V-RX Female Capsules Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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V-RX Female Capsules are a nutritional supplement for women for increasing sexual desire. It also claims to be able to help to offset the pain effects of menstrual cycles.

When taken properly, V-RX Female Capsules claims to be able to improve and balance hormone production for more sexual spontaneity. By regulating the hormones it also promises to help balance a woman’s mood throughout the month, and avoid potential mood swings associated with hormone production. Through regular use, this product is supposed to improve overall libido in women allowing for a richer and fuller sex life.

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V-RX Female Capsules contain a number of herbal extracts and derivatives:

Epimedium Black Cohosh Cowhage Royal Jelly G.A.B.A
Ribus Idaeus Raspberry Bioprene Soy Flour Concentrate

Epimedium: Also known as “horny goat weed,” it is a plant used in naturopathic remedies for men and women with low libido, as well as to increase the flow of blood to the genitalia. Among its other supposed effects are the treatment of osteoporosis in women, in addition to high blood pressure, and joint pain.

Black Cohosh: A North American herb first used by Native Americans and traditionally prescribed for a variety of women’s health symptoms including easing menopause, osteoporosis, menstrual pain, and inducing labor.

Cowhage: Also known as mucuna pruriens and velvet bean, this tropical plant has been traditionally used for its claimed anti-anxiety properties, as well as a fever reducer and a pain reliever.

Royal Jelly: A secretion found in beehives, this product is supposed to have healing properties, and is used to treat the symptoms of menopause and insomnia, among many others. However, it does come with some possible side effects, including:

  • Asthma, breathing problems, respiratory symptoms
  • Swelling of the throat, suffocation

G.A.B.A: Gamma amino butyric acid, a natural chemical manufactured in the brain by also synthesized in labs, this compound is also prescribed for mood swings and the symptoms of PMS, in addition to relieving pain and reducing high blood pressure.

Ribus Idaeus: Correctly spelled “rubus idaeus,” this is the scientific name for the common raspberry. The leaf of this berry has been prescribed to treat painful periods and heavy flow, due to its claimed blood vessel-relaxing properties.

Bioprene: Black pepper extract, included in some herbal supplements due to its supposed ability to increase the bio-availability of nutrients in pills and capsules.

Soy Flour Concentrate: This ingredient is supposed to be full of amino acids and protein.

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V-RX Female Capsules consists of several different extracts and essences of natural plants and fruits, and while some of these have been associated with increased sexual energy, there are others which either seem to have serious side effects, or no positive sexual or reproductive benefits at all.

Royal jelly, a viscous substance that is created in beehives to help nourish queen bees, is traditionally said to be able to help reduce pain felt during menses. The problem, however, is that not only does this claim not have any notable scientific evidence to back it up, the substance can be outright dangerous to certain people who are susceptible. When there are serious adverse effects like respiratory failure in the picture, one wonders why the company who made this product couldn’t just go for another ingredient with similar supposed benefits that don’t have such dangerous side effects.

Other ingredients, such as soy flour, do not seem to serve a specific purpose in this supplement. The truth is that many people are allergic to soy, and having this ingredient in the pill prevents those people from being able to take advantage of its supposed ability to treat them.

It should also be noted that the above-listed ingredients are not all of them – it has been mentioned that there are as many as 30 different ingredients in the supplement, but they are not all spelled. We therefore have no way to know if the product will be safe for people with certain allergies, the quality of all of the ingredients, and whether they are vetted by science for doing what they’re supposed to be able to do.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


V-RX Female Capsules can be found in certain online stores at various prices. At one Ebay store the pills go for about $20 for one bottle, which is expected to last a month.

With each bottle containing 60 capsules, and a one month supply per bottle, that comes out to a suggested dosage of 2 pills per day.

The price for this product is on the lower end of things, but when it comes to health – and especially reproductive health – the main question is not always about price alone, but quality. Obviously, price is a concern for many customers, but if a product offers a high-quality supplement for the price, it can be worth it. Paying less for a lower-quality product is not always suggested, because as we see with this product, even if you are spending less money, you are still getting a lackluster supplement with ingredients that can cause serious health issues in some women. “Cheapness” does not always correlate with “value.”

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BUSINESS OF V-RX Female Capsules

It is not immediately clear who makes V-RX Female Capsules. There are some references to “EyeFive,” a company that provides marketing for wholesale health supplements, but it is not clear whether they had any part in actually making the product in the first place.

As there is no information about the company who makes the product, there are no indications of a return policy or quality guarantee, leaving customers at the whims of the policies of the vendors who sell the product. This is not a very good state of affairs, because customers are likely to want some sort of knowledge about who makes the product and what their own guarantees are about the product.

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Nutrition is a sensitive issue, because we are talking about more than just customer satisfaction and value – we are talking about people’s health. Given that this is a huge industry with lots of different competing products, it is unusual for a supplement to have so little information about it, and the same goes for the company.

For a business to have a good relationship with customers and develop a reputation for being trustworthy – a must if anyone is going to trust you with their health – they must have information availability, high-visibility, and a good public profile. To have so little to read about the product and this company means that anyone trying this product is jumping into the deep end with no obvious direction to go in – and that is something we would definitely not advise.

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V-RX Female Capsules have no reviews anywhere. This is not surprising, given how difficult it is to get any information about its manufacture or the people who make it. The product has no visibility on third-party vendors either, such as Amazon or Jet.

All in all, this does not paint a very promising picture. For there to be zero reviews of any kind can suggest a number of things, but the first thing that comes to mind is that no one may have ever tried it in the first place. With no reviews, good or bad, there is no way of knowing if it has ever been purchased. Another possibility is that people have tried it before, but have been disappointed or did not have a strong opinion on it one way or the other, leading them to forget to even post a review of it.

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CONCLUSION – DO V-RX Female Capsules WORK?

We cannot say for sure if this product works. With questionable ingredients (not all of which are even listed!), almost no web presence, uncertain manufacturing, and no customer reviews, this product does not impress. There are plenty of other products out there with lots of customer responses, transparent manufacturing information, and by businesses that make an effort to present a good face to the public. With this better options available, there is no reason to take a chance on V-RX Female Capsules at all.

The best supplement that we have ever reviewed that promises to help improve women’s sex drives is a product called Libitrinex. It is manufactured in the United States in an FDA-registered laboratory, and is fashioned from 100% natural ingredients that are known for their benefits to the feminine reproductive system.

For the healthy and all-natural way to boost the libido, improve moods, and have more energy day to day, Libitrinex is the best pill on the market. Click here for more about Libitrinex, and to read what other customers are saying about it.

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