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Durex Play Utopia is a female arousal gel that is intended to improve sexual desire and the satisfaction provided by orgasms. It is directly applied to the vagina and they add how its texture and overall feel is pleasant.

They provide it in a pump bottle and the actual gel can even be used alongside condoms. Though this is discontinued, it is still sold on multiple 3rd party websites. It is a water based solution that does not stain clothing and it also compatible with sex toys.

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The full ingredients include:

Water Propylene Glycol Arginine Lactic Acid Hydroxyethylcellulose
PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil Alcohol Denatured (Ethanol) Isopulegl Methyl Paraben  

Propylene Glycol: Commonly used within many kinds of household items, this can be found within solvents and even antifreeze. This can potentially cause sensitivity in the skin and eyes if it is absorbed. This is used to help retain moisture when used inside of lubricants.

Arginine: Amino acid which has multiple uses including the improvement of the immune system, support towards the cardiovascular system, and much more. It can be found naturally within foods such as nuts, milk, and eggs.

One can also use it to help support overall blood flow, as it provides nitric oxide.

Lactic Acid:  The body will produce this naturally when there is strenuous exercise performed; it is formed from broken down carbohydrates. This can help support brain function and it is found naturally in certain goods such as fermented milk. When added to foods it can help preserve, cure, and provide flavor.

Hydroxycellulose: Extracted from wood pulp, this is a cheap to produce binder and thickener which can help stabilize ingredients. This is often used as a base within lubricants as it can dissolve in water while also providing structure to surrounding ingredients.

PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil: A specially processed form of vegetable oil taken from castor which is hydrogenated in order to help it stay stable, so as to not expire at a faster rate than normal.  It can be found natural within beauty products since it helps provide a fragrance and it emulsifies ingredients.

While it is not considered to be irritating, it may not be safe to use it on broken skin. Truth in Aging.com also adds how it is:

“minimally absorbed by the skin”

Alcohol Denatured (Ethanol): This form of alcohol is processed in a way to make it bad tasting and poisonous, so as to make it obvious it is not to be tasted. This is added as a cleaning ingredient and as a solvent.

Extra caution must be applied not to get this around the mouth as it can be toxic. The EWG.com ads:

“liked to birth defects”

They have rated it as having a 4 out of 10 rating in terms of overall safety, with 10 being that it has a high degree for potential symptoms.

Isopulegol: Found within the essential oils of plants, this chemical extract has a mint like smell and it is a clear liquid. This has a cooling like effect and can be used to provide a flavor.

Methylparaben: A preservative most commonly found within cosmetics since it can help prevent against fungus and microbes from growing. A study by the Journal of Applied Toxicology found that breast tumors had:

“high concentrations of parabens”

This is said to be a serious issue and it’s why watchdog groups have recommended for cosmetic groups to stop using parabens. They have a serious potential risk for damaging effects if one is not careful.

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Many kinds of solvents, thickeners, and a potentially harsh preservative are used. They do have ingredients which can help retain moisture, which is important so one can continue having sex without having to stop.  Overall however these ingredients can be often found within cosmetics since they help stabilize ingredients, and they do not have any actual sexual enhancement benefits.

There’s even a potentially harmful form of alcohol which is purposefully made to taste bad so users don’t swallow it. This means that one may not be able to engage in oral sex, and there must be special precautions taken to ensure one does not swallow it.

The few ingredients which can actually provide moisture can also be sourced elsewhere for much cheaper. Most of the ingredients have no benefit at all towards female libido.

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You can’t get this direct from the source any longer, but there are 3rd party sited which sell it with a 15 ml bottle selling for $16.99. Because it is not discontinued one would have to check in with each individual website that sells it to see if they offer a return.

Though there are preservatives in this formula, because it is discontinued, it’s impossible to know beforehand if it would be safe to use, and whether or not the batches of it are fresh and still strong enough to have an effect. It might be that with time this is going to be stale or not as effective if it were fresh.

There is also no information about how long each bottle is meant to last. Overall however the ingredients are fairly common to so many other cosmetic ingredients that it raises doubts about what kind of arousal benefits it can truly have.

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The official company name is known as Pharmapacks, LLC, and their contact details are as such:

Phone Number: (855) 797-2257

Address: 1516 Motor Pkwy

Central Islip, NY 11749

They have a total of 28 complaints on their Better Business Bureau page. Though there were repeat issues with quality control, they won’t be the business one deals with when purchasing this brand.

No money back return policy is offered first from the manufacturers, since they have discontinued the making of it. Because of this discontinuation there is no way to ensure that what you’re buying will still be as effective and safe as it was when it was still being made.

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Provided are some reviews sourced online:

“You don’t really get much for what you pay for as far as quantity and it did not work… Made me sticky and gained no pleasure”

“Me and my hubby are happy to use it”

“Not bad it provide a warming effect with just a few drops”

“Makes me feel numb and cold and even when washed off it won’t away for at least an hour… Don’t but it It’s not worth it”

There were several mixed opinions about what this could do, as some added that it only provided slight moisture and both tingling and numbing. While some enjoyed this aspect of it, there was also concern that it wasn’t really effective at improving overall sexual sensation.

Some had complaints that it did not apply properly, and that it left them sticky and unable to get rid of it for some time after. Because of this, users said they had to keep washing themselves to ty and get rid of it.

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There are a quite a few issues in trying this discontinued brand. Not only is there is no way to determine if the 3rd party sites that still it are still selling unexpired products, but there is a possibility for no money back in the case of an issue or lack of an effect. The ingredients in this are largely common to cosmetic brands, and the majority has no benefit at all which can translate to female libido or sexual health support. While it can help lubricate, this can also be found in countless other brands which are cheaper and still made fresh.

Our most highly regarded female libido supplement of the year was found to be Libitrinex. It contains natural aphrodisiacs that aim to improve overall libido, blood flow for more sensation, reduce fatigue, and provide multiple other benefits.

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