Sam Poueu’s Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle after Biggest Loser

He was one of Biggest Loser 9’s most popular contestants. A serious athlete the guys could relate to, and a swoonable hunk the girls could gush over, Sam Poueu won many hearts during his time on the ranch. One heart in particular won his as well, as he and fellow contestant Stephanie Anderson have been dating since their third week on the ranch. With a wide grin he calls Stephanie “the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

We had a chance to catch-up with Sam during his week at the Biggest Loser Resort. Four months following his season finale, he says he’s at a weight that’s maintainable and that this lifestyle has become second nature.

Watch now as he talks about his experience at Biggest Loser Resort, calling it “something special that’s filling in the gap from Biggest Loser,” why the “fighting weight” he worked toward at finale isn’t realistic, and what a date weekend field trip with Stephanie looks like.

Sam Poueu joined Biggest Loser season nine with his teammate and cousin Koli Palu (who is currently dating fellow contestant Ashley Johnston) weighing 372 pounds. The 23-year-old is working every day to not only improve quality of life for himself, but for those around him.

Of the Biggest Loser Resort he says it’s “an educational value-based program that teaches how to live,” and even though he’s been through what is probably the most rigorous training program on earth he says he’s “still trying to get there.” Sam explains that what you find at the Biggest Loser ranch (where filming takes place) is “magic” and reminds people that in the end it’s a game show and not reality.

Sam commits himself to weekly weigh-ins to keep himself on track, and admits to sometimes still feels some anxiety. But it’s creating and practicing a litany of good habits that help him reduce those anxieties. He says things like parking further in the parking lot or taking stairs instead of an elevator just comes naturally now.

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Images courtesy NBC and Sam Poueu

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