Nuriva Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Nuriva Eye Serum is a serum designed to improve the appearance of the skin surrounding the eyes, as well as the rest of the face. This product claims to create a younger, firmer look with regular use.

Nuriva Eye Serum, according to the official website relies primarily on hydrolyzed collagen to deliver the bulk of the benefits associated with its use.

The product is designed to absorb quickly into the skin—moisturizing and repairing dry or damaged skin cells with application.

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Nuriva Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

The makers of Nuriva Eye Serum are vague about what they use to make their product. The site makes a passing reference to hydrolyzed collagen, but never mentions whether or not there are additional ingredients included in the mix.

We did find a list of ingredients someone posted on a blog, but keep in mind, that this list may not be accurate—we never do get to see an official label. Here is a look at the listed components:

Hydrolized Collagen Macadamia Glycerides Vitamin C
Vitamin A Zea Mays

Hydrolized Collagen: Sometimes used in shampoos and hair products, hydrolyzed collagen is generally used to coat medication capsules and make gelatin. The effects of this ingredient, when used topically, are not widely known.

Macadamia Glycerides: This ingredient contains fatty acids thought to moisturize the skin—healing dry or damaged cells. Little is known about the benefits of this ingredient as a topical skin care solution.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that works to repair skin on a cellular level, reducing the appearance of age spots and fine lines, as well as stimulating the production of collagen with use.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A is used as an exfoliant and for keeping skin firm and healthy.

Zea Mays: Another name for cornsilk, zea mays is rich in vitamin K, a vitamin known for its potential to reduce inflammation, bruising and speed wound healing. It may work to treat dark circles.

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Nuriva Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Nuriva Eye Serum is something of a mystery. As mentioned above, the vitamin and collagen blend we listed was provided by a blog presumably unaffiliated with the company that makes this product.

Assuming it does contain macadamia glycerides and vitamins, this may hold some potential to protect skin against incoming free radical damage, radiation and more.

The problem with the formula is, we don’t know if it’s accurate or if there are any additional ingredients present that may cause irritation or harm to users.

This makes it hard for us to make an educated determination as to whether or not this is actually a potentially potent solution for aging skin. The site itself claims it smooths wrinkles and fine lines, repairs skin at a cellular level, evens out skin tone and more. This is a tall order.

And how are consumers supposed to believe such claims when there’s no data backing the use of this product. No formal list to review. Most skin care sites proudly highlight their key ingredients, using them as selling points put in place to convince shoppers that their product best addresses their needs.

In the case of Nuriva Eye Serum, there’s no such effort. We don’t know if consumers had a good or bad experience using this product—if there’s a risk of allergic reaction or if this product interacts with things like UV rays or existing retinol treatments, for example.

For these reasons, we believe that consumers can find a better eye cream in countless places—whether that’s a drugstore brand or something from the department store counter.

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The Price and Quality of Nuriva Eye Serum

Nuriva Eye Serum isn’t made by people who can be bothered with the details one might expect from an e-commerce site. In addition to avoiding any description of active ingredients, scientific studies, or company information—we also don’t get a look at the pricing on this product.

Past users have mentioned that this product may be part of a larger scam. The official site allows users to sign up to receive a trial offer—but requires a credit card on file to process shipping fees. From there, users are charged on a month-to-month basis.

Based on what we know about these skin care free trial schemes, this product likely costs about $90 on a monthly basis—a figure well above what one might expect to pay for a reputable skin care product.

For those who wish to avoid the free trial scam and give Nuriva Eye Serum a try, there is a third-party listing on Amazon. This product is currently available for $34.97 with free shipping—but the reviews aren’t great. Overall, we’re not sure this seems like a very good product.

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Business of Nuriva Eye Serum

It’s not clear who actually makes this product. There’s no clear information on the website—sure they make some broad claims, but there aren’t any actual facts posted on the site.

In looking at the content of the webpage, it’s pretty minimal. The site is essentially a landing page that collects credit card and shipping information from people who sign up for a free trial offer—one that turns out to be quite a monetary investment.

According to the site, this serum is designed for hard to treat spots—but never provides examples of how this product aims to treat age spots or crow’s feet, for example.

We’re quite familiar with this business model—sites are designed with little effort, failing to include things like price, ingredients, FAQs and customer service.

Customer Opinions of Nuriva Eye Serum

Nuriva Eye Serum is one of the few eye creams of its kind to have a decent amount of reviews behind it. While there were countless negative comments both in regards to the quality of the product and the unsavory business practices this company employs, a few people said they would recommend this product.

Here are some of the comments we found posted on Amazon:

“I’ve only used this product for a short amount of time, but it did help improve some wrinkles and fine lines on my face. Not the best eye cream I’ve used, but it’s okay—I’ll use the rest of the container.”

“This is a truly terrible product. I know I got it at a discount on Amazon, but even the $35 or so I spent feels like money down the drain. Don’t buy this, there’s nothing unique about this basic lotion.”

“This will not make you look 10 years younger, but it provies some decent moisture. I’m glad the price dropped, as it’s not worth $50—but my skin looks pretty darn healthy.”

“This is just a watery product that does nothing. They don’t tell you what’s in it, and it seems like that’s because there’s nothing useful included in the blend. Save your money and skip this one.

Most consumers felt this product was just water and some sort of filler ingredient. It didn’t do much for most people, aside from moisturizing skin.

While moisturizers are an important part of any skin care routine, a moisturizer with no added benefits isn’t worth $35, $50 or $90.

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Conclusion – Does Nuriva Eye Serum Work?

In the end, Nuriva Eye Serum appears to be just another scam—one of many free trial schemes that are all too prevalent these days.

Starting with the lack of information available on the website, there is a long list of red flags and shady behavior on the part of this unnamed company responsible for this product, and likely many others that follow the same model.

and no comments related to the actual product—we suggest looking elsewhere for an eye cream that can deliver results.

This company fails to provide an adequate level of customer support and transparency, seemingly preying on people who may have a hard time identifying shady e-commerce practices.

One difference between Nuriva and some of the other items we’ve seen is, that there is an Amazon listing that users may purchase from if they wish to give this product a try. Unfortunately, there are several one-star reviews claiming this product does not do what it claims to on the website.

Based on the information collected, we have come to the conclusion that Nuriva Eye Serum is not a high quality product—it likely wasn’t even designed as an eye solution, just a cover-up for another predatory internet scam.

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