Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream is an antiaging eye cream. This product works to moisturize and nourish skin, as well as eliminate dark circle and puffiness beneath the eyes.

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream is designed to reduce visible signs of aging. At the heart of the formula, this product contains a blackberry complex which provides skin soothing antioxidants to the area around the eye.

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Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream is made primarily from fillers and ingredients designed to improve viscosity and texture. The key component in this blend is a blackberry complex. Here’s a look inside:

Blackberry Complex

Blackberry Complex: Blackberries are rich in both vitamins A and C, and boast an incredible antioxidant content. These components work to protect the skin from incoming free radical damage, while repairing existing damage.

Both vitamins A and C stimulate new skin cell growth, giving skin a more youthful glow.

Blackberries may also be effective in improving the skin’s overall texture and appearance, providing hydration, as well as detoxification with use.

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Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream seems like it may be lacking a bit in terms of active ingredients. The only indication of a “blackberry complex” in the ingredient label is black berry leaf extract, which is nearly the last ingredient listed on the product label.

Blackberry itself appears to be a promising ingredient for all skin types—hydrating, detoxifying and protecting the skin from damage. But, we’re not sure how much blackberry is included in this formula or how effective it is as the sole active ingredient present.

The rest of the formula is a collection of hard to pronounce names and filler ingredients made to preserve the formula, as well as create a smooth, spreadable texture. Instead of using nourishing oils or hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, users are instead getting a big dose of glycerin and the like.

It’s not to say that this product is dangerous or likely to cause harm to users (though some people did report skin irritation with use)—it’s just, this product doesn’t seem to be of the highest quality.

Even at this price point, there are plenty of options for consumers to get more nutrients out of their anti-aging eye cream.

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The Price and Quality of Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream is available in a number of stores like Target, CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and several others, at a relatively affordable price point.

While Aveeno doesn’t actually sell their products direct to consumers, they do have a website listing all the MSRPs for their various personal care items. The suggested retail price for Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream is $19.99 for a 0.5-ounce container.

Amazon sells this item for $13.78, with an additional discount for those who opt to subscribe and save. Ulta offers this product at a slightly higher $21.99 and Target, $14.99.

Overall, the price point doesn’t seem to high, given this product is designed to compete within the drugstore market, but the reviews reveal that many people have experienced stinging, burning and general irritation with use.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

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Business of Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream is made by drugstore cosmetic and skincare giant, Aveeno. Here’s a look at their contact info, as well as a bit of background on their business practices and more:

Phone: 866-4AVEENO

The Aveeno website does not function as an e-commerce site, which isn’t surprising given the mass amount of shelf space this brand controls in a number of large national chains.

Instead, the site features product reviews and descriptions for all their products from face washes and lotions to eye creams and other antiaging solutions.

The review component may have backfired in the case of Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream. As we’ll take a closer look at below in the customer feedback section, many people documented a negative experience using this particular product—eye irritation, the development of fluid filled under-eye bags and more.

That being said, we do appreciate the fact that Aveeno hasn’t tried to cover up the dissatisfaction, but they don’t appear to be attempting to make any changes to the formula, either.

In all, the Aveeno site looks nice and provides some good information for users looking for affordable skin care products. While Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream may not be the best eye cream, it seems like Aveeno has some other products that are far more effective and liked by consumers.

Customer Opinions of Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream had some mixed reviews from past users. On the one hand, several people were pleased by the affordable price point, great smell and nice texture. However, other people reported irritation after using this eye cream.

Here’s a look at some of the reviews previous consumers posted online:

“I tried this product for the first time a few days ago. I applied the cream before going to bed and the next morning, woke up with these huge bags under my eyes. Not sure what caused this reaction.”

“I’ve only been using this cream for about a week  and am pleased to report, I already am seeing some promising results. I did immediately feel a slight tingling, but I guess it’s doing its job?”

“So far so good. Admittedly, I just bought this because of the low price, but have been pleasantly surprised by the results. It’s not greasy, it smells good and my eyes feel nice and hydrated.”

“Bought this to fight the bags and circles under my eyes. I’ve used this product for about 2 weeks and over time, started to develop this sort of grittiness in my eyes. Stopped using and it went away.”

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream does not seem to be an appropriate choice for people with sensitive skin. It’s unclear whether the blackberry complex is behind all these instances of irritation or another ingredient, but a large percentage of commenters have had some type of itching or infection.

Based on the reviews, as well as the ingredient profile, this product might be a decent choice for budget conscious shoppers, but those concerned about rashes or reaction should steer clear of this one and look toward something more gentle.

Aveeno’s eye cream may simply be an instance where investing a bit more cash will get you a more reliable product.

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Conclusion – Does Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream Work?

Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream, despite the name recognition and relatively low price point, is not the best choice for users looking for a reliable under eye cream.

First, there’s the fact that Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream just doesn’t have very good reviews. Compared to other products, it seems that this cream has a high rate of irritation associated with its use. While we didn’t see any reports of people who needed medical attention, it’s clear the high number of people who reported newfound bags under their eyes, redness and burning, are likely to be a turn off for potential consumers.

Finally, Aveeno Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream just doesn’t have an impressive formula. All hydrating components are made with lab-created chemicals, not nourishing oils, antioxidants or vitamins that help keep thin, under eye skin healthy and young-looking.

While users may first be attracted to the price, it’s wise to read labels closely in order to make sure you’re getting the most nutrient-loaded bang for your buck. In the case of the Aveeno eye cream, you’re not getting a good value.

Kremovage is our most recommended product for reducing the visible signs of aging. It works to reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, eliminate bags and dark circles and improve the texture of the skin. Anti-oxidant rich ingredients combined with powerful moisturizers, retinols and peptides replenish damaged cells and work to build new ones.

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