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Climatique is a topical gel for women that claims to be able to improve sexual pleasure during intimacy. Through a combination of ingredients, it purports to increase sensitivity in the areas where it is applied.

Climatique was designed to be rubbed directly to the clitoris or vagina, and by creating a warming or tingling sensation, says it will provide greater stimulation during sex, and to increase the production of natural lubrication. In addition, by creating this sensation it purports to improve the number and quality of orgasms, something which eludes some women in their sex lives. Like other gels, it is water-soluble, which allows for ease of cleaning up after use.

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Climatique has a small list of ingredients. While these may not make up the entirety of the gel, these are supposed to be the active ingredients:

L-Arginine Niacin Menthol

L-Arginine: A common nutrient which is known for its positive effects on cardiovascular flow. It’s also known for promoting healthy and balanced hormone production, as well as assisting the kidneys in cleaning the blood of toxins and waste products.

Niacin: An organic compound also known as nicotenic acid, which is a component of vitamin B3. It is typically prescribed for cardiovascular health, as well as to lower cholesterol levels. Topically, it has been used as an anti-aging ingredient.

Menthol: A compound that can be derived synthetically, or organically from mint oils and acts as a local anesthetic. As a counterirritant, it creates alternating cooling and  warming feelings on the skin. For some people, possible side effects include:

  • redness, stinging, or burning
  • blistering and swelling of the skin

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Climatique has very few ingredients, and some might see this as a positive thing, as there are not many opportunities for side effects. That said, two of the active ingredients that are used leave some room for doubt as to their efficacy for the results the product promises to provide.

Menthol, Climatique’s website claims, is used to provide the initial sensations of warmth upon application as “instant gratification.” However, beyond some minor initial physical sensations, it is not clear how the ingredient is supposed to increase sexual pleasure or encourage lubrication in the vagina. Based on our research, there is very little to suggest that this ingredient will have the effect of making sex more pleasurable. In fact, very much the opposite seems to be the case: in its use as a local anesthetic, it would have the topical effect of reducing sensitivity. This seems counterproductive in a product that claims to do the reverse of what it logically would do.

Niacin is an interesting addition to this formula, but its presence isn’t fully justified by the company. While it is a healthy compound that is very useful for general well-being, it does not seem to have a concrete use here. As a vitamin, it can make you healthier and work to improve the skin, but it does not follow that it should be used for a sex product. Even if, as the website claims, the ingredient makes skin more sensitive, this is not always a good thing. Sensitive skin could be more prone to blistering and rashes. Sexual stimulation is more about skin sensitivity, and so we are at a loss as to how this product specifically can improve the feeling of sexual act.

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Climatique is available for purchase from online retailers like Amazon and Herbal Love Shop. On Amazon it is currently out of stock, with no notice as when the product will be back in stock. Herbal Love Shop sells it for $22.45, down from the list price of $24.95. It is not clear how long this deal will go on for.

The product information says that a 1 oz tube will last through 25-30 sexual experiences, but this is an odd way to list the usage. One woman may require less or more than another woman, and depending on frequency of use, that means this product could last a month or less than two weeks.

Overall, based on the questionable efficacy of some of the ingredients, as well as the limited lasting ability of each tube, it is not a very good value for the money you are spending.

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BUSINESS OF Climatique

Climatique is made by Taylor Wright Pharmaceuticals, Inc, a company which has very little to no information on it.

Phone Number: No phone number.

Address: No address.

Email: No email address is listed.

As there is no online presence for this company, there is no product guarantee or return policy. As such, customers do not have much of a reason to trust that they will have any satisfaction when pursuing a return if the product doesn’t work for them.

This brings us to the next point: there is, in fact, no mention of this company to be anywhere on any product pages, company lists, or business listings. The one mention we could find was one stray reference in the index of a book about sex history. This is not a good sign.

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Far from being a highly-rated, industry-leading pharmaceutical company with years of experience – a claim made on the product website – there is no evidence that the company exists. This could mean one of two things: the “company” underwent a name change and did not have the sense to make it publicly known, or that the company went under, but its products are still being sold by third-party retailers.

Sexual health is a personal, sensitive subject, and when it comes to products that people are meant to take that could have an effect on their physical well-being, trust is an important part of the exchange. For a company to have no presence and no guarantee is not something that a customer wants to see when looking for products that they can trust to work for them.

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Climatique reviews can be found only on the product page for Herbal Love Shop. They are mainly positive, but they are subject to some suspicion. This is because they are not linked to any kind of accounts, and are not sourced beyond a first name. This means that there is no way to ascertain whether the person really bought the product and used it. That said, the reviews are a mix of good and not-so-good:

“I finally felt in my body what I thought in my mind when it came to sexual matter.”

“It made my clitoris more sensitive, but it did not give me the orgasms that I really wanted.

“This was fun.”

The reviews are very very few, far too few for a product that is touted as being the answer to women’s sexual difficulties. In addition, despite having been sold on Amazon before it went out of stock, there are zero customer reviews to be seen in the product’s page. This could mean that no one bought it, and it could also mean that people bought it, but thought so little of the product that they did not see fit to rate it.

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Climatique claims to be able to restore a woman’s sex life through increasing her skin’s sensitivity, but not only do the ingredients in the product not seem to be the best choices for those purported effects, but the company that made the product is nowhere to be found on the internet, meaning they cannot be held to account for maintaining customer satisfaction. In addition, there is an overwhelming lack of customer reviews. In light of these facts, it is hard to recommend this product to anyone.

Moreover, even if the product did work, topical sexual gels are only a temporary band-aid for a wider problem. The reasons why women have lack of sexual desires or sensitivity are many, and every woman is different. But when it comes to these issues, it is smart to turn to products which will address the underlying reasons that prevent women from reaching their sexual potential, no matter how cheap or simple a solution may seem.

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