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FemGasm is a female libido supplement used specifically to help improve the sensation and duration of orgasms. Women of all ages can supplement and they say it can help overcome low libido.

They claim that there are no side effects other than the desire to have sex more often, and they add how it can lead to “squirt during orgasm”. All that’s required is 2 pills a day with results coming at the first dose. 7 written testimonials are offered from both women and men who saw a difference.

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They say that this is made with good ingredients and they mention 4, but it’s unknown what the dosage strength is, or if there is anything else added other than the following:

Horny Goat Weed Muira Puama Damiana Tribulus Terrestris

Horny Goat Weed: Popularly used as an aphrodisiac, this plant was traditionally used to help boost testosterone. This also may provide additional benefits and which  Examine.com has said may be

“cognitive booster and heart health agent”

It is also used to help boost estrogen production.

Our top 10 female sexual enhancement aids were carefully selected after reviewing many of the top brands currently sold.

Muira Puama: A plant used mainly by men looking to prevent sexual related issues. This is used to help increase the desire for sex in the brain.  This is also used to help boost energy levels and to provide virility. You’ll often see this in supplements made to enhance libido, and it is native to parts of the Amazon.

Damiana: A shrub used to help support nervous function and brain health. It’s commonly added to libido enhancing supplements for its aphrodisiac benefits, and for improving both physical and mental health.  This is native to the Americas and it is rich in many kinds of natural compounds such as fatty acids and polyphenols. Depending on the plant species, these types of compounds can vary.

Tribulus Terrestris: Traditionally used aphrodisiac plant that is useful for boosting virility, libido, and overall sexual function in both men and women. It has been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a way to help treat sexual health. This is often added to libido enhancing supplements due to its reliable effects.

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The known 4 ingredients can be effective at boosting female libido by stimulating blood flow, increasing arousal, and preventing fatigue. The major problem is that they fail to provide a supplements facts list, thereby making it impossible to understand if they add it in a significant amount.

There has to be much more information in order for there to be a good review of its quality. It is good they only use natural ingredients but overall, information is lacking.

The ingredients in this are far too basic to consider it favorable over the countless other similar libido enhancing ingredients. Damiana, Tribulus Terrestris, Muira Puama, and Horny Goat Weed are standard ingredients you’ll often see among many other ingredients. Because there are serious questions about the overall quality of this supplement, no reason is given as to why it would be a better choice than other brands.

The brands in our top 10 list showed the best potential for increasing women’s sexual health.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A month long supply is sold for $59.95 on the many different claimed official websites. Without knowing for certain if anything else is added other than the 4 claimed ingredients, there is no way to know for certain what the quality is like.

Even though the 4 known ingredients can help boost libido, there is also no explanation as to what the full dosage strength is. This is highly important since it’s the only way to know if they add the formula in a meaningful enough amount.

They also say it works for women of all ages but they fail to provide any proof.  The price of this is high if they only add these 4 mentioned ingredients. Many similar supplements offer these same additives but with more of dosage strength alongside other ingredients for the same or even lower price. Because of this issue there is no reason to favor it over any other similar brand.

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Ultra Health is their company name and their contact details vary depending on which of their 3 websites you look at. It’s unknown what information is accurate but here are is the contact details from the current highest ranking page on Google:

Phone Number: (210) 807-4404

Address: PO BOX 416

Rangiora, 7440, New Zealand

Email: Contact form is provided.

The information about how they operate is limited and there is no mention of how their money back returns policy works. It is claimed that any messages sent are responded to within a 12 hour period however.

There are currently 3 different websites which appear to be official, but they all have different contact details. What’s strange is that they all claim to be based out of New Zealand, and they use the same company name. The address and phone numbers are different though. Details about the product are essentially the same, and they also make similar claims about how they operate.

In reviewing many supplements we often find that companies which have this issue is often due to the original creators no longer having anything to do with the supplement. It may mean that this is no longer made fresh and that it has been discontinued.  It’s not known if this is true, but it is very odd that there would be 3 distinct websites which claim to offer the real version.

We found the official company website as opposed to the brand website and they fail to mention FemGasm as a supplement. This likely means they either have discontinued it, or they are only selling it through 3rd parties. In either case the information about the company is still too limited to determine for certain if they can be trusted. More information is needed to determine if it’s a worthwhile purchase through their 3 different websites.

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There were only 2 reviews found online at the time of this review:

“Really worthless… not at all what it says it will be”

“yea not for me”

Because there isn’t much to go on, it’s impossible to tell if these 2 negative reviews are enough to determine that it’s not a good supplement. There are 7 testimonials on the websites which sell FemGasm, but it’s unknown if these are reliable with the number of questionable business practices.

Typically when a brand is lacking reviews it may mean that not enough people have used it. Judging from the great claims made and the little support to back it up, it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile supplement.

We have provided a top 10 list of female libido enhancing supplements which our review team saw as being the best.


There are a lot of issues with this supplement that make it very difficult to review. There is no way to know the full ingredients or in what strength they’re added, there is conflicting information about who makes it, reviews are limited and only negative, no details are given about their money back return policy, and the price is high if they only include the 4 mentioned ingredients. Judging form the multiple websites which claim to be official, it remains to be seen which can be trusted. It’s not advised to give your sensitive credit card information to any website which uses these kinds of practices. There’s also conflicting information on how to contact the company but judging from the 3 different sources, it’s hard to trust them.

After examining many brands for female sexual enhancement, Libitrinex was our top pick due to its great ingredients and rave reviews. Customer said they saw an improvement in their mood and energy, and they were able to become sexually active when aroused.

The formula uses a blend of natural ingredients which are well reviewed in clinical reviews. The creators of it also have a reputable history and they offer a descriptive breakdown of how it works and what it can do. Find our official Libitrinex review where we provide customer reviews, an explanation of its formula, and why it was our favorite supplement for female sexual enhancement.

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