Drink Veev Acai Liqueur for Your Health

For those of you who are in desperate search for finding a healthy reason to drink your favorite martini or cosmo, you can call off your search.  A solution has been found.

By now, most of us have heard about the acai berry – the wonder fruit that comes from that Amazon Rain Forest.  From supplements to powders to smoothies, this new Super Food is everywhere. And now you can enjoy it as an evening cocktail.

VeeV, a new 60-proof liqueur is an infusion of acai berries and some other tropical fruits. Apparently, it’s not too sugary-sweet and you can rationalize the $35 a bottle price tag in knowing that $1 of each bottle sold goes to the  Sambazon Sustainable Acai Project, which works to protect the Amazon environment during acai harvesting.

This holiday season impress your party guests with a new acai-infused cocktail and when you raise your glasses and drink to your health, know that you are doing just that. Here’s the VeeV Acai Cosmo recipe.

3 Responses to Drink Veev Acai Liqueur for Your Health

  1. I work with the online community team for VeeV and thought you might also be interested in the fun viral campaign we are running to promote the product. Check it out at theendofvodka.com

  2. joy says:


    I have seen a lot of acai products since the mid 90s. This one is the funniest and the most deceiving. Veev has no acai in it, hence the clear color. Not only that they rip off Oprah in their marketing as if it she is endorsing it. I heard one bartender talking about how the Veev rep said it could do practically anything from improve health to no hang over. Since this is a diet site I suggest you read the back of the Veev bottle with the government warning first. Or the bottom of the intro to the veev website. Second learn about acai and if this had even a nominal amount it would be colored with one off the darkest berries in nature and not the clear manufactured flavor from a flavor house they use mixed with ethanol (a poison) and water with other additives. It is hardly heathy. Ethanol is actually a source of free radicals like all hydro carbons. The fact that they dupe people into thinking it has acai in it or try to make consumers feel better by charging more and donating a buck to the rain forest is hysterical. About the only thing positive you can say is that at 60 proof it has 25% less alcohol the most distilled spirits. Look for real acai products that contain anti oxidants. Not phony marketing tripe by a couple of hack ex bankers. I am sure when Oprah finds out about these guys ripping her off she is not going to be very happy. If you are going to drink find real acai juice in your local grocery store and mix it with a well filtered vodka, rum or tequila. You will actually have something with real acai fruit in it and no phony additives. The small amount of ethanol will blend well with the juice and a little bit is good for your heart and artery health. But avoid the phony marketing crap.

  3. julie says:

    Hilarious. We’ll tear up the rainforest and scam you, but we’ll give $1 of the money we rip off from you to fix just a bit of the damage we did, so you can feel better. Here’s an idea, go buy some regular vodka, eat more local fruits and veggies, get some exercise and don’t waste your money on acai. What a load of crap!

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