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Revitalume Eye Cream is an eye cream that works to treat dark circles and fine lines with use. This product also claims to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and improves the skin’s tone and texture.

Revitalume Eye Cream operates by relying on the science of bruises—fighting against a specific type of dark circle caused by leaking blood under the eye. Additionally, this product contains some additional elements—cucumber, green tea, retinyl palmitate, that offer more uniform anti-aging benefits to users.

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Revitalume Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Revitalume Eye Cream does not have a documented list of the ingredients used to make this product. Unfortunately, this makes it a bit of a challenge to figure out whether or not this product is effective in providing the benefits advertised on the website.

According to the official Revitalume Eye Cream product pages, this product contains a single active ingredient, peptides. Here’s a little more about what peptides can do for the skin:

Peptides Cucumber Extract Green Tea Chrysin
Hesperidin Chrysin Retinyl Palmitate Shea Butter

Peptides: This blend of peptides, according to the official website, helps boost your skin’s metabolism, improve the the tone, texture, and overall structure of the skin with use. Peptides help replenish the skin’s collagen supply, leading to a reduction in visible wrinkles, dark circles, and loose skin.

Cucumber Extract: Cucumber contains nutrients like vitamin C and caffeic acid, which help with dark circles, free radical protection, puffiness and more. Additionally, cucumbers have a soothing, calming effect when applied to the skin.

Green Tea: Green tea is rich in antioxidants—which work to protect the skin against damaging free radicals. This ingredient may be used to repair damaged cells, as well as

Hesperidin: This ingredient is a flavonoid you’ll typically find in citrus fruits. Hesperidin functions an an anti-inflammatory—used to fight puffiness and treats the dark circles caused by capillary leakage.

Chrysin: A compound found in the blue passionflower plant, chrysin is used to reduce under-eye swelling and prevent capillary leakage—keeping puffiness and dark circles at bay.

Retinyl Palmitate: A type of vitamin A that provides a gentle exfoliation, retinyl palmitate is used to improve the skin’s metabolism and reduce the appearance of imperfections like age spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Shea Butter: Shea butter is a natural moisturizer that contains fatty acids. This ingredient softens skin and may protect against sun damage.

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Revitalume Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Revitalume Eye Cream is sold through a website that feels very scientific and informative. It’s a little dry, reading like a pharmaceutical page, but they’ve provided some really good coverage of the full scope of what this solution sets out to accomplish.

The site goes into detail, explaining how this product works to take on dark circles—but it’s unclear if this product only works for one type of dark circle. In this case, Revitalume targets dark circles caused by broken capillaries and excess blood pigments.

The site explains that broken capillaries exist throughout the body, but are more noticeable under the eye because the skin is so thin. The ingredients, hesperidin, chrysin, green tea and cucumber soothe the skin and work to speed up the “clean-up” process. Peptides, on the other hand strengthen the skin so future instances of broken capillaries are less noticeable.

Retinyl palmitate works to reduce the appearance of fine lines and stimulates new cell growth, giving the skin a younger, more refreshed appearance.

In all, this formula looks pretty good—but we never see an official label. So, there’s no sense of whether or not this product contains a bunch of chemicals, filler ingredients, petroleum byproducts, and so on.

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The Price and Quality of Revitalume Eye Cream

Revitalume Eye Cream is primarily sold through the official website, Shoppers have a few different buying options. A single bottle costs $79.95, two bottles go for $154.95, and three go for $209.95.

Revitalume Eye Cream is also available through a rick-free trial offer. Users get a six-week supply for a small shipping and handling charge. We’re not crazy about this arrangement, but it’s worth pointing out that they do clearly mention both the pricing and the auto-ship agreement.

Those users who would like to side step any further obligations can order this product for the regular price of $79.95.

This product is slightly more affordable than many of the free trial/automatic shipping agreements we’ve seen, but we’re not sure that this product is worth almost $80. The ingredients look pretty good, but we haven’t seen an official ingredient label and don’t know what the filler ingredients are.

The product also uses retinyl palmitate instead of pure retinol—a small criticism, but this lowers the value a bit—retinol is the more potent form of vitamin A, and will yield more benefits than its lesser counterpart.

What’s also worth pointing out is, this product is available for sale on Amazon at a significantly lower price point–$24.95 for the same amount. Users can take advantage of further savings when they purchase three or more units.

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Business of Revitalume Eye Cream

Revitalume Eye Cream was created by a company known as Dermavant Labs. They make a number of personal care products that target specific issues like cellulite, stretch marks, and more.

Here is how you can reach Dermavant’s customer service team:

Phone: 800-511-4356

Dermavant is the distributor for the Revita skincare line, which includes Revitalume Eye Cream, as well as a handful of other solutions.

The official Dermavant website looks a little older—but it’s a functional e-commerce platform, and they do a good job of explaining what they’re myriad offerings can do. They just never release full ingredient labels for those offerings.

The company profile looks okay—they could do better to be an interactive company with more attractive content, images, and more—but we get the sense they aren’t exactly trying to compete with the Sephora set.

But, it’s worth pointing out, we didn’t find any Better Business Bureau complaints or pages on RipOff Report. In all, it seems like this company overcharges for items, but they’re pretty upfront about it.

Customer Opinions of Revitalume Eye Cream

Revitalume Eye Cream doesn’t have a huge backlog of reviews available for prospective consumers to look at, but they do have a few posted on Amazon.

“Do not use! This product burned my skin, like, completely. This is definitely one of the worst experiences I have ever had with a skincare product. A few weeks later I’m still healing. Dangerous.”

“I used this product for about two weeks and the only change I experienced was negative. My eyes became very dry, yet dark circles remained. This stuff is no good.”

“This is just the same as all those scam creams. They lock you into a monthly charge after signing up for the trial—and it doesn’t work. Stay away from this stuff. It’s not anywhere near worth the $80.”

“I used this for three months and saw no change in dark circles. They’re as dark and purple as ever. I’m thinking the reviews on their own website are fake—all five-stars, completely different than on Amazon.”

While the reviews do include a few positive accounts of the product, the general consensus is that it doesn’t work all that well. Past users have mentioned this product isn’t all that effective in fighting dark circles—confirming our suspicions that Revitalume was designed to address one type of dark circles—not those caused by genetics or lack of sleep.

Based on the Amazon reviews, our impression of this product is not great. This item appears to have caused notable irritation, severe in some cases, or simply didn’t work.

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Conclusion – Does Revitalume Eye Cream Work?

Revitalume Eye Cream is an expensive solution that doesn’t seem to work as well as promised on the official website.

While the company provides a lot of information about the active ingredients, we’re more curious about the inactive ones, particularly because some users have reported tingling with use, as well as more severe burns.

Revitalume Eye Cream is $80 for a 0.5-ounce container of product. We’re not sure what about this warrants the high cost, especially given that, we don’t know the full scope of the ingredients present, and that consumers didn’t report a positive experience after using this item.

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