Pizza Hut’s 4 Million Calorie Debate Stunt Gets Slammed

Let’s hear it for Pizza Hut for trying to turn an already messy election year in to a circus stunt for entertainment. Utterly ridiculous news broke this week when Pizza Hut announced they’d give a large pizza every week for 30 years to the person who dared ask President Obama and Mr. Romney “pepperoni or sausage” during tonight’s town hall debate.

First of all, it’s a blatant disregard for our political system and the serious answers American voters are seeking in tonight’s second and final debate between the two presidential candidates.

As should come as no surprise from a company responsible for a hot dog stuffed pizza, it’s also a gluttonous promotion to keep making our nation fatter. Maybe we should understand more about their health care policies, since Pizza Hut, one of America’s top brands, is also a culprit in our obesity epidemic.

Just a single slice of their large hand-tossed pepperoni pizza has 330 calories, 14 grams of fat and 910 grams of sodium. That’s almost an entire meal’s worth of calories in just one piece of pizza, not to mention the near day’s worth of sodium. Consider most people eat two to four slices at a time and you’re looking at 660 to 1320 calories every week.

The company is now backtracking after meeting with some deserved backlash. A statement said they are taking their “pizza party” online and will ask people to vote online – pepperoni or sausage – and draw one random winner. The winner will still have the option of 1560 free large pizzas (or one every week for 30 years), or a cash equivalent payout of $15,600.

We say take the cash; you’ll need that money otherwise to burn off the four million calories you stand to consume in pizza alone over the next 30 years.

An entire large hand-tossed pepperoni pizza 1,560 times over yields 4,118,400 calories. And that’s assuming they don’t find a way to infuse more fat in the next three decades. If you eat a standard two-slices at a time and share the rest, you’re still looking at 1.02 million calories.

Pizza Hut slapped American voters in the face this week by making a mockery of the importance of this election, all for a cute publicity stunt to ask what kind of pizza the would-be president eats. Stephen Colbert may have said it best when he quipped, “What could be more American than using our electoral process for product placement?”

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