Radix Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Radix Eye Cream is an eye cream created to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Additionally, this product may be used to treat other signs of aging, such as bags and dark circles.

Radix Eye Cream claims to repair skin at a cellular level, plumping the delicate under eye skin, while improving the skin’s natural defenses against oxidative damage.

According to the website, this product also works to improve water retention and hydration.

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Radix Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

The makers of this product have failed to provide an actual ingredient label for this item. The official site claims the product contains compounds, peptides and immune system boosters—but peptides outstanding, these “ingredients” could really be anything.

We’re not sure why “immune system boosters” would be a relevant ingredient for an eye cream—they may mean vitamin C, green tea or something containing a high level of antioxidants, but again, there’s no information about this.

Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to evaluate a product if the manufacturer can’t even produce a short description of the product and what it contains. Sure, they lay out what the product aims to accomplish, but knowing what’s really in there is a critical component of the formula.

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Radix Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Radix Eye Cream could contain anything. There’s no definitive answer from this company, or someone who has used the product as to what the active ingredients are—much less any filler ingredients, binding agents or anything else one might find in an eye cream.

Basically, this product could contain anything—sure, there could be some good stuff present, but there’s also the risk that it simply contains filler ingredients, binders and items that adjust viscosity of the cream for easier application.

Unfortunately, it’s hard for us to provide a balanced evaluation of this product, as there’s no concrete information about this formula. There could be harmful chemicals, harsh ingredients or common allergens present—things consumers need to know about before placing an order.

This product appears to be yet another entry in the long list of creams and supplements associated with a free trial scam.

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The Price and Quality of Radix Eye Cream

Radix Eye Cream does not present a clear pricing structure for potential consumers. The product is advertised in a series of Facebook videos showing impressive before and after results—pictures of people with deep wrinkles that magically disappeared.

The videos link to the official site, which then prompts users to sign up for a free trial. The only catch is, you have to pay for the shipping and handling charges.

After paying for shipping, users are enrolled in an automatic payment cycle. A one-month’s supply of the product is $90 per month and they keep on coming until the user can successfully cancel the arrangement.

Radix Eye Cream, at $90 is quite expensive. Especially within the context that consumers are often buying a product under the guise of getting something for free. This product could essentially be made from anything—and may not have any active ingredients to speak of.

Again, this company lists “compounds” as an ingredient—providing no information that can justify a $90 charge.

All that said, anyone who really wants to try this product and wants to avoid the hassles of autopay may be able to find this on eBay or a handful of smaller e-commerce platforms.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

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Business of Radix Eye Cream

Radix Eye Cream is made by a company that never discloses their information. They appear to be the same people responsible for several other products that come with the same pitch—sign up for a free trial and you’ll just pay for shipping.

We’ve seen several pages like the one used to sell Radix Eye Cream. They all feature almost identical imagery—graphs that don’t link to any legitimate surveys or trials. They never mention the actual ingredients or

This product has been featured on sites like RipOff Report, with people complaining about the deceptive nature of this business model.

Here’s a couple examples of some of one of the comments we came across:

I checked my Visa bill and saw a charge I didn’t recognize.  There were charging me $90 for this tiny container of cream.  When I called for a refund, they said no, as I “agreed” to the terms.  

“This so-called miracle eye cream from Facebook is a scam. The original package was free, but they get your credit card when you cover the shipping. From there, it’s $89.92 a month, whether it or not it works.”

The comments like this go on and on. Some users have reported that a company in Santa Ana is responsible for this scam, which falls in line with some of the other pages we’ve come across in the past.

Based on the complaints regarding the Radix Eye Cream payment structure, as well as the lack of information on the website, there’s simply no way we can recommend this product to anyone looking for a good eye cream.

Radix Eye Cream is simply a good reminder to be careful when placing an order online or over the phone. Any company that promises these kinds of results, i.e. looking 10 years younger with use, erasing deep wrinkles in a short amount of time, etc., are too good to be true. Even more so when there’s no ingredient label listed and no scientific evidence posted to back up those claims.

Customer Opinions of Radix Eye Cream

Radix Eye Cream had several reviews in regards to their deceptive marketing tactics and poor customer service practices, but there were virtually no reviews that had mentioned whether or not this product actually works.

During our research, we came across a few comments here and there from people who thought that this product was far more expensive than they were anticipating, especially given that a monthly supply costs consumers $90.

As a point of reference, a $90 eye cream generally comes with a long description, one that details the higher end ingredients presents. In order to justify such a high price point—you’ll need to know about what makes it special.

Unfortunately, we simply cannot recommend a product with no documented evidence of efficacy. The language listed on the official site comes across as amateurish—as though whoever wrote the copy was not aware of what the ingredients were intended to do.

We don’t know if the product does anything to hydrate, plump or erase crow’s feet, as promised. We also don’t know if it contains any ingredients that irritate sensitive skin or petroleum products that consumers may not want in their skin care products.

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Conclusion – Does Radix Eye Cream Work?

Radix Eye Cream is not a good product, and by all accounts, appears to be a scam. Users should avoid this product at all costs, as the only way to purchase the cream is by signing up of for a free trial and committing to purchasing every month.

Between the lack of an ingredient label, bad reviews in regards to this company’s business chronic fraudulent business practices and no comments related to the actual product—we suggest looking elsewhere for an eye cream that can deliver results.

Any company that fails support their customers is bad news, and the people behind Radix Eye Cream are a really poor example of marketing, sales and customer service practices.

And, aside from all the problems at the heart of this company, we still don’t know what this product is made out of.

Our recommendation to readers is, do some research before buying an eye cream. Look for something suited for your skin type—mature, acne prone, sensitive, etc.—and buy from a legitimate source. There are plenty of options in the skin care space, great options for all price ranges.

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