Biggest Loser Diet Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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 What is it?

The Biggest Loser Diet is a 6 week weight loss plan that emphasizes exercise and reducing calories. It was created and inspired by the reality TV show “The Biggest Loser”.

This diet offers online videos, a meal plan, food tracker, an online community for support and advice. It’s made to help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, all while reducing weight. In reviewing weight loss diets our review experts concluded the best solution is the 18Shake Diet. It’s made up of an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake and a fat burning diet pill. Due to its potent ingredients customers have given it rave reviews. Click on the link here to learn more about the 18Shake Diet.

Do You Know the Best Diets of 2019?

Biggest Loser Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

The meal plans are intended to be smaller portioned and eaten frequently. It emphasizes a diet that is:

  • Low-fat dairy, lean protein or soy, whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans.
  • Rich in high fiber foods to reduce appetite and keep one feeling fuller for longer.
  • A routine of 6 smaller sized meals with snacks.
  • 6 to 8 glasses of water daily while not drinking caffeinated beverages.

 Our experts have crafted a list featuring the best weight loss diets.

Learning how to read food labels is essential, as you’ll be greatly reducing and tracking calories. This also requires learning how to weigh and measure foods. Some versions of this diet allow for only 1,200 calories per day.

The information provided is meant to be a convenient wait to learn how to lose weight. There are mobile apps that offer information on exercise and overall nutrition.

The meal plans also offer and require:

  • Lists showing what foods are advised.
  • Option for vegetarian options.
  • Input on online tracking devices to make sure you’re on track with dieting.

Exercise is also important but one can do as little as 2 workouts per week.

The online forums and support keeps users in touch with others. This is meant to keep people encouraged to go through with the diet.

There’s a lack of information on exactly how many calories are needed. Since some users have had to eat around 1,200, this can be a significant and difficult to follow diet. Web MD has noted that the calorie intake for maintenance should be:

  • Men: 19-50, around 2,400 to 2,800.
  • Women: 19-30 and 31-50, around 2,000 a day.

On average it’s recommended to reduce around 500 calories less for gradual and healthy weight loss, but this is greatly reduced in this diet. Click the link provided to see a list featuring the top ranked weight loss diets.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.

Biggest Loser Diet Quality of Ingredients

Since you’ll be eating whole foods this diet does provide healthy kinds of nutrition. The issue is that if one were to reduce calories to around 1,200, this can make it harder to ensure one is getting the full range of vitamins and minerals.

This can lead to nutritional deficiencies, and it can be hard to sustain. One might feel hunger pains and other related side effects.

Web MD has also said:

“Critics say… is unreasonable for the average person, because it is extreme”

“it is not for everyone”

In order for it to work one has to follow a very standard diet regimen of making sure to diet and exercise. This is already common sense information, but applying it can still be difficult even with the online support offered by the Biggest Loser Diet.

For a comprehensive list offering the highest rated weight loss diets, follow the link here.

The Price and Quality of Biggest Loser Diet

The plan offers the initial 3 months for $39.99. This then changes to $19.99 a month. This offers a 6-week weight loss plan and offers all the available online support. While it is helpful to have some of the information offered the same basic ideas can be found online for free.

One can research workout videos and read about food lists while reducing calories alone. The main issue with quality is due to the amount of effort required for there to be results. You have to reduce calories by a significant amount, which can be difficult to accomplish.

There are also the additional costs required to have to make and purchase your own dishes. Provided here is a list featuring the top ranked weight loss diets.

Business of Biggest Loser Diet

There is an official website which offers all the information about this diet. They are operated by Digital Wellness, LLC and their contact information is provided as:

Phone Number: (888) 987-3684

Address: 11611 San Vicente Blvd, Suite 800

Los Angeles, California 90049

Email: A contact form is offered as an alternative to send electronic messages.

They also offer answers to basic questions about the diet plan, but they fail to mention how they calculate what amount of calories one will be receiving. There are only general estimates offered from different users.

No money back guarantee is offered nor is there any way to learn about the specifics of the diet plan, and whether or not they make it so one is ensured they’re getting the fully daily amount of vitamins and minerals.

Contestants on the show have called the diet unsafe and they’ve also experienced issues with regaining weight. One user found:

“extreme weight loss tactics used… lead to a high relapse rate”

A study by an Eric Ravassun, a professor of human physiology revealed why users regained their weight so quickly.  People end up having metabolism issues due to the dehydration and need for very strenuous exercise.

Customer Opinions of Biggest Loser Diet

In doing research it was clear that there weren’t any reviews available from users. This makes it impossible to determine whether or not this can deliver on the claimed results.

There were many issues and studies performed showing that the diet followed on the reality TV show was not helpful, and that contestants ended up regaining any weight they lost. Find out which with loss diets were rated as the most effective for weight loss by clicking here.

How Does Biggest Loser Diet Compare?
  • Product Name
  • User Rating
  • Easy to follow
  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • Biggest Loser Diet
  • 36 /100
Conclusion – Does Biggest Loser Diet Work?

You can lose weight when cutting calories out significantly and making sure to exercise. The issue is that it can be difficult to follow, and one might not end up losing a significant amount of weight. This relies heavily on discipline and an already known, common sense approach to weight loss. There are no online reviews from users, and former contestants who followed a similar plan failed to see any results.

The top ranked weight loss diets reviewed by our experts are the 18Shake Diet.  It offers a combination of an appetite suppressing meal replacement shake, and a fat burning diet pill. Both contain wholesome natural ingredients without any filler, colors, preservatives, stimulants, or any unwanted additives. This makes it a more wholesome approach to weight loss.

Customers have also highly reviewed it due to its potent weight loss effects. The fat burner comes with plant extracts shown to help promote weight loss, while the meal replacement shake suppresses appetite for hours. Both have ingredients manufactured in a 3rd party reviewed, FDA approved facility. Learn more about the benefits of the 18Shake Diet by clicking on the link provided here.

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