Milou Eye Serum Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Milou Eye Serum is a daily eye treatment that reduces puffiness and dark circles, making skin look younger and smoother with use. The makers of this eye cream claim this product works to offset the visible signs of stress, aging and fatigue.

Milou Eye Serum claims to repair skin at a cellular level, plumping the delicate under eye skin, while improving the skin’s natural defenses against oxidative damage. According to the website, this product also works to improve water retention and hydration.

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Milou Eye Serum Ingredients and Side Effects

The actual Milou Eye Serum site never lists any of the ingredients used in their formula, making it difficult for us to evaluate this product in any informed fashion. We did see some mentions on outside promotional content, claiming the product was made with a peptide blend. Keep in mind the information below may not be based on an accurate formulation.

However, here’s a bit more about peptides and what they can do for your skin:

Peptides: Peptides are small chains of amino acids that are found naturally in the skin. Peptides come together to make proteins, such as collagen or elastin, which work to give the skin structure and elasticity.

When present in eye creams or other skin care products, peptides work to smooth out wrinkles, firm the skin and improve its tone and texture—stimulating new growth resulting in a younger, rejuvenated appearance.

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Milou Eye Serum Quality of Ingredients

Milou Eye Serum could contain anything. Like many other sites we’ve encountered, the official website talks only about the promised benefits of the formulation without providing any hard details like; how, exactly this product is supposed to work, what ingredients are included in the mix.

The maker of Milou Eye Serum claims this product will produce younger looking skin, eliminate fine lines and restore the firmness of much younger skin.

Unfortunately, peptides on their own don’t exactly make up a comprehensive skin care cream. Yes, peptides provide tremendous value to our skin, but without the support of other nutrients, they cannot penetrate into the deeper layers of skin where they are most needed.

In addition to the fact that the formula is something of a secret, we don’t know what kind of filler ingredients are used to make the formula spreadable, absorbent and so on. The under eye area is very sensitive, and the thin skin easily absorbs whatever is applied to that area—meaning harmful ingredients can enter the blood stream.

We don’t know if there are harmful ingredients included in Milou Eye Serum, but it does raise some concerns that they can’t be bothered to upload an image of the product label.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Milou Eye Serum

Milou Eye Serum isn’t sold through the usual channels like Sephora, Jet or Amazon, nor is it sold in department stores. This product appears to be yet another scam that traps consumers into continuous autopay cycles with the promise of free product.

Unlike most eye cream and serums, there’s no clear pricing structure—we think the product likely costs around $80 a unit—based on similar schemes we’ve seen in the past.

Because we don’t know how much Milou Eye Serum costs or what it’s made out of, we’re inclined to believe that this product isn’t a good value. Consumers should avoid this type of arrangement in favor of buying something in person or in a more straightforward e-commerce context. This feels deceptive, confusing and is likely a waste of money.

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Business of Milou Eye Serum

Milou Eye Serum is made by a company that has not shared their contact details or any additional in information. A past user posted the contact information listed below on their blog.

Phone: 888-309-8997

First of all, is really isn’t clear whether or not Milou Eye Serum is still available for “purchase.” The call to action featured prominently on the webpage redirects consumers to a face cream that follows that same free trial template. Users are asked to enter their information, and from there, pay for shipping and handling on a “free” sample.

Upon enrollment, users can expect to pay $80+ on a monthly basis for ongoing refills. The fine print isn’t made clear—and in some cases, is not visible to the unwitting consumers.

The Milou site itself has many problems that extent well beyond not having a basic pricing structure. For example, the website offers no information in the way of ingredients—something most people expect from a skin care company.

Additionally, users are presented with a long list of claims—this product is designed to help women look younger, avoid getting plastic surgery or Botox injections. It claims to be cost effective, when, there’s no mention of the actual costs.

Overall, any company that only rattles off benefits without explaining how a product works to get the advertised results should be avoided.

While the company does make some blanket customer service statements, there’s no clear way to get in contact with someone should the results not be in line with what was advertised.

Customer Opinions of Milou Eye Serum

Milou Eye Serum hardly has a web presence. It’s unclear if no one has decided to write about this product after use, if it’s no longer available—we don’t have any idea.

We’re making some assumptions here based on the nature of the business model used by the people behind Milou. Customers are likely trapped in an ongoing subscription they never agreed to, and the formula contains little in the way of active ingredients.

We’re reluctant to recommend any product that has does not have product reviews, as well as one that isn’t sold in any clear manner. What we mean is, there’s no dedicated e-commerce site, nor is there a reputable third-party platform that vouches for Milou’s effectiveness.

In short we can’t recommend a product with no record of customer usage. According to some of the content used to market this product, the formula consists exclusively of peptides—a sign that it’s definitely not the comprehensive anti-aging solution consumers are looking for.

While consumers may find it difficult to actually find this product, there may still be Facebook ads and YouTube videos luring vulnerable viewers to sign up for a free trial.

Should you encounter such an ad, it’s wise to just move on and look for an eye cream that can be purchased online without any of these deceptive tricks.

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Conclusion – Does Milou Eye Serum Work?

Milou Eye Serum has to be one of the worst examples of these all-too-common free trial scams that we’ve seen. While the business model follows the same template as several other eye creams on the market, the makers of this one fail to include any information about the formula.

Between the severe lack of transparency and the shady business model, there’s not much left to review. We don’t have enough information about the company that makes this product, nor are there any reviews from past consumers.

Based on our look at this product, we strongly advise consumers to steer clear of Milou Eye Serum. We don’t have any evidence documenting its efficacy or safety, so users may expose themselves to a product that irritates the skin or doesn’t provide any benefits.

Either way, in the case of Milou Eye Serum, there is significant potential that consumers may end up wasting money on a product that doesn’t perform as advertised.

Kremovage is our most recommended eye cream in today’s flooded skin care market. This product, recommended by our team of experts, helps correct hyperpigmentation and fine lines, while firming skin, repairing damage on the cellular level. Ingredients like cucumber, ocean-based retinol, Matrixyl 3000 and a blend of plant oils and extracts give users a refreshed look—improving the condition of older or damaged skin.

Kremovage was made by a team dedicated to giving consumers the results they’re after using tested ingredients known to be both potent and gentle on the skin. This product is paraben-free and has not been tested on animals. Click here to give Kremovage a try — more information here on the official website.

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