Thai ‘Rambo’ to Teach Aerobics

Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol (also known as Seh Daeng) is a folk hero in Thailand, known for his Rambo-size combat exploits. Seh Daeng is a larger than life figure in Thailand – a notoriously fearless man who has been said to “famously laugh in the face of enemy fire.” He’s known to speak animatedly, and with intense eyes.

He has claimed to have helped the United States spy on North Vietnam during the Vietnam War, and took part in the CIA financed secret war against the communists.

“Nobody messes with me, I am a warrior, I am Seh Daeng,” he says.

But now he may be known as an aerobics instructor.

Seh Daeng was said to be furious when he was assigned to promote aerobics. The order was given by Thai Army Chief General Anupong Paojinda.

Seh Daeng was ordered to be part of an army team promoting better health and sports. The team, led by Lt. Gen. Chirasit Kesakomol, another army specialist, will meet Seh Daeng to work out the plan to promote aerobics at various market places.

The Major General said his new job was not suitable for him.

“It is ridiculous to send me, a warrior, to dance at markets,” he said.

Seh Daeng knows only one dance, and it’s a doozy:

“The army chief wants me to be a presenter leading aerobic dancers. I have prepared one dance. It’s called the throwing-a-hand-grenade dance,” said the General.

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