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RepHresh Pro-B is a female probiotic supplement that is meant to help improve vaginal flora. They add how this is clinically shown to help provide a balance of both bacteria and yeast.

By providing this effect it can help improve the overall health of the vagina on a daily basis. Each capsule has to be taken at just once a day, and with this they say it can help build confidence and support healthy bacteria.  By balancing out the natural fluctuations which can occur through daily use, they add it works within about 7 days of use.

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This has the following additives:

L. Rhamnosus GR-1 L. reuteri RC-14 Dextrose Anhydrate Gelatin
Potato Starch Microcrystalline Cellulose Magnesium Stearate Titanium Dioxide

Rhamnosus GR-1: A probiotic that is used specifically to help support bacteria and yeast in the vagina, as well as improve the intestines and bladder. This bacteria strain can help improve cells in the body, and it is used to help combat potentially harmful pathogens. This is anti-inflammatory and said to be beneficial according to a study by the Canadian Research and Development Center for Probiotics.

L. reuteri RC-14: A similar bacterial strain as L. Rhamnosus GR-1, this is used to help prevent the growth to pathogens. It is said to produce what is known as hydrogen peroxide which can support the vagina. This is said to also potentially kill the HIV virus.

A study by the University Medical Center Rotterdam found that it could:

“prevent the condition… women living with HIV”

Dextrose Anhydrate: Most commonly known as standard glucose, this sweetener is found in baked goods and dairy products. It has also been used in pharmaceuticals as a way to help gets rid of toxic substances including alcohol that is ingested.

In cosmetics it is also added in cleansing brands and has potent anti-caking properties. This is likely used as an inactive ingredient within this brand, as it can stabilize the ingredients.

Gelatin: Inactive ingredient which is without flavor and can be made from the collagen of animals. This typically makes up the capsules of supplements and it is known to be well-tolerated and easy to absorb. It is typically taken from cows unless it is certified kosher.

Potato Starch: The cell walls of potatoes which are viscous and can help gel together additives. Tis can be used to non-food items such as paper and textiles.  This is generally well-tolerated as it is unlikely one would have a sensitivity to potato.

Titanium Dioxide: A common organic compound used as an inactive ingredient within many supplements. This appears as a white powder and it is resistant to UV exposure, which is why it is often used in cosmetic brands. Since this is not absorbed by the skin, it is often used also in topical acids.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


There are only 2 active ingredients added to this, and while they are well-tested, there are doubts about whether or not they can be sustained within a capsule. Bacteria can be sensitive and things like light and heat exposure can degrade the quality, either making it far less useful, or potentially ineffective.

It’s unclear whether or not thee two strains of bacteria would actually have any benefits when taken via the capsules provided. There needs to be much more presented to ensure how effective it can be. The few studies on these 2 active ingredients are likely under controlled circumstances, and it is unknown if they took actual capsules of the bacteria.

Overall the formula may help control bacteria and yeast in the vagina, but there needs to be further evidence to show if it will be well-reserved in this form.

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The official website has a section which lasts all the locations online and in store which sell it. It currently sells for $18 per 30 count bottle. So at the advised one a day, one is getting a 30 day supply.  There is no money back return policy from the creators.

As mentioned there are just 2 active ingredients in this which are meant to help support vaginal yeast and bacteria. The inactive ingredient is decent, and they are often added to supplements.

In reviewing these 2 strains of bacteria it does show a potential for improving overall vaginal health. However, this is one dimensional and cannot help in any other way. This is not going to improve overall sex drive or sexual satisfaction. There have been quite a few mixed reviews about this brand as you’ll see in the “Customer Opinions” heading.

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Church & Dwight Co. Inc. are the company name and they have provided their contact information as:

Phone Number: (800) 833-9532

Address: 500 Charles Ewing Boulevard

Ewing, JJ 08628

Their terms and conditions fail to outline a money back return policy, so it’s likely they do not offer any returns. The company is a major brand that has been around since 1896.

On their Better Business Bureau page they have a total of 22 complaints from customers.  People had the following to say:

“sent a half full container”

“Both of my bottles were dysfunctional and they did not work”

“Tried reaching out some time ago and they still haven’t gotten back to me”

“Was told I could get a rebate but they have still failed to contact me or given me my money’s worth”

Many were dissatisfied but it appears all complaints have been closed, so it means that these issues were corrected.

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Cited are just a few found online reviews:

“Don’t think this can preserve well since bacteria is broken down… Found better use with other brands”

“No changes from using it and not using it”

“Well used it for a total 2 months and I didn’t find it helpful. Too expensive for what it provides”

“Been using it successfully and it helped treat my yeast infection”

There were some favorable reviews from customers how noticed an improvement in their vaginal health, as it helped treat their yeast infections. People said that it was a noticeable improvement, and that they would recommend for others to use it.

Unfortunately this is a one dimensional supplement, as it’s not meant in any way to help support libido, sexual drive, or overall sexual health. This is meant more as a way to regulate bacteria and yeast.

While some may find it useful, there were also over 200 reviews from consumers who said that they took a full bottle and that it still failed to deliver any changes. Some were concerned with its claims, as some added how the healthy bacteria added to this are unlikely to preserve under heat. It’s unknown if this is a concern however.

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While this does have 2 potentially beneficial probiotic ingredients, there isn’t any other benefit beyond regulating vaginal bacteria and yeast. Not all consumers were happy with these effects other, as some failed to notice any change at all. Furthermore the company does not offer money back returns policy, and all sales are only by 3rd party sites. So there is a possibility that one may lose out on money. Their 2 active ingredients are also of questionable quality, as bacteria can be sensitive to heat and light, which can degrade the quality and potentially make it useless.

Our review experts have analyzed many female libido enhancing brands and the one which was deemed to be the best overall was Libitrinex. This supplement has a combination of aphrodisiacs which are highly regarded in multiple 3rd party studies, and they can help improve overall desire and sexual confidence. Users have also said they noticed these benefits, and they added how their sex lives were vastly improved.

The company is also reputable and thy make their ingredients within a facility approved by the FDA. They also make it only with natural ingredients and no stimulants, colors, fillers, or any kind of unwanted additives. For a detailed look into Libitrinex and to see what it can do for female libido, click on this provided link.

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