Curves Smart: A New Way to Workout

Have you ever wondered if you were in your target heart range as you clock miles on the treadmill? Or have you ever forgotten whether you just completed six or eight bicep curls? And if you’re like me, you rarely trust the calories-burned data that you see on your StairMaster display. So how are you really supposed to know if you burned off that slice of birthday cake you devoured from an afternoon office celebration?

Well, look no further, because all of these questions and confusions are about to be answered the next time you go to the gym. The latest craze that is hitting exercise facilities all across the country is a computerized tracking device that acts as your own personal trainer. Curves, the all-female workout studios, is one of the latest gyms to offer this high-tech monitoring system to its members.

Curves Smart tracks how well you’re working out, which muscles you’re using, how many calories you’re burning and whether or not you’re working as hard as you need to be, all with a swipe of a mini key card. After completing  a personal profile with a trained Curves staff member, your personal info gets loaded onto this small tag. You then take this key tag and swipe it before you hop onto any Curves equipment. It then recognizes your own data and fitness goals so that you can see just how well you’re working out. At the end of your workout, you receive a complete analysis of the muscle groups you worked and the calories you burned.

Here is an in-depth look at how CurvesSmart works.

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