Start the Medifast Diet with Two Weeks Free

If you’ve ever considered using Medifast to jumpstart a diet or to meet your weight loss goal, now might be the perfect time to put those thoughts into action. Medifast is offering new customers two weeks of meals for free, for a savings of about $150/week! Medifast is a medically-sound weight loss approach that has been delivering its diet products for more than 28 years. The method has been proven to help people lose 2-5 pounds per week in many clinical studies, prescribed by doctors for overweight patients and even a preferred way to lose weight by Hollywood celebs (Genie Francis, “Laura” from General Hospital and Kristy Swanson “Buffy” from Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

The free program works like this:

  • Sign-up for the Medifast VIP program, which actually seems like their best offer
  • Meals ship every 28 days, with two weeks’ worth of meals; 70 in all
  • You’ll get a week free off of each of your first two orders, when you spend more than $250; making two of your first four weeks free
  • VIP customers are then enrolled in an auto-shipment plan, so you’ll never have to worry about remembering to order your next set of meals
  • All orders after the first month will receive a 5% discount and free shipping when you spend $200

You can learn more about this doctor-approved weight loss plan by reading the complete Medifast Diet Review. Or if you’ve made up your mind, you can get started at

3 Responses to Start the Medifast Diet with Two Weeks Free

  1. Carol L Bascome says:

    Hi all could you please guide me as with a scheldue while on the medifast plan which I will start Wednesday.



  2. Dee says:

    Medifast–here is rip off if there ever was one. It can cost up to a $1000.00 every 6 weeks. It is just a glorified high protein diet. Which you can go to your local grocery and buy high protein low card foods your self for a heck of lot cheaper.
    Once they get you hooked with the program, and yes you have lost weight then they want to go on the The Take Shape For Life…..get it for (LIFE), means keeps the dough rolling in.
    Take your own will power and determination, buy your own food and get some exercise. You can do it…

  3. judy says:

    hi could you write me back tell me what to buy to lose weight 60 pounds is a lot to lose

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