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Pleasure Enhancing Gel is a water-based women’s topical gel sold as a way to stimulate sexual arousal and heightened sensitivity. It is to be applied directly to the clitoris, and comes flavored, presumably as a way for the partner to get involved.

Pleasure Enhancing Gel claims to have ingredients formulated to stimulate the erogenous zone for quicker and fuller arousal. With alternate cooling and warming sensations, women are supposed to feel more sexually excited, making them desire sex more. It is also supposed to intensify the sexual act, and can increase the intensity of climaxes in women. It is water-soluble for easier cleaning up afterwards, and comes in strawberry flavor so that, in all likelihood, a partner can enjoy the taste while performing oral sex on the woman using it.

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Pleasure Enhancing Gel‘s ingredients are hard to find, as they are not listed on the packaging in the thumbnails provided on internet store pages, and so we had to search around for what other reviewers had learned. Therefore, this information may not be up-to-date:

L-Arginine Niacin Wild Yam Guarana Extract
Damiana Extract Hydroxypropyl Guar Methylparaben Potassium acelsulfame

L-Arginine: A nutrient found in different foods such as poultry, fish, wheat, it is prescribed for its ability to support good cardiovascular flow by widening arteries. It’s also known keeping hormone production balanced and healthy, and can assist the kidneys in cleaning the blood.

Niacin: Also known as nicotenic acid, this organic compound is a component of the vitamin B3 complex, and is usually prescribed for cardiovascular health and high cholesterol. Topically, it is supposed to have anti-aging properties.

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Wild Yam: This extract contains diosgenin, which been used as a natural alternative to estrogen replacement therapy for women going through menopause. It has several benefits and can treat vaginal dryness, menstrual cramps, and can also increase breast size.

Guarana: This Amazonian plant’s seeds have been used in native tribal medicine as a way to increase energy and enhance sexual desire. Containing large amounts of caffeine, it is a noted natural stimulant. In higher-doses and when taken for a long time, some side effects may ensue, which could include:

  • Tremors, delirium, sleeplessness
  • Anxiety, stomach cramps, vomiting

Damiana: A plant found in Mexico and other parts of Central America, it has been used in traditional medicine as a way to increase sexual desire. It has also been use for treating headaches, diarrhea, and mood disorders.

Hydroxypropyl Guar: A thickening agent used in cosmetics, it is used to prevent oil and water-based products from separating.

Methylparaben: A preservative commonly used in food and skin products to extend shelf life.

Potassium acelsulfame: A calorie-free artificial sweetener that is supposed to be 200 times as sweet as sugar, with a bitter aftertaste.

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Pleasure Enhancing Gel’s ingredients leave a lot to be desired, both in terms of the way its herbal contents are used as well as the qualities of its secondary ingredients.

The gel contains several ingredients that are known for their aphrodisiac qualities, but as far as we can tell, these products are typically meant to be ingested for their effects to be felt. Wild yam, applied topically, is generally used to reduce hot flashes, and damiana is meant to be taken orally for its libido-enhancing qualities to have their best effect. While dermal application can allow for some herbal remedies to get into the blood and have an effect on the body, the effect can often be different, or much weaker than if it had been taken orally.

The product is also full of synthetic ingredients which will turn many people away. Potassium acelsulfame has an unpleasant and artificial aftertaste which will turn many people off, but that’s not the biggest worry with this product: that honor belongs to methylparaben. Methylparaben is used as a preservative to prevent the growth of bacteria, but it has been linked to an increased risk for breast cancer, and even in other ways it has not been determined to be totally safe for regular use. This means that women would be better off avoiding any product containing it.

Overall, women who have negative reactions to synthetics will probably have difficulty using this product comfortably, and the effects they feel from the herbs included will likely not be as strong as they could be if taken with an oral supplement.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.

THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Pleasure Enhancing Gel

Pleasure Enhancing Gel is cheap, priced at around $10.83 normally. Each tube contains about 1.5 fluid ounces. Since there is no recommended amount to use in each dose, a tube could last a couple days or a couple months, depending on use.

Despite the low price, this product does not seem to be a very good value, and that comes down to the ingredients. Several of them are synthetic – a drawback for many people –, at least one has been linked to breast cancer, and there is not enough information on the herbs and their topical efficacy. The price is low, but the product is of lower quality, and so we cannot advise that customers are getting a good value for what they’re paying.

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BUSINESS OF Pleasure Enhancing Gel

Pleasure Enhancing Gel is made by California Exotic Novelties. Their contact information is:

Phone Number: (909) 606-1950

Address: PO Box 50400, Ontario, CA 91761

Email: No email address provided, only a customer contact form.

The company has a 60-day return policy, although all products will be subject to a restocking fee of 10%.

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California Exotic Novelties boasts of having won a few awards, and has a decent presentation on their company’s main website. They have several methods of contacting them, which is better than some other sexual supplement companies we’ve reviewed, some of which don’t even supply an address.

The company requires that people login to their website to view prices, which is a strange business practice. Businesses should be straightforward with their prices, whether or not people have taken the time to sign up for a special customer account.

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CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Pleasure Enhancing Gel

As far as we found, there are no customer reviews for Pleasure Enhancing Gel. Sites like VitaDigest and Amazon both have pages for the product, and both have opportunities for customers to report their experiences with products, but in spite of that, there are no testimonials.

This is a serious drawback in such a competitive industry as sexual enhancement. With so many products, it is extremely crucial for companies to have customers give reviews of their products. Whether positive or negative, reviews help people to determine whether a product is worth taking a chance on with their money, and zero reviews means that any first-time buyer could be wasting their money and time on something that, for all they know, doesn’t work at all.

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CONCLUSION – DOES Pleasure Enhancing Gel WORK?

We cannot say for sure if Pleasure Enhancing Gel does what it promises to. While it contains some aphrodisiacs, the fact that it is a topical application means that the effects could be weaker, and the presence of synthetic ingredients could make this undesirable for a lot of people with sensitivities. In addition, the fact that at least one ingredient has been linked with cancer is a reason to be cautious, as is the fact that there seem to be no customer reviews for the product. Given these reasons, we cannot recommend this product to women who want a safe, healthy, and natural way to increase their sex drive.

Topical creams may have certain momentary benefits, but the best way to increase the sex drive and make intimacy more stimulating is to use nutritional products that work with your body to regulate it, ones that can help with hormone production, circulation, and can address the symptoms at their source: the reproductive system.

Women that have weak libido but who want to be more sexually active have many options for treatment at their disposal, but of all the products out there, we suggest Libitrinex. Its ingredients are specially designed to improve hormone production and promote easier stimulation of the genitalia, which are the foundations of an active sex drive. It is made with 100% natural derivatives and extracts and is manufactured in a lab that passes 3rd party inspection standards for safety, hygiene, and quality.

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