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Botanic Choice Passion-Ess is a sex drive-enhancing pill for women that claims to be able to restore sexual desire, as well as to counteract the issues thought to lead to loss of sex drive. It is considered a dietary supplement as well, and the company suggests it for daily use.

Botanic Choice Passion-Ess is created out of a blend of natural herbs that are supposed to do a number of things to jump-start the libido. Some of its ingredients are supposed to make women more generally interested in sex, while others are intended to help deal with some symptoms that can stop women from wanting sex, such as “melancholy,” a physical lack of lubrication, and sleeplessness. All the ingredients are supposed to be powerful aids in restoring and maintaining a healthy and natural interest in sex for women.

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Botanic Choice Passion-Ess has very few active ingredients, and they consist mainly of herbal extracts and derivatives. They are the following:

Angus Castus Aventa Sativa Causticum Natrum Muriaticum Sepia

Angus Castus: Also known as chaste tree berry, this plant is native to the Mediterranean and has been traditionally prescribed to ease painful menstrual cramps, to manage sexual desire, and is also said to balance hormone levels.

Avena Sativa: Also known as “oat straw,” the extract of this seed is remarked upon for its supposed effects on hormone production. Among its other benefits, it has been said to be able to reduce inflammation and to improve overall heart health.

Causticum: This is another word for potassium hydrate, and is used in homeopathic medicine to treat a variety of different symptoms, from whooping-cough to warts, from erectile dysfunction to headaches. On the product’s site it claims it is included to increase interest in sex, and the few places we could find information on this product did not say explicitly whether it is intended to have an effect on libido at all.

Natrum Muriaticum: Another homeopathic remedy, this one is made from a distillation of common table salt. It is said to have its effect in treating emotional distress and digestive problems.

Sepia: Made from cuttlefish ink, this extract is supposed to be able to treat a variety of women’s health problems, mainly related to menopause and the genitalia. Among its many claimed benefits are its ability to relieve depression and to maintain a healthy mood.

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Botanic Choice Passion-Ess QUALITY OF INGREDIENTS

Botanic Choice Passion-Ess consists almost entirely of homeopathic remedies, some of which have widely-claimed benefits, but other ingredients are subject to more suspicion as to their efficacy.

Homeopathy has many claimed uses, and the benefits of some of them have been corroborated with some limited scientific evidence. However, many ingredients simply have nothing to back them up in terms of proof.

For example, while causticum has a laundry list of supposed health benefits, we could not find any reputable sources telling us that any of these were the case. Some of the sources, such as the Homeopathy Center, were rife with bizarre grammar and fragmented sentences, leading us to doubt the professionalism of the people writing those descriptions.

Other ingredients clearly have no real medical benefits, such as natrum: it is literally just salt. There is no research that we have seen that suggests that taking concentrated salt pills cures emotional disorders and puts people into happier moods. We have seen no research to indicate that it is any different than taking a placebo.

Sepia also suffers from a lack of reliable scientific information backing up the claims that it is supposed to help women’s menstrual, and possibly hormonal, difficulties.

Overall it appears as though the majority of the ingredients included in this supplement have benefits that are subject to dispute and have no consensus in the medical community. For a product that claims to treat health issues, it has a long way to go to prove that its ingredients are dependable.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.

THE PRICE AND QUALITY OF Botanic Choice Passion-Ess

Botanic Choice Passion-Ess is available on a few different online retail stores, but the price fluctuates wildly. On the company’s main site, it is currently (as of this review) on sale for $14 per 150-pill bottle. There is a discount for buying two or more, where the price goes down to $12 per bottle, but there is no sign that the discount continues to increase the more you buy.

On Amazon, on the other hand, you can buy a pack of five 60-pill bottles for a staggering $119.95. It is not clear why anyone would take advantage of this deal, as this yields only 300 pills. On the website, you can pay $30 to get the same amount.

There is no mention of the milligrams-per-dose, so we don’t know what the strength of each pill is. This means that people buying it don’t know if the pill is sufficient in potency to work for them, and we cannot therefore determine whether this is a good deal or not. Based on the relatively-low quality of the majority of the ingredients, we are inclined to say that it is probably not.

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BUSINESS OF Botanic Choice Passion-Ess

Botanic Choice Passion-Ess is made by Botanic Choice, owned by Indiana Botanic Gardens, Inc, an herbal supplement company. Their contact info is here:

Phone Number: (800) 644-8427

Address: 3401 West 37th Ave, Hobart, IN 46342

Email: No email is provided,only a customer support form for filling out.

The company has an extravagant one-year return policy for their products, but that being said, they will only issue a refund for unopened bottles.

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The company appears to have good standing with the Better Business Bureau, has a dizzying array of products for various ailments and conditions, and appears to have good communication skills.

Now for the bad part. For a company that claims to have authority on health matters, their “expert advisers” actually do not seem to have any background that justifies them claiming expertise on the subject of health. The brother-and-sister team of Tim and Tammy Cleveland who run the company are listed as experts, despite having no background in health, nutrition, or medicine. Their other “expert,” David Meyer, lists his expertise as being in publishing – not nutrition.

With their team consisting of people with no real credentials, and with no other consultants listed in development or advising, it is hard to take seriously the claim that the products offered by the company are dependable and proven to work.

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CUSTOMER OPINIONS OF Botanic Choice Passion-Ess

Botanic Choice Passion-Ess’s website contains a “Reviews” section, but there are none to be found. Likewise, in the Amazon page for the product, there are no customer reviews listed either.

This is a problem for a company that already faces an uphill battle trying to sell a product that contains questionable ingredients and with no information about dosage strength. People depend not only upon the claims made by companies that their products work – of course, they would say they do – but also upon the unbiased feedback of customers who have tried the products themselves. Without any reviews, it is unclear whether customers who have bought this supplement liked it. Worse, it is also hard to tell if anyone has ever bought it at all.

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CONCLUSION – DOES Botanic Choice Passion-Ess WORK?

There is no clear sign of whether Botanic Choice Passion-Ess works or not. With no indication of dosage strength and several ingredients whose claimed benefits have no scientific evidence to back them up, it does not appear to be a very good product, no matter the price. In addition, with no customer reviews to speak of – positive or negative – it is impossible to form an impression as to the efficacy of this product. With all this lack of information, we cannot recommend this product to anyone.

We have reviewed lots of supplements, natural and synthetic, which all claim to be able to treat low sex drive in women, but the best we’ve ever come across is Libitrinex. It is made out of 100% natural ingredients which are renowned for their benefits to the female reproductive system. Moreover, it has no synthetic ingredients, is made in the U.S.A., and is manufactured in a facility that meets GMP standards of hygiene, safety, and quality. Best of all, it has lots of customer feedback, and based on what people are saying, it has worked for them.

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