2010’s Most Popular Diets

Top Diets of 2010At the end of December, the staff at DietsInReview.com likes to takes a look at the past year’s most popular diet and fitness trends. Some will be fads and others will be familiar and dependable, but each year this represents the interests of the public.

This list of the 25 most popular diets is compiled from the most viewed diet reviews from January to December of 2010. Essentially, the list is created by our readers: these are diets that you have been searching for and reading about, the diets you have been trying out and commenting on.

In 2010, we see our list dominated by Jillian Michaels‘ products, although Weight Watchers remains the most popular diet for the third year in a row. Acai slipped in popularity, while cookie diets proved to be a fad in 2009. Newcomers to the list include the controversial pregnancy drug hCG, the baby food diet and the Flex Belt.

You can compare the most popular diets of 2010 to the most popular diets of 2009, to see which trends are rising and falling.

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