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Vigorelle is a female lubricant intended to improve libido and overall sexual function. By increasing arousal, reducing vaginal dryness, and not providing a sticky feel, this is used to improve user’s sex lives.

They even add how this can provide instant improvements in sexual desire with a natural and safe to use blend. It is also claimed to be endorsed by doctors. They add how unlike generic drugstore lubricants, it’s not a cheap brand.

Our chosen number 1 female libido enhancement supplement is the all-natural Libitrinex.

This contains a blend of highly regarded natural ingredients which can boost libido with ease. More information on Libitrinex is provided in our official review linked here.


No full supplements facts list is cited by the official website but one website did provide an image of the ingredients list and it includes:

Purified Water Olive Squalane Olive Wax L-Arginine HCI Vegetable Glycerin
Olive Oil Shea Butter Apricot Kernel Oil Botanical Extracts of Damiana Leaf Peppermint Leaf
Wild Yam Root Suma Root Motherwort Ginkgo Biloba Aloe Vera Extract
Peppermint Oil Tea Tree Oil Xanthan Gum Hyaluronic Acid Biosomes A&E Complex
Vitamin C Grapefruit Seed Extract

Olive Squalane: Olive extract with rich antioxidants and which can be used to lubricate skin.

Improve your sexual abilities by taking a female libido supplement; we’ve discovered the top 10 brands of the year and cited them here.

Apricot Kernel Oil: Taken from the seed of the apricot fruit, this has a natural poisonous compound known as amygdalin, which can lead to death if overconsumed. As oil this is rich in fatty acids and can be used to nourish skin.

Shea Butter: A fatty acid rich seed extract that is often well-tolerated even on sensitive skin types. This can deeply nourish and moisturize skin, protecting it and also improving overall moisture.

Suma Root: A plant found in South America which is used to help the body be better responsive to stress. It has been used to prevent certain forms of cancer and relieve pain.

Web MD has stated that studies on the safety when added to skin is lacking.

Motherwort: A medicinal plant used to prevent blood thinning while also supporting blood flow and uterine function. Some unwanted potential side effects can include:

  • Uterine bleeding, diarrhea, and stomach irritation.

Peppermint Oil: Used often in cosmetics and also added to provide flavor. It is intended to relieve gastric upset and to improve overall sensation when applied to the genitals. Topical aids meant to boost female sexual pleasure often use this and while it can provide a tingling effect, it has no direct at all on libido.

Biosomes A&E Complex: This ingredient appears in a few supplements but no other information is available from online research. It is likely a mixture of vitamin A and vitamin E, which are helpful antioxidants, but it’s unknown what a biosome is. This may be a misspelled word or it could be a patented ingredient but information is limited.

We have outlined in full detail as to what brands were top rated for natural female libido support.


Though it took some research to find, some of the additives in this are helpful for healthy skincare and they may even provide lasting lubrication. The trick in reviewing a topical based gel meant to improve libido is that there is no way to know if the ingredients are added in a sufficiently high amount.

Ingredients like L-Arginine can be effective when used in high amounts in supplement form, but when added to a lubricant there are no way to know if it will truly provide any reliable benefits. The intake of topical based formulas is a much more delicate science, since certain additives can potentially lead to skin issues if the user is not careful.

It is a good sign that the company adds only natural ingredient but without more information about dosage strength, you can’t know for certain what is possible.  Reliable supplements which can boost female libido are available; review our list of the top 10 brands here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A single one month supply of Vigorelle sells for $59.95 when purchased direct from the company website. They actually claim in their FAQ section that it is:

“not too expensive”

The reason thy give is that they use quality ingredients which are actually cost effective and superior to cheap substitutes. They do use some additives which are quality and which are often added to female libido supplements such as wild yam, L-Arginine, and gingko biloba. This still is far more expensive than similar lubricants.

The problem with using this as a topical aid is that there is no way to know for certain if it is added in any significant amounts, or it will translate to improved sexual drive. When used topically it may be absorbed, but this is a lot harder to verify than a supplement which reveals the total amount of each ingredient.

The good thing about this as opposed to other lubricants is that they do not use cheap preservatives. The only major concern is the added apricot kernel oil, which can contain high amounts of a poisonous compound that can be dangerous.

We have added our list of favored female libido supplements in the link provided here.


They go by the name of Leading Edge Health LTD; they are available for contact through the following:

Phone Number: (866) 269-3487

Address: 100 Fidelitone Way

   Elizabethton TN, 37643

Email: Contact form is provided as well as an email

For a return to be accepted the company says that consumers must provide all the information requested, they fail to explain what this entails. Returns are allowed for 67 times from the delivery date as long as the empty bottles are returned.

For unknown reasons there is another company website with the same basic name and which is based out of Tennessee, but the address is different. This company website does feature Vigorelle and they have a different Better Bureau Listing than the one claimed by Vigorelle. Both have similar kinds of complaints.

Here’s what consumers had to say:

“They sent me almost expired product”

“I was under their 60 day return but they would not accept a return”

“I called them to get a return and to get more info but they would not help me”

“They never settled my refund and they are not responding to me”

The main issues had to do with the company not honoring their money back return policy, and of being difficult to deal with.

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Not many reviews are available online and so far we’ve only been able to find 5 reviews:

“Gave me a cold minty feeling but other than that it did nothing”

“Couldn’t use it this ended up being so dry”

“Made it easier to feel a great sensation I liked it”

“Good for me”

Very little was said about it how it worked exactly and those who offered more information claimed that it only had a light sensation, but it failed to boost libido and sexual function. More customer reviews are necessary in order to get a consensus for what is possible.

With the few reviews cited, there is no way to know if it’s enough to pool together a likely result, whether good or bad.

We’ve reviewed many supplements which can support female libido and the top 10 brands are listed here.


Because this is a topical based gel that is lacking sufficient reviews, and because most reviews are negative, there is no way to know for certain what is possible. One potentially dangerous ingredient is the apricot kernel oil which has a poisonous compound which may contribute to dangerous side effects. The company is also questionable as they have 2 Better Business Bureau listings, and they have a lot of negative reviews on each. Many said that they were unable to get a return despite them being under the money back policy window, and that the company was not helpful.  This led too many feeling as though the company was not reputable and hard to deal with.

We make it our goal to find out what brands can best improve female libido, and overall, Libitrinex was the top rated supplement. It offers a combined formula of only natural ingredients which can increase arousal, support healthy blood flow, prevent fatigue, support mood, and support overall sexual function.

Many consumers noticed great improvements and they added how it made them much more receptive to sexual intercourse. The creators also have a great record of reputable business practices, and they make the supplement in a FDA approved facility. More details are provided on the benefits of Libitrinex through our official review cited here.

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