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Procreation Female Fertility is a reproductive health supplement meant to deliver benefits with an all-natural formula. It’s made up of vitamins, minerals, herbs and much more which are specially crafted to help expecting mothers.

They even say that it’s formulated in a way to help optimize its overall success. It’s said to be safe and able to support the health of the uterus and ovaries. Some fatty acids are also used to help with embryonic development.

After much review our review team has considered Libitrinex to be the best female libido supplement. It offers a unique high dosage strength blend of wholesome ingredients which can assist mood, energy, and sexual confidence. Read about the benefits Libitrinex can offer by looking at reviews and the natural formula.


The following are some key ingredients added:

Acerola Cherry Apple Pectin Black Currant Seed Broccoli Bromelain
Carrot Chlorella Green Cabbage Pacific Kelp Papaya
Parsley Rose Hips Spinach Spirulina Sunflower Oil
Watercress Chinese Cabbage Fig Brown Rice Garlic
Date Maca Korean Ginseng Turmeric Chasteberry
DHA Beta Carotene Ascorbic Acid Cholecalciferol D-alpha Tocopheryl Succinate
Menatetrenone Thiamin HCI Riboflavin Niacinamide Pyridoxine HCI
Folic Acid Cyanocobalamin Calcium Pantothenate Chinese Green Tea L-Selenomethionine

Acerola Cherry: Tropical fruit that has a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin C. This can help improve the immune system and it has been used to prevent scurvy. There is a potential for side effects however including:

  • insomnia stomach cramps, and sleep issues.

Black Currant Seed: The seeds of this plant are used to lower the rate of menopause symptoms, and to enhance immune function. Currently there are lacking long term studies to determine its worth and safety.

Bromelain: Produced naturally by pineapples this enzyme has been used to reduce inflammation, swelling, and to prevent muscle soreness after exercise. It has also been used to reduce the time of labor.

Certain side effects are possible such as:

  • Allergies diarrhea, and stomach pain.

Pacific Kelp: A form of seaweed which can help reduce cholesterol levels and it also provides iodine.  It’s said to be beneficial for many issues but Web MD does say that there:

“isn’t enough scientific evidence”

Rose Hips: A vitamin C rich rose flower extract that does reduce its potency when it is processed and dried. This may mean that the natural antioxidants are not as effective. Some side effects which can result includes:

  • Nausea, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping.
  • Allergies, heartburn, and diarrhea.

Chasteberry: The berries of this shrub are used for the treatment of menopause related issues and in particular PMS. It also is used to prevent miscarriage and infertility.  Though uncommon, Web MD does say that it can potentially lead to:

  • Weigh gain, difficulty sleeping, and changes in menstrual flow.

DHA: Fatty acid found in fatty fish which is often sued for formula to premature babies. This is also used early to help with proper mental health in babies. It’s important for the maintenance of nerve and eye tissue.

Chinese Cabbage: Leaf vegetable that is in the same family as broccoli and cauliflower. In ancient Chinese medicine it was thought to have medicinal qualities. It does have trace minerals and high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin C.

We’ve featured the best supplements which were seen to be the most beneficial for female libido.


A lot of ingredients are added to this, most notably a wide array of vitamins and minerals. They also add some additives such as fatty acids, herbs, and common spices which can help with proper nerve function and which can support a baby’s development.

Because there are so many ingredients in this and since during pregnancy there are extra precautions required, it would be important to be careful with dosing.  This would require one to reach out to a healthcare practitioner to read the long list of ingredients to help determine if it would be safe to take.

Certain additives in this like Chasteberry do have a possibility for side effects. The added Pacific kelp is another ingredient which may lead to concern as it can have high levels of iodine, and it must be extracted from safe waters which are not contaminated with mercury. Mercury can be devastating and lead to some dangerous effects to babies.

The compiled list here has a great outline of what the year’s very best female libido brands can offer.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A 60 capsule bottle is said to be sold on 3rd party websites but it appears most websites are either out of stock, or they do not carry it any longer. Because of this it remains to be seen if it is still being made fresh. If not, then 3rd party websites are only selling dated brands which may be nearing expiration, and which may also be losing their potency.

This increases the risk for potential side effects and of money wasted as you won’t know what you’re getting. It seems highly likely that this is now discontinued since the majority of 3rd party websites mention this is so.

Due to this lack of a safety assurance there is no way for customers to be certain that what they are purchasing would be safe and backed by a return policy. Taking a supplement with this many ingredients which have an unknown combined effect can be particularly dangerous if one is not careful. Overall there is an insufficient amount of backing to ensure that what one is purchasing is still made. Due to this issue you won’t know exactly what to expect from this.

We’ve made it easy to see what the best female libido brands are; click here for more information.


One website has an image of the label which reveals the name of the company is DreamQuest Nutraceuticals Inc., and they even provide a website. When you type in this website in your browser you’re likely to get a warning that they may want to install malware.

It’s unknown why this is so, and due to safety issues we decided not to click on it to see any further information. This often only occurs when the official website has been overtaken or sold to another group which may want to steal one’s sensitive data.

You can’t learn anything about the company since there is no information about them or how they operate anywhere. No contact information is provided either so users can learn about how this is best taken, and whether or not a money back return policy is offered.

The brands featured here have been thoroughly reviewed and ranked in a complete top 10 list of female libido brands.


Here are some customer’s opinions on Procreation Female Fertility:

“didn’t like the fish like odor and taste”

“no side effects but it had no benefits at all not sure what to make of it”

“Took it for 4 months and I would not advise anyone to try it. This is awful the smell and taste is unbearable”

“Made me so sick immediately after taking it. This does not smell either further making it hard to swallow”

A common issue people had was that it was hard to swallow due to both the fish like smell and odor. This is likely from the added DHA, which shouldn’t smell this way if it were to come from a good source.

A lack of benefits was a common occurrence as people didn’t feel like it was worth supplementing with. Overwhelmingly people only had negative things to say. One user who used it long term added that they would not advise others to use it, and that it did not get easier to take with time.

Provided here is a quick and easy breakdown of the year’s best female libido supplements.


The biggest concern with this supplement is that some of the ingredients are lacking sufficient long term studies, and when looking to support a baby’s health it’s especially important to know how it may affect them. Some of these ingredients can be beneficial but overall there are so many ingredients that it’s difficult to know what to expect when it’s all taken together. Reviews were mixed as well and the majority were negative. The manufactures also do not have an official website anymore, and it appears they have discontinued production of this.

The top pick for female libido support which can also assist in energy levels, mood, and overall wellness is Libitrinex. This offers a well-rounded formula of natural ingredients which all have been tested by different 3rd party studies.

These potent ingredients can help maximize overall sexual function and they even make it in a facility which is FDA approved. Users left great testimonials to help showcase how it had noticeable benefits. Read up on the benefits Libitrinex can offer by checking out their official website.

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