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Arginmax for Women is a female libido supplement intended to provide 4 phases of benefits for overall arousal enhancement. The natural formula is meant to first improve nitric oxide via 2 levels, and then boost circulation, which then leads to more arousal.

This is made possible via the 3 vitamins and minerals, as well as herbs that are intended to support reproductive health and overall sexual function. The calcium and iron in partially is used to help women better deal with low energy levels. Clinical studies are even cited to help show what this can do when regimented.

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The full ingredients include:

Retinyl Palmitate Ascorbic Acid D-alpha-tocopheryl Succinate Thiamin Mononitrate Riboflavin
Niacinamide Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Folic Acid Cyanocobalamin Biotin
Calcium d-pantothenate Calcium Carbonate Ferrous Gluconate Ferrous Gluconate Zinc Gluconate
L-Arginine Korean Ginseng Root Extract Ginkgo Biloba Damiana Leaf

D-alpha-tocopheryl Succinate: A version of vitamin E which is specially formulated. This has antioxidant properties and can help protect against oxidative damage.

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Calcium d-pantothenate: Vitamin B5 that is found in almost all foods. This is important for the sending of signals in the body and for the activation of enzymes. This specific version of its known as panthenol is considered more stable and easier to absorb.

It’s actually quite rare to have a deficiency in this because of its appearance in virtually all food.

Calcium Carbonate: This provides the mineral calcium and it can be found in things such as snails, eggs, and rocks. It can have antacid benefits but when overused it has a possibility for side effects. Certain symptoms may require medical attention such as:

  • Wheezing, coughing, and swelling.

L-Arginine: An amino acid that is abundant in protein rich foods. It has been used for its ability to produce nitric oxide, which can help improve blood flow in the body and therefore make it easier to stay stimulate during sexual activity.

Korean Ginseng Root Extract: Used for overall wellness benefits this herbal ingredient also has been used to prevent low libido.  This has also been used to help reduce stress levels and to support energy levels.

Ginkgo Biloba: Taken from a historically used tree, it has been supplemented for multiple purposes. This is often added to libido enhancing supplements in order to prevent low energy, and to increase circulation for improved arousal.

Damiana Leaf: The chemicals in this plant are used to help stimulate the nervous system and brain. This is sued to treat mood issues and sexual disorders, particular by effecting physical stamina. It is even used as an aphrodisiac.

When consumed there is a risk for some side effects noted by Web MD as being:

“Convulsions and other symptoms”

Strychnine poisoning has also been a potential side effect from this which can be very dangerous. This side effect would require strict medical attention.

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Most of what is added here can be beneficial, but it’s unknown why they have added so little of it and made it necessary to use 6 capsules a day. Furthermore the formula is quite basic and seen in many other brands. The main proprietary formula is standard to many generic female libido supplements and while potential effective, it’s not unique.

It then makes it impotent see if it is actually better than similar other supplements, and judging from the heavy supplementation needed and the price it’s not superior to similar brands.

It’s good that they only use natural ingredients and those they do not add any preservatives or flavors however.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven female libido enhancer such as Libitrinex for better results.


A monthly long supply of 180 count capsule sells for $115 from the official website. This is exceptionally costly in comparison to many other brands which have almost the exact same formula. While there are some additives in this which can support libido, much of it is vitamins and minerals which are easily replaced elsewhere.

This leaves their proprietary blend with ginseng, damiana, ginkgo, and L-Arginine. Most of this can help support blood flow and overall arousal and wellness, but altogether this is still far too costly. Damian in particular has a possibility for some serous poisoning side effects which should be looked out for.

The price is far too much for this formula and it’s not justified by any of the ingredients. There is no reason why it should be this high of a cost, and in particular why it should take so many capsules to supplement with.

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They go by the name of the Daily Wellness Company and their contact information is:

Phone Number: (800) 988-4869

Address: 1750 Kalakaua Avenue Suite 2601

Honolulu, HI 96826


They do offer a 60 day money back guarantee but they fail to mention the specifics of this policy, and whether or not one can actually open and use the bottles. They did perform some clinical studies as well on Arginmax For Women. One study had 55 women try t, with another 53 using a placebo. This study was held for a 4 week period and while there was an improvement, its unclear this study can be trusted as it was funded by the company.

It’s also important to be able to determine whether or not the test subjects had any deficiency in the added vitamins and minerals, which could be a major reason why they experienced sudden improvements in their sex lives. Many factors come into play when looking at clinical studies and the ones provided are lacking sufficient details to determine under what circumstances they were operated under.

It’s also very fault to try and get any information about the company as they do not have much on their background on any other website. It does appear that they have not had any issues with recalls or any lawsuits though,

Examine the end of the year top 10 list for female libido supplements which our review experts determined were the best.


Featured are some select user opinions which were found online:

“I think the 6 capsules is asking for a lot but it does work when you use it in full”

“Took the full dosage strength and I read the reviews but it just didn’t work. No changes at all in my sex life though my energy was improved I think.”

“Not cheap and for what t can do it’s not worth it”

“Stated off with some headaches and stomach cramps which made it unusable”

Their page has a majority of complaints from users who said they didn’t like the fact that they had to use so many pills. Some did see an improvement in energy and libido, though there were others who said it only improved energy but did not enhance their sex.

Price was a repeat issue as some customers felt it was not worth it for the effects experienced.

The top 10 female libido supplements can help support many determining factors which can improve the quality of sex you can have.


Much of this formula is vitamins and minerals which can be healthy, but you do have to supplement with a lot of capsules to get the full effects. There are also more unique ingredients such as hers and an amino acid which also can be useful, but at this price it’s too basic to consider it better than standard libido supplement. Some customers were also unimpressed and felt that for the price paid it should deliver a lot more benefits. There were issues with supplementation as another repeat complaint is that you had to take far too many capsules.

We’ve determined that the very best female libido supplement of the year is the natural Libitrinex. It was rated favorably due to its ability to deliver a wide array of benefits including supporting mood, energy, libido, and sexual satisfaction. Users have also left opinions stating that it made their sex drive noticeably more satisfying.

There are only natural ingredients added which have been looked at by 3rd party clinical studies. Read more on the benefits, the formula, and examine reviews from the official Libitrinex website linked here.

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