Money Hungry Catches March Madness in Episode 9 Recap

Here we are, the Final Four!

Every year in the NCAA there is March Madness. Well, here on Money Hungry, we have September InSanity! Similar to the NCAA Basketball Final Four, there are teams that are the #1 seeds, and a few teams that everyone is surprised made it this far.

The challenge this week was quite possibly the most difficult to date. The teams had to race through a maze of cars set up in an obstacle course fashion and retrieve tires from the other end. The smaller teams seemed to excel at this, but in a surprise ‘sleeper’ upset, the lower ranked Grading Curves upset the #1 seed Mission Slimpossible to take the challenge victory. It came down to a literal photo finish, and Tricia getting bonked on the head by the hood, but Grading Curves won their first immunity. Coming in last at the challenge were The Regulators, but in all fairness, this challenge was not built for larger individuals, or rather the largest larger individuals.

Back at the house some shenanigans ensue, the most entertaining of which was Joe from Slimpossible taking a bubble bath with Jackie, and eventually Kaitlin, of the Slenderellas. Having been in that tub, I can attest that it was not built for 3 normal-sized people, let along a Slenderella sandwich.

The vote this week was a little crazy. Since Mission Slimpossible was not immune, Grading Curves wanted them to vote for themselves and have a Regulator/Slimpossible showdown. Now, in my eyes, this would have been a gamble, but with the percentages to this point being so close, I think it would have been a worthwhile one. In the end, it was Slenderellas who lost the weigh-in and went home.

Next week is the season finale and I will be doing an extended piece covering it from top to bottom. Tune in again to get my reactions from the final episode of Money Hungry and my take on the season as a whole.

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