishes from occurring.  While no anti-aging claims are made by the brand, the inclusion of several proven anti-aging ingredients may also work to slow the visible signs of aging while fighting stubborn acne.

Clinique Acne Solutions without a doubt works for many happy customers, and the Clinique reputation is well-known and has been trusted for years, so it is probably worth a try if you are looking for a reasonably priced, over-the-counter acne treatment.  Clinique guarantees your satisfaction and will refund your money if the products don’t work for you, so what do you have to lose but your acne, and maybe some fine lines and wrinkles?

Our expert reviewers researched and compared many age-defying products and agree: Kremotex is the best overall.

Its fast-acting ingredients boost collagen production, and essential antioxidants and vitamins promote cell regeneration, reversing the effects of aging and skin damage.  Many positive testimonials on their website, along with amazing before and after transformation photos show why Kremotex was voted the best anti-aging cream of 2016.

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