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Pandora Female Sexual Enhancer is a supplement intended to improve sexual desire, pleasure, and all with a natural blend of ingredients. It’s said to be effective and safe even alongside alcohol.

Just one capsule is recommended 30 minutes before engaging in intercourse. One can take a capsule for every 24 to 36 hours as needed, though one should be sexually stimulated to activate it. The front of the package even adds that this is both doctor approved and doctor tested.

Our review experts have selected Libitrinex as being the very best female libido supplement of this year. Within it is a blend of potent natural ingredients which can work deep in the body to help maximize sexual satisfaction. Review the formula added to Libitrinex and sees what customers had to say about its effects by clicking here.


Within this is the following:

L-Arginine L-Citrulline Epimedium Extract Pine Bark Extract N-Acetyl
L-Tyrosine Sceletium Tortuosum Long Jack Root Rutaecarpine Gelatin
Silicon Dioxide Magnesium Stearate Rice Flour FD&C Blue #1 FD&C Red #3
Titanium dioxide

Epimedium Extract: Referred to as Horny Goat Weed, this herbal ingredient can often be found as a standard ingredient within libido enhancing supplements for both men and women. This can help improve sexual desire and support blood flow to the genitals.

L-Citrulline: When consumed the body breaks this down into the amino acid known as L-Arginine, which can further improve blood flow in the body. This is often added as a way to help stimulate sexual desire by engorging the clitoris. Other potential effects include support for overall physical performance, so one can last in the bedroom.

Pine Bark Extract: Taken from the tree Pinus Pinaster, this is used to improve circulation, blood flow, support the immune system, support athletic function, and improve the female reproductive system to name a few intended benefits.

There is a possibility for side effects however:

  • Headache, gut issues, and dizziness.

The link here will direct you to a top 10 list of female libido brands which were top rated for their all-around support.

N-Acetyl: An amino acid from L-Cysteine which is most commonly used as an antioxidant and as a way to help resist lung issues. This is often prescribed in certain amounts, and if not carefully taken has a risk for side effects:

  • Reduce blood pressure, rash, and fever.
  • Liver issues, drowsiness, and nausea.

Sceletium Tortuosum: Herbal ingredient used to reduce anxiety and often taken before one is to engage in stressful activities. However, has said that in terms of anxiety:

“more evidence is required”

Higher amounts are known to cause a euphoric effect. Web MD states it can also contribute to symptoms:

  • Intoxication, depression and headache.

Rutaecarpine: Tree extract that bears fruit and which is intended to reduce inflammation, blood pressure, pain, and also stimulate the heart.  This has also been used for fat burning. Web MD does say that there is a lack of sufficient clinical studies and that it’s not known if this would be:

“safe or what… possible side effects may be”

Long Jack Root: Aphrodisiac found in Malaysia that is often used more for male enhancement. This is intended to increase fertility, athletic function, create more of an interest in sex, and also help resist erectile dysfunction.

Its active chemicals have been extracted in order to help deliver multiple wellness effects through the body. This is intended to support healthy hormone function as well according to Web MD. Improved virility and overall sexual function are often touted as a benefit of this ingredient.

FD&C Blue #1: Known as Brilliant Blue FCF, this food dye is found in cosmetics and processed goods. The FDA sent a warning in 2003 that there have been reports of:

“toxicity, including death”

This was due to it being unregulated and they add how it’s unclear if there is a direct potential risk with this additive, but that it should be watched out for.

FD&C Red #3: Red food coloring which is found in things like printing ink and photographic films. This was once partially banned by the FDA due to safety concerns.

The best female libido enhancing supplements are featured in a detailed top 10 list here.


Though strange that the official website does not list ingredients, other 3rd party sites have provided a clear image of the full supplements facts.

There are many standard ingredients that you’ll find in libido enhancing supplements such as various amino acids, Horny Goat Weed, and more.

Some of the ingredients need more studies to determine their worth, and there are also ingredients such as food coloring which serve no purpose but have a risk for potential symptoms. Overall this is far too generic of a formula to consider it as being better than any other standard formulation.

The top 10 female libido supplements have been compiled here.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


Offered by the official website are a reoccurring “VIP Subscription” and a 4 count container for $14.99. This is meant to last upwards of a full day, so you get 4 total days of usage per capsule. One can break down the price to $3.74 per capsule without subscribing to their renewal plan.

This is a fairly high cost when you factor in that its formula is quite basic and found within so many other similar supplements.  Some of the ingredient is also lacking sufficient studies, so it’s yet to be seen if this formula would be both safe and effective.

Our complete list provided offers a glimpse into what the year’s best supplements are for natural female libido enhancement.


FDM Imports LLC is their company name but they also go by the name of RH Laboratories and Rockhard Laboratories LLC and to contact they offer the following:

Phone Number: (800) 562-0543


Unopened containers are backed by a 30 da6 money back return. One must also call to cancel reoccurring plans if one signed up for the month to month option.

It’s strange that the company has 2 names on their official website, and a photo of the supplement by a 3rd party site mentions yet another company.

This may be because the company as involved in a class action lawsuit which alleged that their claim that their brands are doctor approved and doctor formulated are not supported by au evidence.

The FDA also sent a 2010 notice stating that Pandora Female Sexual Enhancer had:

“unapproved drug; contains undeclared Sildenafil”

This prescription drug ingredient has the risk for potential damaging cardiovascular damage if one is not careful. It’s not known why they leaked this potentially dangerous additive into their over the counter supplement.

The top 10 female libido supplements that are made with well-reviewed ingredients are listed here.


At the time of this review there were no stated user opinions about this supplement.  The official website is also lacking any proof, and they do not offer any testimonials or written reviews.

There is no way for one to determine what this brand can truly do, and whether or not users have benefited from it. It’s especially questionable when you factor in that there are some additives in this which are lacking sufficient studies.

Furthermore there is no money back return on any opened products.

Review our experts top 10 list for a complete analysis of the best female libido enhancing brands out now.


Because of there not being sufficient information, it’s not possible to determine for certain what can be expected. There is access to a very generic ingredients list, and to this there are additives which have the potential for unwanted side effects. No user reviews are available either, so it’s unknown how well users have responded to it. What is known is that the manufacturers have had issues with lawsuits and with a recall enforced by the FDA due to their use of banned drugs. The company makes it very difficult to examine them as there are 3 different company names used, and only 1 of them has been examined by 3rd parties.

With many options available, our experts have reviewed many female libido brands, and the standout supplement of the year was found to be Libitrinex. It has a unique blend of high dosage aphrodisiacs that can assist in the improvement of blood flow, reduction of fatigue, and overall support of healthy sexual function.

They use an assortment of well-regarded ingredients that can make it easier for one to remain stimulated. The company also provides some glowing testimonials on their official website to showcase what people have experienced. Find out more details about Libitrinex and review what is has to offer by checking out the official website listed here.

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