Guest Blog: The Power of Change; 3 Simple Changes to Lose Weight

Julia Havey lost 130 lbs and transformed virtually every aspect of her life; going from an unhappy and obese single mother to a happily married, best-selling author and sought after speaker across the country.

Julia has authored two books “Awaken the Diet Within” and “The Vice Busting Diet” which is endorsed by the renown Dr. David L. Katz and Dr. Mehmet Oz, filmed Time Life’s only weight loss infomercial for Vice Busting Diet program and she sits on the board of Dr. Katz’s Turn the Tide foundation. Julia Havey

“It is important to remember that we cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are.”

What I was; morbidly obese and constantly on a diet. I changed. I lost 130 pounds in 15-months. People say “That’s so fast!”, but the reality is it equates to the recommended 2 pounds a week fat loss. The reason it seems “fast” is because we are used to going “ON” a diet, realizing some weight-loss and then going “OFF” the diet, regaining some or all of what we lost and over and over during the same 15 month period Yo-Yoing up and down on the scale. I was consistent in my actions the entire 15 months, thus my weight loss was consistent as well; losing 8 pounds a month every month. Staying consistent with the changes I made for the last 12 years has allowed me to keep most of it off!

There two things that are going to determine whether or not you succeed in your desire to lose weight:

1. Are you willing to change?
2. Will you be consistent with the changes you make?

If your answers are “YES!” then you are on your way to successful weight loss. Now, the key is to view what you are embarking on as a series of changes in your life rather than starting another yet “diet”.

The most common changes that need to be made are:

1. Eliminating high-fructose corn syrup-filled beverages and other high-in-calorie beverages; replacing them with water—yes; even the “Vitamin” waters have to go!

2. Avoiding eating fast food, processed foods and at most restaurants. The majority of their offerings are too high fat and high in calories and offer little nutrition, yet they make up the bulk of what we are eating. Pack lunch and cook at home more. A diet rich in whole grains, lean meats/protein, fresh fruits and vegetables—raw as often as possible are going to make you thinner and healthier.

3. Stop watching so much TV and surfing the net for hours. I don’t care if you walk-in- place in your living room while watching your favorite TV program, but most people get little to NO exercise in their daily routine. We have become spectators rather than participants and have the bodies to prove it.

This simple 3-step approach is called “Vice Busting” and it works for everyone. If you aren’t drinking soft drinks, don’t fast food or get some exercise, then ask yourself “What are the 3 biggest reasons or “vice” for your excess weight?” You know what they are. For me, it was daily ice-cream, fast food and going to the gym but not really sweating—going through the motions. Once I changed those three things; my life and my body changed forever–and most importantly; yours will too! readers can get a FREE “Secrets of the Fittest” audio at

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