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What is it?

TLC Dietis a lifestyle change diet made to improve heart health and has indirect weight loss benefits. It’s not made specifically for people looking to lose weight, but it is intended to maintain an ideal body weight.

This diet was created by the National Institute of Health, and it’s made to help lower cholesterol, reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, and promote a healthier lifestyle. The TLC stands for the Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes. There are some basic guidelines one must follow to adhere to the diet. Our experts have rated many different weight loss diets and found the most effective was the 18Shake Diet. It offers a full meal replacement that suppresses appetite for hours alongside a diet pill made to burn fat and improve metabolism. More information about the 18Shake Diet can be read about in the link here.

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TLC Diet Ingredients and Side Effects

The specific guidelines to the TLC Diet are as follows:

  • At least 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  • Calorie intake should be kept stable to maintain weight. There are no offered suggestions on how to accomplish this.
  • Cholesterol is limited to less than 200 milligrams a day.
  • Sodium should be limited to 2,400 milligrams a day.
  • Saturated fat should be below 7% of one’s total calorie intake.

In order to accomplish this it’s advised to eat the following foods:

  • Limiting meat to 5 ounces or less a day. Eating fish over chicken or meat, and removing the skin off of meat. Plant protein is also advised such as peas, tofu, and beans.

The link provided here has a top 10 of the highest rated diet plans for sustained weight loss.

  • Eating only 2 egg yolks per week and using egg whites instead.
  • Getting 2 to 3 servings of low-fat or nonfat dairy only.
  • Using foods with 3 grams of fat or less per ounce and unsaturated fats instead of saturated fats. Limit use of lard, butter, and solid shortenings.
  • Eating 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.
  • Eating 6 to 11 servings of grains, bread, rice, and cereal. Preferably whole grain, dry cereals, and no baked goods.
  • Sweets are limited to low fat items that are low in calories sodium, and only when eaten occasionally.

The reason why the diet emphasizes reduced cholesterol is due to the effect it can have on heart health. Cholesterol has been linked to increased triglycerides which can lead to clogging of the arteries.

Trans fats and saturated fats are seen as a major contributor to cholesterol. However, cholesterol itself which is high in things like eggs does not convert into the bad cholesterol that can cause the body damage. So it’s strange that the diet would advise against the use of egg yolks.

There is also no support for weight loss offered. The diet just mentions one should control their caloric intake without giving specific examples. Most of the focus is on limiting certain kinds of foods which can cause heart issues. This means the TLC Diet is not a weight loss diet. Click the link here for a list of the highest rated weight loss diets.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this diet with a proven meal replacement such as 18 Shake ffor better results.

TLC Diet Quality of Ingredients

The diet emphasizes more of what can’t be eaten and offers some suggestions for alternatives. It reduces the intake of saturated and trans fats such as fried foods, whole-dairy milk, and bad cholesterol sources.  All these kinds of foods tend to be harder on the body due to their often high caloric value and limited nutritional profile.

There are also suggested portion sizes for each food group. While eating more whole foods is better for health, this is not intended to help people lose weight. It’s created in order to reduce the risk for heart disease and related illnesses. While this can promote better overall health, one still has to make sure to reduce calories to maintain weight which the diet does not offer any advice on.

Diets low in fat tends to help one lose weight due to fats having more calories than carbohydrates and proteins. However, without any support from this diet, those looking to lose weight have to make sure to track calories on their own. The only advice it offers is to implement exercise and to be careful of what foods one eats.

A list of the highest ranked diets for weight loss is made available in the link here.

The Price and Quality of TLC Diet

The price depends more on what kinds of foods one chooses to eat. There are suggestions offered, though it’s essentially just foods which are low in total cholesterol and fat.

The diet seems fine for those who are concerned about heart health and cholesterol, but it’s not a weight loss diet.

There is a free PDF offered which provides additional support such as meal plans, information about cholesterol, how to keep track, and suggestions for exercise. It also mentions the importance of maintaining a healthy weight without an explanation as to what one should do to establish this. Click the link cited for a list of the highest rated diet plans for weight loss.

The PFD gives an idea as to what one can do to make sure the TLC Diet is followed to its exact specifications. US News also answered the question on whether weight loss is possible:

“Unclear, since the TLC diet was designed to improve cholesterol levels, not for weight loss”

Since there is no guarantee or emphasis on weight loss, the overall quality of the diet is poor. There isn’t enough effort in the official guide to show how one will lose weight. Cutting out fats may have an effect on weight loss, but it’s not enough support to make it a suitable option.

Business of  TLC Diet

This diet was created by the National Institutes of Health which can be reached via the following:

Phone Number: (301) 496-4000

Address: 31 Center Dr

Bethesda, Maryland 20892

They are a national organization founded in the US which runs scientific investigations. The group also performs experimental medical research.

This diet was created by the groups division called the National Cholesterol Education Program. While they offer support via this diet to help lower cholesterol, much of the information has already been known. They simply compiled data and added extra suggestions.

The science behind the diet is legitimate, but there is no weight loss offered.

Customer Opinions of TLC Diet

Here are some reviews from those who have tried this diet:

“Hard to follow”

“will improve your overall health”

There aren’t many users who have left reviews about this diet. This diet was not created as a way for the makers to earn money; instead it’s a suggestion for those who are struggling with high cholesterol and fat.

Many of the suggestions offered are fairly well known already, such as what one should substitute instead of eating fattening foods. To see a comprehensive list of the highest rated diet plans, click the link here.

The suggestions offered can be discovered on health websites for free. It simply gives a compilation of these claims by putting it together in a single source. Lowering sodium, cholesterol, saturated fat, trans fats, and certain foods are suggested which is commonly known as a way to improve heart health. This is likely why there are only a handful of reviews available online.

How Does TLC Diet Compare?
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  • Cheap Price
  • Fast Results
  • TLC Diet
  • 44 /100
Conclusion – Does TLC Diet Work?

The TLC Diet recommends certain foods and limits on fats and cholesterol in order to promote lower cholesterol and improved heart health. Much of the information provided about the diet is already known as ways to help prevent the clogging of arteries and other health issues. The information provided is useful, but they offer no weight loss support. The official PDF which explains the diet in detail has one page for weight loss, and all they say is to make sure to manage your weight. There is no e explanation offered on exactly what one should do to make sure this happens. The diet is also not promoted as a weight loss solution. It’s instead more of a prevention diet with already commonly known information.

In reviewing several different diets for weight loss our experts found that overall, the most effective was the 18Shake Diet. It has an appetite suppressing meal replacement alongside a stimulant free fat burning diet pill. While reducing the amount of calories one absorbs, it also allows for one to lose weight while preventing hunger for hours. There are customer testimonials available on the official website from those who have lost weight successfully using this combination. The 18Shake Diet contains only natural ingredients with no added fillers, preservatives, colors, binders, or any other unwanted ingredients.

The 18Shake Diet is also supported by an entire 30 day money back return policy. This guarantee is offered with no questions asked for an entire 30 days. Learn more information about the 18Shake Diet by clicking the link here.

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