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Vigel is a female topical aid intended to increase sexual desire and improve overall sexual pleasure. They add how it is guaranteed to help stimulate arousal and clitoral sensitivity.

It’s also marketed for all women, whether one is post-menopausal or for any woman looking to increase their overall pleasure. 2 clinical studies have been said to be performed which showed that women saw an improvement in the quality of their sex lives This is intended to occur via the production of nitic oxide, which can stimulate blood flow.

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The full ingredients list includes the following:

Purified Water Propylene Glycol L-Arginine
Hydroxyethylcellulose Peppermint Methylparaben

Propylene Glycol: Colorless and tasteless liquid which is made synthetically as a water soluble additive that can help the skin retain moisture. It can help condition skin and is considered an organic alcohol. It will often be used in cosmetics and certain items such as antifreeze.

L-Arginine: An important amino acid that is used to improve nitric oxide levels, thereby supporting overall blood flow in the body. This can be used to help improve endurance during athletic activities, and it can also help make it easier to stimulate the sexual organs. It is considered safe when added as a topical aid according to the

They add how it can also condition skin and it serves as a fragrant additive as well.

The link cited offers a list ranking the year’s best female libido supplements which can assist in overall sexual ability and desire.

Hydroxyethylcellulose: Water soluble thickening ingredient which helps to gel together the surrounding ingredients. This is found commonly within body ashes and shampoo. It is cheap to use and can help provide a consistent effect.

The actual extract of this is from cellulose, which is found within the cell walls of many things including green plants. Typically this will be extracted from trees.

Peppermint: Taken from the menta piperia plant, this helps to improve skin absorption and it can also have a tingling effect.

IT can also help provide a calming effect and it can get rid of microbes. This specific mint is made from a cross of water mint and spearmint.

Methylparaben: A controversial preservative which can help stop the spread of fungus and bacteria. Cosmetics will often use this preservative due to tis functional use.

The FDA has concluded that they have no studies on:

“the effect on human health”

Watchdog groups have expressed concern however, stating that it has the potential to cause reproductive damage and other toxic effects.  One study by the Fancl Corporation in Japan found that when added to skin this:

“might influence the aging and differentiation of keratinocytes”

Keratinocytes are what help produce keratin which is the outer layer of the skin. Therefore it could increase the aging process and make skin appear more worn and leathery.

The link here offers a closer look at the best brands which can help stimulate female libido.


The formula can be broken down to a moisture absorber, a common amino acid, a stabilizer, mint for a tingling effect and to enhance moisture, and a preservative.

This is very basic and the only ingredient which can actually support sexual enhancement within the body is L-Arginine, as it can support blood flow. The added moisturizer can help prevent dryness which is commonly added as a staple ingredient used in lubricants.

The added peppermint can lead to a more tingling sensation, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it can enhance sexual drive or pleasure.

There is the issue of this using Methylparaben, a preservative which some groups say can be dangerously toxic, and harmful in the long-term.

We’ve compiled a list of brands which were favorited of their ability to support female libido; the top 10 list can be viewed here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Prices can vary depending on which 3rd party website one chooses, but on it is sold for $23.50. Each 0.5 oz. bottle has 30 applications and they claim this can amount to 30 different orgasms.

The ingredients in this are fairly basic and you can find them in many other similar products but with additional additives included. Overall it’s decent as they do add L-Arginine, but this can also be found in food form, and there are female libido aids which have this without the added parabens which can be potentially harmful.

This is really overpriced when you factor in the cheapness to produce these kinds of additives. There is also concern as you can’t buy this from the manufacturers, so one does not have access to money back return policy.

Review the best female libido brands to see which is best for your needs.


It’s not known who makes this, there are no details about the company, nor do they offer an official website. These 3rd party websites mention that there have been 2 clinical studies performed on the formula, and they claim it is safe with quick results. No evidence is provided to showcase this however.

They fail to cite the actual links to the clinical trials, so it’s unknown if they are stating the truth or if they were ran under unbiased guidelines. There is a possibility that the trials were biased as they can be paid for by the creators. It’s also unknown how many women were studied, and whether or not their effects could be attributed to the placebo effect. There’s simply not enough published to try and understand if what they are saying is true and not exaggerated.

You also can’t determine if this is still being made fresh. One 3rd party site linked to what they said was the Vigel website, but when you click this it says that the domain is up for sale, and that they no longer operate the website. So this may mean that the company no longer makes this fresh, and that any and all batches sold are potentially expired or not as potent.

Our experts have compiled a list of female libido supplements which satisfied customer’s demands for true sexual enhancement.


Provided are some online reviews:

“Used it as directed and I felt no effects. Don’t waste your money”

“Liked it but cause it applies as a gel it can be tricky to use. Have to use a lot of it to apply”

“There was no improvement in my wife”

“Didn’t do what it said it was going to do it’s not worth the price tag”

There was underwhelming effects and a lack of effects for some. Some said they enjoyed it however. It may be due to the added propylene glycol which can help retain moisture, but in either case people failed to give many details on how this worked.

Some said that they noticed an improvement in moisture and that it helped promote better blood flow. This may be due to the L-Arginine or even the peppermint.

Our top rate female libido supplements have been thoroughly examined for their ability to provide benefits.


When reviewing this brand it became clear that there was a lack of sufficient evidence on what is possible. They claim it is proven via 2 clinical studies, but they fail to actually provide a link to showcase who studied it, and whether or not many women took part in the study. Their formula is also lacking as the actual beneficial ingredients such as L-Arginine can be found within many other brands meant to improve female sexuality. Another issue is the fact that the manufactures do not have an official website. They have allowed 3rd party sites to sell it, and it’s not known whether or not they actually still continue to make it. Without more information there is no telling what one is purchasing, and whether or not it can be relied on as a safe and still effective product.

The best female libido enhancing supplement reviewed this year by our experts was found to be Libitrinex. It offers only natural ingredients which are known to have potent aphrodisiac benefits, including the improvement of blood flow, reduction of fatigue, support for overall mood, and the improvement of overall sexual satisfaction and desire.

This is also made with only ingredients which are 3rd party reviewed, and which have showcased multiple benefits for female sexuality. You can rad testimonials as well from their official website which highlight how effective it was for women. To learn about Libitrinex direct from the official website, click on this link to be redirected.

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