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K-Y Intense Arousal Gel is a topical female arousal product that is intended to help one have more intense sexual experiences. Overall improved sexual intercourse is touted with just a few drops needing to be added to the sexual organs.

This is made to provide a tingling, warm, cooling and an improved sensitivity so climax can be achieved easier. They say that because one’s partner may not be able to keep up without having an orgasm that this can help sync people up. This also is said to help both partners have more satisfying sex. Use is intended for the sexual organs while performing foreplay.

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K-Y Intense Arousal Gel contains the following ingredients:

Water Glycerin Propylene Glycol Hydroxyethylcellulose PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil
Flavor Benzoic Acid Sodium Hydroxide

Glycerin: This thick liquid is often used in topical aids as a way to provide solvent benefits. This can be dissolved within both water and alcohol. It can absorb water and it has dehydrating benefits.

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Propylene Glycol: Water absorbing semi-synthetic liquid that can help regulates moisture content in a product. The FDA has considered it to be likely safe by granting it GRAS status.

Hydroxyethylcellulose: This is used to thicken and gel together ingredients within cosmetics and topical aids. It is known to help with emulsifying and it can control viscosity. The EWG.com which reviews the safety of additives has proposed that it is likely safe when used as directed.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil: Emulsifying ingredient that helps to dissolve ingredients which normally are difficult to dissolve.

Flavor: Used to give this a unique flavor profile, it is often artificial and used to help maintain the consistency of a product.

Benzoic Acid: A preservative that is made synthetically but which can be found naturally within milk and other foods. This is unlikely to be toxic unless it is taken in large amounts, according to Live Strong.com.

Sodium Hydroxide:  This moisture absorbing ingredient is often added to things like soap, aluminum, and chemicals. It can be damaging to human tissue in its pure form.

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For unknown reasons the company has only mentioned what are typically inactive ingredients in their formula. They do not mention at all what are the key active ingredients, so this truly makes it difficult to review this product.

It appears in looking at customer listed ingredients list that even on the package they have failed to mention what the active ingredients are. Without being able to examine these additives, all that is known is that  they use a handful of synthetic additives.

There needs to be a lot more presented so customers can verify for themselves if it suits their needs, and that it would safe to use.

The company does warn that if one were to experience:

“irritation or discomfort”

To immediately stop use and to consult a doctor. They also say it may slow sperm which can make it difficult for one to conceive a child.

Because you’re missing out on the ingredients list, it raises questions about the use of this brand.

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You can purchase this direct from the official website with a 0.3 fl. oz. bottle selling for $23.99. They do say that there is roughly 20 uses per bottle if used as directed.

This is assuming one uses 2 to 3 drops, so this may vary depending on the person. They do say that:

“Everyone is different”

Therefore they recommend adjusting the dosage strength to suit one’s individual needs. This may result in much less product however. Because you cannot verify what the active ingredients are, there is no reason to trust that it would actually be safe and effective. There needs to be much more said about it so users can verify for themselves what is possible. At this point without the ingredients it makes it impossible for one to know  for a fact whether or not the additives would suit one’s needs. This is an issue for those who may be sensitive to topical aids, as certain additives can lead to rash and other side effects.

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Their official company name is Pharmapacks, LLC and their listed contact details are:

Phone Number: (844) 213-7573

Address: 1516 Motor Pkwy

Islandia, New York 11749

Email: customer_care@KY.com

Returns are offered for unopened items within 30 days under all circumstances. If one buys more than $500 in product they do charge a 50% restocking fee if one qualifies for a return.

They only offer returns in case of a damaged package or some sort of manufacturing issue with the product that is opened. They do say however that 15% restocking fee is claimed for unsellable items.

Because of this questionable return policy it raises questions about the use of this supplement, since you won’t know what the active ingredients are.

Currently the company has a total 27 complaints and 8 negative reviews on their Better Business Bureau page:

“a replica…. Instead the name brand”

“made an error and tried to correct it within 5 minutes… wish to have my order cancelled”

“order arrived damaged”

“wish to get a total refund”

Many customers were greatly dissatisfied with the level of service offered, and some said that they were unfairly charged money. Strangely enough some were also sent what appeared to be knock off products instead of the actual name brand. It’s unknown how this became an issue and why the company is selling fake versions of their own brands.

A total 15 of 28 were dissatisfied with the service offered and or the products themselves. Many of the complaints have been compiled and they have an 80% dissatisfaction rating.

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The following are some customer reviews found online:

“my partner ended up with a burning sensation that would not go away”

“had some high expectations and while it worked it’s not like it used to be”

“Wasn’t what I was looking for it had no effect. This did not improve arousal in any form even after I added a lot more”

“You get so much this is way too overpriced for what you’re getting”

There are more negative reviews online than positive ones, with a total of 133 complaints on Amazon.com. Mostly people said that it had no effect in any way, and that it was just like adding a bit of liquid. No real benefits were seen by the majority of users.

Side effects were also a concern for some, as certain users ended up with a burning sensation which spread to their partner. People also complained about the high price, saying that there isn’t much and for what they experienced, it was not worth it.

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While this is said to help stimulate sensation and overall sexual satisfaction for oneself and their partner, the majority of use reviews said no effects were experienced. There are also doubts about the overall formula, as they fail to list any active ingredients. All you get is an explanation as to the solvent additives, without any real details about what is added to help stimulate overall sexual satisfaction. Because of this issue it raises doubts about what is possible. Much more details are needed to help understand what this is capable of, but reviews do seem to be overwhelmingly negative.

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