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Climestra is a libido-enhancing pill for women, which claims to not only make women desire sex more, but have better pleasure during the act and stronger orgasms as well. It can be taken in stronger doses for planned sexual intercourse, or as a daily supplement.

Climestra is made from a blend of nutrients that are supposed to be able to stimulate blood flow to the clitoris, allowing for stronger sexual urges and increased sensitivity for more stimulation during sex. The company claims it can also be taken to relieve the symptoms of menopause and premenstrual syndrome. In this way, the supplement promises to be not only something a woman can take in order to increase her sexual desire and pleasure on an evening-by-evening basis, but that prolonged use can lead to longer term sexual balance and health.

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There is no list of ingredients on Climestra’s website, but we were able to get a list from another herbal supplement review site, so this list may or may not be up to date. Here is a list of some of the main active ingredients:

L-Arginine Mucuna Damiana Leaf Yohimbe Epimedium

L-Arginine: A common amino acid known for its positive effects on cardiovascular flow. It can also promote healthy and balanced hormone production, and can be useful in assisting the kidneys in cleaning the blood of toxins and waste.

Mucuna Pruriens: Also known as cowhage and velvet bean, this plant – found mainly in the tropics – has been marketed for its ability to reduce anxiety, and is considered useful as a fever reducer and a pain reliever.

Damiana Leaf: A plant that grows in parts of Central America, it has been used as an aphrodisiac. It is also prescribed for symptoms as varied as diarrhea and depression. Possible side effects involve unusual changes in blood sugar levels, and so it may not be a good fit for people with diabetes.

Yohimbe Extract: This comes from a tree that grows in parts of Africa, and is commonly prescribed for erectile dysfunction and to arouse sexual desire in women. It does have potential side effects, however, and these can include:

  • Irregular heartbeat, tremors, upset stomach
  • Kidney failure, seizures, heart attacks

Epimedium: The scientific name for the plant more commonly known as horny goat weed, it’s prescribed in homeopathic and traditional Chinese medicine as a method of increasing sexual desire in women and treating erectile dysfunction in men.

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Climestra contains a number of herbs that are marketed as aphrodisiacs, and so while it may work to momentarily arouse women, it does not seem to have any herbs that work to help with the hormones, even though the company explicitly says that it can be used to treat menopause and PMS. If they had included an ingredient like maca, which is supposed to work directly on balancing hormone production, it might have a case for it, but as of now it seems to be merely an attempt at a female Viagra.

In addition, some of the ingredients have nasty side effects that make the product seem like it could be a gamble for some people. Yohimbe in particular is a plant that has to be approaches with caution, especially considering the damage it could do to the cardiovascular system. There are other herbs and plants out there that do not contain such hideous and potentially dangerous side effects, and it remains to be seen why this company did not substitute one of those instead.

The main problem, though, is that the company itself is not forthcoming with the ingredients on their own website. We had to dig around and find out from other sources what was in their pills, and so we cannot say for sure if this list is even complete. It could very well be that there are other ingredients included which could present worse side effects, or potential allergies in women, and so it is a pity that the company decided to keep it hidden.

As an aside, we find it unusual that the website claims there are “no side effects” to this product, whereas a casual search on WebMD reveals that there in fact are potential side effects to some of these ingredients.

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At the moment it seems that Climestra can only be purchased online at the product’s main website. The price is pretty steep at $49.99 for one bottle, although there are some discounts for buying multiple bottles (2 for $79.99, 3 for $99.99) which bring the overall price-per-bottle down.

The dosage varies, with some women being advised to take 2 or 3 pills at a time, and others only 1. At this rate, a bottle could last three months or one, depending on the needs of the woman taking it.

The price is fairly high, and for the amount of money women are expected to spend, they do not get a great product. As listed above, some of the ingredients are either dangerous, or are not known to give the full benefits promised by the company, making the price seem like it is not worth it.

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Climestra appears to be sold by a company that’s just called Climestra, and its contact information is here:

Phone Number: None listed.

Address: None listed.


The company offers a 90-day guarantee, allowing a customer to return a product for a refund within that window. The website includes no actual address or information about how to initiate a return, only saying that people must email them to find out how.

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Climestra has a bare-bones website that consists of basically two things: information about what Climestra is supposed to do, and a page that allows you to order it. That, in addition to a “testimonials” page, is about all that the website has to offer. There are no details about the ingredients used and how they work, how the pills are manufactured, who owns the company, if there are any medical personnel involved in the planning of the product, or information about the company’s history and where they are.

To not even let your audience know where your business operates from is pretty unusual in an industry where companies vie to outdo each other in professionalism and presentation. This lack of basic information makes it hard to trust the company, since we have no idea who they are or how they operate.

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Climestra has a few reviews up on its website, all positive:

“I had 3 kids and thought my sex life was gone forever, but after using this product it feels like me and my husband can go for hours!”

“Before Climestra I had never had an orgasm, but now I can make up for the time I lost.”

“I never knew what good sex could be until I started using Climestra!”

And they go on at about that level of zeal. All the reviews are, naturally, bubbling with praise for the product. But with the lack of any neutral or even lukewarm reviews is a testament to the fact that only positive ones were allowed on the site. Of course, no one would expect a company to try and make themselves look bad, but without a wide range of responses it is very difficult to tell what the overall reception of the product is.

Given that the website leaves much to be desired, and the company is not forthcoming with much information about the product or the business itself, we are left to wonder if the reviews on the site are truly representative of all the women who use the product. Without any third-party sites hosting reviews, it is almost impossible to tell whether this reception is the standard.

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Climestra is a mystery pill, as far as we can see. The company does not list the ingredients, it does not tell us where they are located, or even what their number is. We don’t know where the pills are made and how they are made. All we know is that we can buy them. This might be good enough for the company, but it will not be good enough for discerning customers. We would recommend customers look look elsewhere for more trustworthy products from more reputable and transparent companies.

The best women’s sexual health supplement that we’ve seen that works naturally with the body is Libitrinex. With mix of time-tested herbal extracts and made in an FDA-approved facility that exceeds industry quality standards, this supplement can help women by boosting their sex drive, regulating their hormones, and improve their moods,  making them happier overall.

Out of all the women’s health supplements on the market, Libitrinex is the only one that we can wholeheartedly guarantee. To read our take on Libitrinex and to see what it has to offer, click here.

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