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Zygasm is a female libido enhancement supplement intended to improve sexual function and sexual desire. It has what is said to be clinically studied ingredients.

They add how the ingredients are natural and mean to improve one’s overall sex life. Whether it is menopause, stress, poor diet and exercise, or post-pregnancy, this is meant to support all women who desire a better sex life. They cite a few studies for the active ingredients which show how they can improve sexuality.

Many brands have been examined and the number 1 was found to be Libitrinex. It contains many active ingredients that can support female libido with ease. Review the benefits Libitrinex can offer by looking at testimonials on the official website.


Only 3rd party websites show the full ingredients list and it includes:

Korean Red Ginseng Maca Root Gingko Biloba Di Huang
DMG Horny Goat Weed Tribulus Terrestris Bioperine

Maca Root: A vegetable extract aphrodisiac which is used for many benefits including the improvement of libido, reduction of fatigue, and it also has a wide array of nutrients.  This has also been used to suppress menopause symptoms and reduce the risk for infertility.

Many species of this exist and some are used to help women’s libido more so than men.

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Ginkgo Biloba: A very popular herbal ingredient used for many purposes. As a sexual enhancement aid it can support circulation so blood flow so as to make it easier to stay aroused.  It is also often used in nootropics as a way to support memory and learning.

It has been used to help treat PMS symptoms and improve libido.

Di Huang: Herbal additive used in ancient Chinese Medicine to improve blood health and to treat “yin deficiency”. Studies on this are lacking and it’s unknown if it can truly have benefits which are side effect free.

DMG: Taken from the amino acid known as glycine, this is made naturally in the human body and does not require extra supplementation. This is used for the improvement of athletic function and as a way to help support the immune system.

Information about its long-term safety is not known according to Web MD.

Horny Goat Weed: A very often used aphrodisiac ingredient that is made from a traditional Chinese herb. This is meant to improve sexual desire, reduce the risk for cardiovascular damage and support overall blood flow.

Tribulis Terrestris: Aphrodisiac taken from a fruit bearing plant. This is used to help improve circulation, prevent sexual issues, support cardiovascular health, and increase libido. It has also been used to support overall virility.

Bioperine: A patented form of black pepper extracts which is added strictly to support the overall bioavailability of the surrounding ingredients. This means it can help improve the intake so the additives are better absorbed.

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Though the official company website does not list the full ingredients, other sites have listed them in full. Still, it’s not known if they are 100% accurate, or if the doing is correct.

Many potent aphrodisiac are used such as horny goat weed, maca and Tribulus Terrestris. While the added DMG is not needed, and Di Huang is lacking thorough research, for the most part they use a potent formula.

The company does admit that around less than 2% of users are not pleased with supplement, and they do say it is meant to work immediately. Still, it would have been better if they had published these supposed findings.

It is meant to be ten at 3 capsules a day and for fast results, 3 capsules an hour before sexual activity. Though it can also be used through the day at one’s leisure, and the before sex supplementation is intended more to help provide fast changes.

In analyzing countless brands, our review experts were able to decide on which supplements could best support female libido.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A month long supply sells for $39.95 when purchased direct from their official website. The ingredients are mostly known to be effective at supporting female sexuality, but there are concerns as you’ll see in the Customer Opinions section, as it was not highly regarded.

It’s also worth noting that the company makes claims of it being safe, rapidly absorbed, and effective for most users. There is no published evidence to support any of these claims however, so it’s unknown how they came up with these bold claims. They need to list some facts and support to help ensure that they are not exaggerating their many claims about this supplement. Without more information its unknown if it can truly be trusted.

The company also adds that there is no auto-shipment polices, and that all packages will come within a very plain package so as to not showcase it’s a female sexual enhancement aid.

The top 10 list has a highlight of the year’s very best supplements for the support of overall female libido and sexuality.


Their official company name is Synergistic Nutritional Compounds, LLC and to contact them there is the following:

Phone Number: (801) 319-9865

Address: 4778 North 300 West

Provo, UT 84604

Email: support@zygasm.com

Their return policy states that if within a 90 days are not satisfied, that they will offer a return on 1 opened bottle. Other than this provided information, there isn’t much known about them from outside 3rd party websites. It does not appear they have had any issues with regulatory agencies however.  This does not cover shipping and handling, and one must reach out to the company before scheduling the return.

Their official website has a contact form as well as a returns address.

They also offer some clinical review findings on a few of their ingredients but unfortunately they fail to cite these studies so it’s unknown what the specifics are. Since they fail to publish these findings its unknown under what circumstances these studies were held, and it’s also not known whether or not they were performed by unbiased groups.

Only 4 out of the ingredients are backed by any clinical studies published on their official website.

Find out all about what brands were favorited for their ability to enhance sexuality, blood flow, and overall libido for women.


The following are some reviews which were found online:

“hard to tell what if anything has changed but I don’t think it works”

“Don’t spend your money it does not work”

“No changes in any form at all”

“Helped boost my energy levels”

The majority of found reviews were negative. Amazon.com does not have many reviews, but 12 out of 17 were extremely negative. The most common issue people had was that it failed to deliver any changes at all.

People added how they didn’t see any improvement in any form, and they also added they would not advise others to take it.

Their official website has testimonials, but they mention thin a disclaimer that this is not representative of any proven results, and that:

“results may vary”

They add how the opinions added are not to be representative of anything. Therefore it cannot be trusted that this will have any real effects for women.

After researching many supplements, our experts concluded which female libido brands were the best.


While there are some potentially effective aphrodisiac ingredients used, for some reason the reviews on this brand are very negative. It’s unknown if maybe they use cheap extracts, or if there is some issues with the blend ratio that made it a mostly negative experience for customers. The company is also not well-known, and it’s unknown if they truly honor their return policy. What is known however, is that make many bold claims about this supplements use, and they fail to back it up with any substantial evidence. Due to this lacking information it’s not yet clear how they discovered so many intended benefits which were mostly unexperienced by users.

Our review experts have examined Libitrinex as being the best female libido supplement of the year. It has only natural ingredients all of which have a unique benefit including the improvement of blood flow, support towards overall sexuality, and the improvement of libido. These ingredients are well-reviewed by multiple 3rd party studied, and users have also said that it helped improve the quality of their sex lives.

They use only pure ingredients and they ensue all batches are produced in a certified GMP approved facility. This helps to ensure that the quality is controlled and inspected by 3rd parties.  For more information about the potential benefits Libitrinex can offer, check out their official website which is featured within this cited link.

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