Pink Frolic Lubricant For Women Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Pink Frolic Lubricant For Women is a female lubricant meant to have a lasting effect via the use of a thick formula. This also has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which can protect against viruses, and it’s also meant to apply with ease.

It is not scented and is free from flavors, hypoallergenic, and it is water based. It also is made with botanicals and it’s free of any glycerin. They claim it will last as long as one needs it, and that it can be used alongside toys and sexual accessories. It’s said to be better than other lubricants as it does not drip and you can use less of it to prevent dryness.

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On their official website page for the product they do not post the ingredients. They do have a section which was difficult to find but here is the listed additives:

Purified Water Propylene Glycol PEG-8 Hydroxycellulose Sodium Benzoate
Potassium Sorbate Polyethylene Citrus Grandis Seed Extract

Propylene Glycol: Water absorbing synthetic ingredient which is used as antifreeze and also to help contains moisture within cosmetics. It acts as a solvent and has almost no taste or odor.

PEG-8: Emulsifying ingredient that you can often find within beauty products. This is reviewed by the has having

“Limited evidence of sense organ toxicity”

Therefore they have given it a 3 out of 10 rating, meaning there me a potential moderate risk for unwanted effects.

Hydroxycellulose: Taken from a woody pulp extract, this cleansing and thickening additive is often found within cosmetics since it has powerful binding properties, and it’s also cheap to produce.

Sodium Benzoate: A common food preservative that can help improve the lasting life the surrounding ingredients. Regulatory agencies have restricted the amount allowed per serving, as it has a possibility for being toxic if overused.  This is highly unlikely in a topical aid however.

Potassium Sorbate: Antifungal preservative that is commonly used inside of processed foods to make them last longer. This is found in things like beef jerky, canned goods, and desserts.

Live cites a study on this ingredient showing that it can cause:

“damage in DNA”

“allergic reaction when used externally”

These effects are likely why the makers of Pink Frolic Lubricant for Women have said do discontinue use in the case of side effects.

Polyethylene: A synthetic resin or common plastic that can be extracted from petroleum.  This has the potential to cause irritation according to the

Citrus Grandis Seed Extract: A liquid extract taken from all parts of the grapefruit including seeds and pulp. It can help prevent microbe growth and it’s a natural preservative. It is found in cosmetics as a way to help improve the lasting properties.

It does have astringent properties and it can condition skin.

Citrus does have a possibility for causing a tingling effect, though it is often used only to help preserve cosmetic ingredients.  The official website for this product does mention this additive as being important to the benefits of it, so it’s likely they use it for more than to preserve the formula.

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Common to many other similar products, this brand has mainly additives which help to bind together ingredients, and to seal in moisture. While this can serve as a helpful lubricant, there are no other effects in terms of increasing libido or sex drive.

There is a citrus extract which can potentially provide a tingling sensation, but other than that, it’s not going to actually make it any more different than a standard lubricant.  This citrus extract is used more to help provide preservative effects however so it’s unknown if the makers truly use it as a way to improve sensual stimulation.

There may be a greater ability to engage in sex without being stimulated, but it’s not exactly a female libido supplement.

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On their official website a 3.3 oz. bottle sells for $14.25. There is no information on exactly how many application this can have.

Many of these ingredients are standard to cosmetic ingredients. While it can no doubt help retain moisture so sex becomes easier, as far as it providing additional pleasure, it’s unlikely to have such an effect.

This is meant more to satisfy women who can’t seem to produce any moisture by themselves. There is also a slight tingling sensation, but this brand also has many processed additives that some may want to avoid. There are ingredients in this which have shown the ability to cause irritation, discomfort, and other associated potential side effects. This is why on the back of the label it advises to discontinue use if you were to experience any unwanted symptoms.

While it does not have any fragrance, is hypoallergenic, and water based, there are still doubts about its potential to stimulate libido in any way.

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Empowered Products Inc. is their company name and their official contact information is:

Phone Number: (877) 305-1165

Address: 3367 W. Oquendo Rd

Las Vegas, NV 89118

Email: A customer contact form is offered.

The companies CEO was targeted in a lawsuit in 2016 over claims that they had fake articles written about their products.  This was brought on by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and it’s unknown how this trial is going.

As far as how they treat customers, they do not have any ratings on their Better Business Bureau page. Their official website fails to mention whether or not they have a money back return policy.

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Finding reviews for this is difficult as their official website does not have a form for users to list reviews, nor do they publish testimonials. Even 3rd party websites which sell this do not offer any reviews.

Fortunately there were a few random reviews on

“Liked using it since it didn’t lead to any stickiness and it has no smell to it”

“Lasts a while and it’s not sticky. Also liked it was not overpowering”

“It does dry fast but it left me sticky. It also does not last very long”

“Not sticky and it lasts a long time I liked it”

The only 4 reviews found online were mostly positive, and only one consumer said it was not easy to use. Overall it’s difficult to try and secure a consensus without there being much more opinions online. This makes it impossible to verify what can be truly gained from this, and whether or not it would be safe to use frequently.

No one mentioned that it actually supported libido or that it made them more stimulated however. People only added how it made them less dry and that it was not sticky. This is a common trait of many kinds of lubricants however.

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This lubricant is marketed as being unique to other similar brands, and while it does have slightly altered ingredients, the base is essentially processed binders, stabilizers, and moisturizing additives. They rely far too much on ingredients which either do not improve sex drive, or only work to prevent dryness. You can’t expect any deep effects which can potentially improve orgasm quality, other than a tingling sensation brought on potentially by the citrus. There also was also controversy over claims that the CEO had forged articles about the company’s products. Reviews are far too limited to know if this would be any more unique than a standard lubricant.

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