Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream is a moisturizing eye cream used to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes and fine lines magnified by dry skin. As the name suggests, Dove’s product is used to provide a radiant, glowing look with use.

Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream is made from a formula of nourishing vitamins. Unfortunately, we don’t know much else about what ingredients are used to make this eye cream.

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Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream does not have a documented list of the ingredients used to make this product, as this product has been discontinued by Dove.

Unfortunately, this creates a bit of a challenge—making it hard to figure out the full scope of ingredients used to make this product. We don’t know what the filler ingredients look like or if Dove included additional active elements in this particular formulation.

According to some of the blog posts we’ve encountered during our research, Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream contains a handful of ingredients—including UV protection and ceramides. Here is a look inside this formula:

Octinoxate Zinc Oxide
Ceramides Retinyl Palmitate

Octinoxate: A common ingredient in sunscreens, octinoxate is use protection against UVB rays.

Some experts believe that this ingredient actually can cause sunburns to occur, rather than preventing them as intended. Additionally, this ingredient is often labeled as a natural sunscreen, but is made from petroleum by-products.

Ceramides: The term ceramides refer to a group of waxy lipids found naturally in the skin.

Ceramides blend with cholesterol and other fatty acids to form the skin’s natural barrier, something that begins to diminish with age. In skincare products, ceramides seek to replenish that natural barrier, which helps keep skin from drying out or becoming damaged.

Zinc Oxide: Zinc oxide is used to speed wound healing, treat burns, acne, and infections. It is also commonly used in a number of products for its ability to protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage.

Retinyl Palmitate: Like pure retinol, retinyl palmitate is an exfoliating ingredient used to improve the tone and texture of the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and heal acne scarring.

However, retinyl palmitate is not quite as potent as pure retinol. This ingredient is a vitamin A ester and isn’t as effective in lessening the signs of aging.

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Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream has long been discontinued, so there’s no websites offering a closer look at the formula—we failed to find a website that featured an official label, so the above list, gleaned from another blog is the best we can do.

No word on what the supposed vitamin blend is, either. The only one we found evidence of is retinyl palmitate—no B vitamins or vitamins C and E.

We like that the product contains some added sun protection—it can be tricky to find a product that provides UV protection to the eye area, short of wearing protective gear. But. Beyond the UV protection—and consumers had the same thought—the formula seems a little, well, minimal.

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The Price and Quality of Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream

Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream looks as though it has been discontinued. The current state of the Dove website focuses on the company’s bread and butter products, deodorants and soaps.

Based on the price point of other Dove products, Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream looks like it was an affordable solution, but without knowing what’s inside—we can’t really say whether or not it’s a good value.

There are some sites selling this product. But, they aren’t exactly repeatable platforms like Amazon or Walmart—rather, smaller auction sites selling the product for a few bucks.

Seeing how most of the reviews are dated prior to 2013, we’re pretty sure this product hasn’t been on the market in a normal capacity for at least a few years—and given how eye creams typically expire after 1 or 2 years, those available for sale at this point in time stand to be well past their prime.

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Business of Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream

Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream was created by a company with no contact details. This comes as no surprise, as there’s no documented price or ingredient label posted on any of the websites used to sell this item.

Dove is a well-known company that primarily makes personal care products like deodorants, soaps and body washes. They don’t appear to make skincare products—though it looks like they did a few years ago.

The Dove brand is based on natural beauty and empowering women to feel good in their own skin. It seems as though the brand has scaled their efforts back in recent years to focus on their core products, despite the fact that the Dove Energy Glow line had some decent reviews.

Dove is a huge company with a dominant presence across multiple channels from drugstores to supermarkets, so users can likely trust Dive products are thoroughly tested by dermatology experts before heading out to market.

Customer Opinions of Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream

Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream still has some reviews posted online, despite the fact that all evidence points to discontinuation. Here are some of the comments—though they are a little old—that we found online:

“I thought this would at least brighten my eyes, but it did nothing of the sort. This product isn’t very effective—but it did have the singular benefit of including SPF. Wouldn’t buy it again, though.”

“This eye cream was a total disappointment. The texture has the uniquely bad combination of being both greasy and dry—like it’s slick, but kind of dries out the skin.”

“Didn’t do much for me. I like that it has an SPF, but beyond that, I didn’t see any increase in radiance or anything. Pretty bad stuff.”

“This stuff burns quite a bit! It’s really irritating and doesn’t provide the promised sparkle. Kind of a dud. I had to stop using this product shortly after starting.”

Based on the reviews, it’s not hard to guess why this product was discontinued. While we don’t know the exact formula, it sounds like it was missing some key elements.

It’s also interesting that the brightening effect was so minimal. A few people mentioned there was a hint of shimmer, but it was a little disappointing overall.

In all, the only consistently positive response to this product were the several mentions highlighting the fact that Dove included SPF in the mix.

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Conclusion – Does Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream Work?

The fact that this product has been discontinued for at least a few years is reason enough to not recommend this to readers. The reason being, any remaining stock is likely well past its expiration date and not as potent as it once was.

Speaking of which, it doesn’t sound like Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream was very potent in the first place. Past commenters mentioned they liked the fact that SPF was included in the formula, but that seems to be the only positive feedback available.

Additionally, we don’t have access to an official ingredient label—the ingredients listed above we found on a blog and could potentially be inaccurate. In the end, Dove Energy Glow Brightening Eye Cream wasn’t a good enough cream to warrant searching through various corners of the internet in order to give it a try.

Based on our research, it seems this product has been out of stock dating as far back as 2013.

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