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LovRub is a female sexual enhancement cream used to increase the sensation of pleasure.  They add how it will increase the good feeling of an orgasm and make it easier to climax.

This was claimed to be formulated by a “leading sex therapist”, but they fail to mention the specific name of the person. Much of the details about this brand are limited, and there is currently no official website. Fortunately some of the ingredients are revealed to make it easier to review LovRub for women.

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No full supplements facts list is provided but they do use a combination of the following:

L-Arginine Trans-Resveratrol Aloe Vera Propylparaben
Menthol Diazolidinyl Urea Glycerin Propylene Glycol
Methylparaben Glycereth-26 DI Hydroxyethyl cellulose

Trans-Resveratrol: Known as a polyphenol, this is found naturally in certain foods such as grapes. This specific form of resveratrol is used to help improve cardiovascular health and to reduce inflammation.

Propylparaben: A common topical aid preservative that is used to help prevent the growth of mold and bacteria. It is unnecessary and 3rd party watchdog groups have called for its ban due to its risk for dangerous side effects when taken at a high amount.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Toxicology found that 18 out of 20 different malignant break tumors had parabens, meaning there is a potential risk in using parabens on the skin.

The EWG.com which is a website that helps rate the safety and use of cosmetic ingredients has given it a high 7 out of 10 rating. The closer to 10 an ingredient is, the more likely it is to be dangerous. This is said to be a potential hormone disrupting additive which can be especially damaging over time when used in excess.

Menthol: This is made either though artificial means or by extracting it from raw mint. It is added to skin to give it a tingling sensation. When applied to the genitals it can help provide a slightly different feel but it is often not long-lasting enough to have a major different in sex.

This does not help boost libido or sex drive, and the tingling effect for some does not stimulate the desire for sex.

Diazolidinyl Urea: Preservative which helps prevents the growth of microbes which can reduce shelf life. This is commonly added to cosmetics and certain healthcare products. Truth In Aging has mentioned how there is debate over the use of it because some see it as being:

“toxic and carcinogenic”

The reason why this is believed is became it can naturally release formaldehyde, a potentially toxic compound that can be seriously damaging to health.

Methylparaben: Preservative in the paraben family that can help stops the spread of germs and fungus. Though it is often added to cosmetics, there is debate about the safety and need for it inside of typical solutions. Currently the EWG.com has said this has a potential risk as an endocrine system disrupting additive.

Hydroxyethyl cellulose: A common thickener and binder which is used in cleaning supplies and cosmetics. This can help bind together ingredients to make them easier to apply to the skin.

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Most of what is added to this is often seen in so many other similar products. There is really no explanation as to who this would be any better.

There’s no way to know for certain if this can be relied upon when there is no mention of the full supplements facts list. Finding out if this is quality is going to be impossible especially since the only mentioned ingredients come from 3rd parties. You can’t tell if anything else is added, and no actual evidence is provided to suggest this over similar brands.

We’d have to investigate further to know what a likely result may be with this brand because the ingredients are far too common.  We’ve taken the time to research many types of supplements; here is a list of the top rated female libido enhancing brands.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Each tube lasts a maximum of 30 uses or a minimum of 20 according to one website. A reoccurring issue is that it’s difficult to know what can be trusted due to the mixed claims made on multiple websites.

One website sells a 2 oz. rube for $6.87 with shipping and handling. Another website sells it for $19.99, unfortunately on Amazon where it is cheaper there was a negative review from a consumer who said that the bottle they were sent was already open. Because of this lack of quality control, there is no way to know for certain if there are still fresh batches of this made, or if there’s potential tampering.

Much of what is known about this is being represented on 3rd party websites which have nothing to do about the creation of LovRub. Because you can only find second hand reviews, there is no way to know for certain if it is still made under quality control inspections. It could be that any batches of this currently sold are being distributed by companies which have dated product. Since it does not appear that the company responsible for creating this still makes it fresh, it could be potentially expired tubes are sold.

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There was no available company information, nor is there an official website. There are many different retailers such as Amazon, EBay, and one sexual health boutique, but other than that, there isn’t any indication that it’s still being made fresh.

What’s strange about this brand is that there are many different claims made, but you can’t verify any of it without there being an official company behind it.

You can see highlighted images of the front of the bottle, but they fail to provide images of the back where the company contact information is often placed. Since there is no way to talk to someone at the company, there is no way to know for certain if this would be a reliable solution, or how to best apply it. 3rd party websites may make great sounding claims but without evidence, there is no reason to believe any of it.

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There were only a handful of scattered reviews on different websites. Here is what some customers had to say:

“not for me”

“good on the shipping and I liked it”

“not what I ordered the bottle was sent open”

Due to there just being a few available reviews, it’s impossible to try and get a feel for this product. Both the negative and positive reviews were limited and very little was said about what it did. Without there being more described it’s impossible to know what kind of effect is possible.

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Because there is little information to go on, there’s no way to accurately determine if this would be an effective and safe solution. There is no official website, no money back guarantee, no mention at all as to the full ingredients list, and there are only a few reviews. Much of what is added is found in the most common types of female sexual enhancement topical aids, and unfortunately there are some potentially harsh preservatives added to this. Some of these have had the possibility for serious side effects and they only exist to preserve the formula. Far more proof and reliable ingredients are needed to consider this a top ranked supplement.

The highest rated supplement for natural female sexual enhancement was Libitrinex. Customers had great experiences online and they shared how it made them feel rejuvenated and better able to engage in sexual activity. There’s great testimonials featured on the official website which highlight how effective it was. The way it’s meant to work is by stimulating blood flow, preventing fatigue, support wellness, and raising sexual desire through aphrodisiacs.

The ingredients are also made without any cheap fillers or unwanted preservative which can lead to side effects. The creators of it have had a great history working with consumers, and they have no complaints filed against them. Click here to see our exclusive review on Libitrinex to see what it can offer.

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