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Emerita Response Cream is a sexual stimulation cream for women who suffer from a low sex drive. It comes in a small bottle and is meant to be applied topically to the genitalia.

When applied properly, Emerita Response Cream is supposed to increase blood flow to the private areas, improving sexual responsiveness and arousal. Other ingredients are intended to increase sensitivity for a better overall time during lovemaking. By using this product, women are promised a quicker and more effective way of getting aroused, and a more pleasurable sexual experience.

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Emerita Response Cream has a comparatively small list of ingredients, all of which are synthetically-derived. The main active ones are:

L-Phenylalanine L-Tyrosine Rosemary Oil Cinnamon Oil Menthol

L-Phenylalanine: An amino acid found in animal milks that is known for pain-killing effects, as well as its anti-depressant qualities.

L-Tyrosine: Another amino acid that is supposed to be good for relieving stress, reducing cortisol levels, and it can also improve physical performance in humans.

Rosemary Oil: This plant is used not only as a spice, but also as a homeopathic medicine. It is commonly used as an alternative treatment for baldness, to increase blood flow, and to treat joint and muscle pain. It is supposed to do this by widening the  blood vessels.

Cinnamon Oil: This extract is supposed to be useful for causing the “warming” sensation associated with this product, although there is no concrete evidence that it can technically intensify sensation overall, as claimed by Emerita.

Menthol: This plant derivative is a product that is known for having a unique effect on the skin, as it activates cold-receptors in the skin. It is also known as an anesthetic, though, and as this causes a numbing sensation, it isn’t clear why it was included in a product that’s supposed to improve sensation.

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Emerita Response Cream consists of a small list of ingredients which, though natural, do not seem to be particularly suited to a cream that’s supposed to make women more sexual stimulated.

Menthol, for example, while it can cause cooling sensations on the skin, it also works to dull sensation as an “analgesic,” which is counter-intuitive for the purpose of this product. There’s no reason why it should be included in something meant to stimulate a woman.

The addition of tyrosine and phenylalanine seems harmless enough, but that’s just it: it’s harmless, neutral, and does not seem helpful for sexual arousal when applied topically. As it stands now, these ingredients seem to just be fillers in a product that doesn’t have enough going for it.

It seems that the rosemary oil is the only thing in this product that is really supposed to do something sexual, and that is to improve blood circulation in the clitoris/vagina area. This is all well and good, but without additional ingredients that are also proven to work for sexual purposes, there might not be enough help from other ingredients, and the product therefore might not work as well as it should.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.

THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Emerita Response Cream

Emerita Response Cream is available for purchase from the company’s main website, as well as from other online vendors like Amazon.

Each bottle is 1 oz, and from the main site it is priced at $32.49, while on Amazon it is $22.12. There are no signs of deals for multiple bottles ordered, so there is no way to get a better value than the standard per-bottle price.

For a product that does not contain many reliable, active ingredients, and which is supposed to do so much while proving so little, the price is just a little bit high. While the ingredients are non-toxic and naturally-derived, they still do not seem to be as powerful and effective as they should be for a cream that costs as much as it does. Add to this the fact that there’s no standard dosage, some women may use up the bottle sooner than others, and would have to buy even more bottles, increasing the amount of money you’d have to spend on this product to get regular results.

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BUSINESS OF Emerita Response Cream

Emerita Response Cream is made by Emerita, a subsidiary of Nutraceutical, a health supplement company. Their contact information:

Phone Number: (435) 655-6000

Address: 1400 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060

Email: info@nutraceutical.com

This company has a money-back guarantee for any product returned within 30 days of purchase, although shipping and handling is non-refundable. What’s more, they claim that it is not enough that a product be postmarked within the 30 days, they must actually receive the product within the 30 days, meaning that if shipping messes up through no fault of the customer, they may not get their money back.

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Nutraceutical has a dizzying number of alternate company names, and is listed variously as NutraMarks, Thompson, Heritage, NutraPro, NutraPure, and so on and so on. Trying to pin down the actual company that makes the product is difficult, but when you do, you learn that they have a “D” rating from the Better Business Bureau, with multiple complaints filed against them, mainly having to do with shipping and handling and returns.

With such a wide variety of subsidiaries that all have different websites, trademarks, and copyrights, and with consistently negative reviews of their customer service, it is hard to make a positive judgment as to the professionalism of this business.

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CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Emerita Response Cream

Emerita Response Cream reviews can be found at a couple different vendors, but the reviews are mostly negative:

“I wasn’t impressed by this product.”

“I didn’t find it arousing, although I did find it soothing.”

“I like the fact that it has no preservatives! Worked for me.”

“This cream has a bad smell, and a really bad taste.”

“This was a poor-quality product that leaked and arrived looking like a mess. Somehow the safety seal had been broken, not sure how.”

The customer response to this cream obviously is not positive. While some people reported that it worked as advertised, the majority seem to have found that it didn’t work for them and it was unappealing when actually used.

One more thing should be noted, and that’s the lack of numbers of customer reviews. After looking around, we only found a handful on a few different sites. This leads us to believe that the product either hasn’t sold very much, or many of the people who bought the product possibly weren’t impressed enough by it to write a review for others to read.

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CONCLUSION – DOES Emerita Response Cream WORK?

Emerita Response Cream is supposed to be a simple, easy way for any women who is suffering for a low sex drive to quickly and safely increase her arousal in preparation for sexual intercourse with a partner (or herself). However, the ingredients contained in it are not very impressive, and several of them either have little to do with the claimed functions of this cream, or have the opposite effect of what the cream is supposed to do. The cost is high for what you get, especially considering the fact that different women will use it up at different rates, meaning there’s no way to estimate how much of a value you’re getting.

That, combined with the negative appearance of the company that manufactures the product, leads us to conclude that customers would be better off with a more proven, more effective product that has higher rates of customer satisfaction.

A natural alternative that can more effectively address the underlying issues that can affect women’s libidos is an herbal product called Libitrinex. It uses time-tested ingredients that are made in facilities which exceed industry standards to create a pill that is not only natural, but works holistically with the body to improve the sex drive, effectively regulate hormones, and increase the sensations felt during sexual intercourse.

We’ve reviewed many products, but out of all of them, Libitrinex continues to beat the competition in terms of its manufacturing, the science behind its ingredients, and the company’s customer satisfaction policy. To check out our reviews of the benefits of Libitrinex, click here.

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