Vinetics C Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Vinetics C Eye Cream is a daily eye treatment that reduces puffiness and dark circles, making skin look younger and smoother with use. The makers of this eye cream claim this product works to offset the visible signs of stress, aging and fatigue.

Vinetics C Eye Cream claims to repair skin at a cellular level, plumping the delicate under eye skin, while improving the skin’s natural defenses against oxidative damage. According to the website, this product also works to improve water retention and hydration.

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Vinetics C Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately, there’s no clear information about the ingredients used to make Vinetics C Eye Cream. Despite being featured on multiple sites, the people responsible for creating this product are clearly operating a shady business.

At a base level, consumers expect to see a list of active ingredients, alongside a list of advertised benefits. In the case of Vinetics Eye Cream, users get conflicting information across several channels. There’s a lot of talk about replacing and repairing collagen, but no real information about which ingredients are present in order to do so.

It’s likely made with some kind of peptide blend, along vitamin C, but it’s not especially clear—vitamin C is the only component to this blend that we’ve seen mentioned on any of the literature associated with this product—here’s a quick look as to what you can expect this vitamin/antioxidant to do for your skin.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is thought to improve collagen production, neutralize free radicals present in the skin and prevent and treat damage caused by UV rays.

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Vinetics C Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Vinetics C Eye Cream was designed to help repair the skin damage that leads to an older appearance. On one of the websites used to sell this product, there’s a lot of web copy dedicated to discussing the importance of collagen in creating a youthful look.

We agree—collagen truly is a critical element in maintaining a youthful appearance, but certain ingredients work better than others for boosting collagen production. For example, vitamin C, peptides, anything rich in antioxidants—all these items are crucial in giving consumers an improved look.

This product may contain vitamin C, judging by the name, and a single mention on one of the product’s many websites. While vitamin C is a great tool for cellular repair, it works better when other active ingredients are present in the formula.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Vinetics C Eye Cream

How one goes about purchasing Vinetics C Eye Cream is not especially clear. There are a few different sites dedicated to offering a free trial to a limited amount of consumers per day, but there’s no pricing structure and even the free trial link seems to redirect to a different product.

Vinetics C Eye Cream may be purchased through eBay, but it looks like it’s being sold by someone who got caught in a free trial marketing scheme and are trying to recoup some of the cash lost from this fraudulent business practice.

This type of scheme is really common, and most of these free trial offers result in the consumer receiving $90 shipments of cream on a monthly basis. We’d venture to guess Vinetics C Eye Cream offers a similar arrangement.

It’s also worth pointing out, we don’t see much value in a product that presumably only contains vitamin C as an active ingredient, as one can purchase concentrated vitamin C at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, there are many examples of eye creams that feature vitamin C along with a range of other components—offered at all price points, many at a far lower price than $90 a jar.

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Business of Vinetics C Eye Cream

Vinetics Eye Cream appears to have been made by a company known as Iconic. Their contact information is listed below.

Address: Iconic
848 N. Rainbow Bl. #2234 Las Vegas, Nevada 89107.

Phone: 866-280-3019


We don’t know much about Iconic Skin. They appear to have made several products with landing pages, much like Vinetics C Eye Cream—all operating with the same sort of free trial trap business model.

Strangely, the Vinetics C trial website dedicates most of its real estate to promoting the film, Spiderman Homecoming, Okja, and other films that came out earlier in the year. Additionally, the preview tab you’ll see at the top of your browser shows the brand name VigRx, a male enhancement product.

Already, there’s such a disconnect between the content and the purpose of the website, that it’s any wonder anyone has signed up to receive a free trial offer at all.

It’s particularly bad, as we don’t get to see any ingredient label, nor is there any information available about what the product does. They don’t even offer the vague “better than Botox” or “erase ten years from your face” selling points you’ll find on nearly all competing landing pages.

Even clicking on the “try it now” tab leads redirects visitors to a different eye cream—Apex Serum, which changes names halfway down the page.

This website is sloppy, contains no information and exists only to trick people into signing up for a monthly automatic payment cycle. In sum, stay away from this product, and those like it.

It’s unlikely you’ll see any good from getting involved with this company—we suggest steering clear of them as a general rule.

Customer Opinions of Vinetics C Eye Cream

Vinetics C Eye Cream is mentioned across several web-based platforms–though many of these are marketing on Vinetics’ behalf. Unfortunately, we never get to see any reviews in regards to whether the product works, doesn’t work or causes any allergic reactions.

Sure, a few voices here and there mentioned that they had been deceived by this company and were dealing with the consequences of giving their personal details to this company.

Again, this product is rather expensive–at almost $90 per unit, you’re going to want a lot more information. You’ll need to know about what makes it unique–sourcing, rare ingredients, a well-rounded formula, etc.

Finally, we just don’t feel good about recommending a product we not only can’t evaluate ourselves, but others haven’t either. We don’t know if this product really contains any active ingredients, or if it’s just a useless blend of inactive items passed off as an eye serum. With all these questions left unanswered, we’d suggest that anyone on the fence about buying this item should look elsewhere for something different.

Ideally, something with reviews, documented ingredients and benefits, and a website that offers more than the synopsis of this summer’s biggest movies.

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Conclusion – Does Vinetics C Eye Cream Work?

Vinetics C Eye Cream does not appear to be made by a legitimate company, and as a result, we simply can’t recommend this product to our readers.

Users reported a range of issues, from unauthorized payments to ineffective products—meaning, this product doesn’t seem to have anything positive to offer prospective shoppers.

What makes this even stranger than your typical free trial scheme is, the website features all your hallmark calls to action, but all the content on the main sections of the page are dedicated to various movies from summer 2017.

We’re not sure if this disconnect in content was an ill-advised means of getting more website visitors, but it’s really odd—one of many red flags associated with this unprofessional company.

Between the lack of an ingredient label, bad reviews in regards to this company’s business chronic fraudulent business practices and no comments related to the actual product—we suggest looking elsewhere for an eye cream that can deliver results.

Any company that fails support their customers is bad news, and the people behind Vinetics C Eye Cream are a really poor example of marketing, sales and customer service practices.

Kremovage is our top pick when it comes to bringing the kind of antiaging power to the eyes consumers want from a product. This eye cream contains a well-rounded selection of botanical ingredients, plus peptides and retinol for heavy-hitting wrinkle repair.

Kremovage was made in a certified lab facility using organic, cruelty-free ingredients. Click the link to learn more about how to purchase Kremovage.

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