Lux Allure Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Lux Allure Eye Cream is an eye cream designed to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines and dark circles with daily use.

This cream works by stimulating the production of collagen, firming skin for a younger, more rested appearance.

Lux Allure Eye Cream is is made from a peptide-rich blend, which provides the bulk of the benefits advertised on the website. The site doesn’t detail the formula in its entirety, so we don’t actually know what’s inside.

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Lux Allure Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Unfortunately, the makers of this product have decided against sharing the formulation of this product with their prospective customers.

The official website repeatedly talks about collagen, and how Lux Allure Eye Cream aims to tackle this problem. But, they never make their solution clear. For example, there are only benefit statements used to sell this product, no hows or whys.

One site we visited mentioned that this product relies on retinol, a form of vitamin A used to repair damaged cells and smooth wrinkles, but we don’t know if this information is accurate.

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Lux Allure Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Lux Allure Eye Cream might be an effective tool against the effects of aging on the skin, but we can’t know for sure, as the makers of this product have failed to provide us with an actual ingredient label or even a list of active components.

What’s also unfortunate about this product is, we don’t know if there are any active ingredients, period. The official website is clearly the same template we’ve seen countless times before for other eye creams and skin care products. It’s a free trial scam and those people who have used this and similar items have many comments claiming the products don’t work.

The official website focuses primarily on the free trial than the actual product, which leads us to believe that it may not be the most effective tool on helping potential consumers address their aging concerns.

Given the information that we do have—yes, it’s true that peptides are a high quality ingredient—but if you’re going by what the website says—they don’t work so well as a standalone ingredient.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

The Price and Quality of Lux Allure Eye Cream

Lux Allure Eye Cream isn’t sold directly on any of the landing pages set up to advertise this product.  Users must sign up for a 14-day trial, in which they enter their information in exchange for a sample.

Those who sign up are then asked to pay for shipping and handling, but are charged upwards of $80 on a monthly basis—often without their consent.

This type of scam has become increasingly common. You’ll often see Facebook posts and YouTube videos that lay out all the benefits of Lux Allure and its ilk, but never really explain how these products intend to deliver the benefits advertised.

In the case of Lux Allure Eye Cream, the site mentions that the product increases collagen production through the use of peptides. Unfortunately, this isn’t much of a selling point. Peptides need other nutrients—i.e. vitamins and antioxidants to do their work.

With that said, Amazon is currently offering this product for $34 a pop, no subscription required. While there are some good reviews posted, all comments seem to either fall into the one-star category or the five-star, so there is the possibility that some reviews may be fake.


In the end, it’s hard to justify purchasing a product like Lux Allure Eye Cream for $80, or even $34. We don’t know what it’s made out of, and that’s a problem—users don’t know if they’re paying for fluff and empty promises or something worthwhile.

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Business of Lux Allure Eye Cream

Lux Allure Eye Cream is made by a company that has revealed very little about themselves—including their name, contact information and business practices.

Like many products following this “business model,” Lux Allure’s website is vague and features many calls to action prompting visitors to enroll in their free trial program. From there, users can enter their information—name, address and credit card in exchange for a sample.

Unfortunately, this just looks like another scam. The site has many red flags—no contact information, no information about the brand, no ingredients, and so on. In short, the company just doesn’t provide the basic details one needs to make an informed buying decision.

Lux Allure Eye Cream, users can rest easy knowingly they’ll be getting a safe product that does contain some good ingredients. That’s more than we can say about many of the other products we’ve reviewed.

Customer Opinions of Lux Allure Eye Cream

Oddly enough, Lux Allure Eye Cream has mostly legitimate seeming reviews on Amazon. While the official website is certainly another free trial scam, we were lucky enough to find some comments detailing users’ experiences. Here is a quick look at some of the reviews we came across:

“After about a month of trying to use a voucher for a discount offer on this item, I was excited to finally receive this. When it arrived, I was disappointed. It feels just like a basic moisturizer. No changes at all.”

“After almost a month, I have not seen any changes. My skin is a little softer, but there’s no reduction in wrinkles or the bags under my eyes thus far. It’s a waste of money, to be sure.”

“I haven’t been using this product for long, but I will say that this doesn’t give me that dry feeling you’ll get with a lot of eye creams. Not sure what to expect, but I’m giving it a chance.”

“Total scam! After ordering on Amazon, these people keep trying to charge my account for $89 in product I never ordered. Stay away from these guys!”

Some of the positive comments mention that they received the product free, in exchange for a review. Some comments sound fake, due to mentions of this product being the best eye cream they’ve had, a true replacement for Botox and so on.

While we want to believe people are writing honestly about their experience, these reviews, when compared to all the negative comments we’ve encountered has led us to believe this product isn’t especially effective.

In the end, it’s clear that there are better eye creams out there—made by companies who share their formulas in the hopes customers will see the value in the formula and make a decision.

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Conclusion – Does Lux Allure Eye Cream Work?

Lux Allure Eye Cream unfortunately, looks like it may be a made with the intent to loop people into a scam, versus making a product that yields the kind of results people expect out of an eye cream.

The first concern we had was that this product didn’t come with a label detailing the ingredients. The website mentions the use of peptides but in a general sense. Most skin care websites take the time examine the use of each element, specifying a type of peptide, a list of vitamins and so on. In this case, users are presented with a strange video entitled, “Why do we need skin,” and several calls to action.

Second, we’ve seen this website template time and time again. It is copy and pasted–with minor changes to the copy and a different design on the label. In all likelihood, there is one company behind this scheme–shifting their efforts toward different brand names should one operation get shut down.

We strongly suggest avoiding Lux Allure Eye Cream or any other product that looks suspicious. There are countless options at all ends of the pricing spectrum—there’s really no reason to get involved with one of these free trial scams.

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