Biggest Loser 7: Ron Morelli

Keep up with Ron’s journey on Biggest Loser: Couples all season long. Ron joins partner and son Mike during the show’s seventh season.

Age 54

Hometown South Lyon, MI

Occupation City Councilman, Retired Food Distributor

Teammate Mike Morelli, son

Team Color Brown

Trainer Bob Harper

Starting Weight 430

Final Weight 238

Total Loss -192


  • Has had gastric bypass surgery previously
  • Biggest single week weight loss (-32 pounds) in the show’s history during week 1
  • Team lost most weight week 1, won immunity
  • Completed a marathon in week 18 in 13:15:48


  • “Being on the Biggest Loser ranch, for me, is like the fountain of youth.” – Week 3
  • “If I fall down are you going to pick me up?” asked Ron, to which Helen replied “Yeah, I’m strong now!” – Week 7


Other Spellings Ronn, Ronald, Ronny, Marelli, Moreli, Morelly


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