Airbrush Eye Cream Review (UPDATED 2019): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Airbrush Eye Cream is an eye cream that claims to treat a long list of skin conditions in just seven minutes. According to the product description, this cream erases, crow’s feet, eliminates dark circles and puffiness, and softens the skin.

Airbrush Eye Cream is formulated with emu oil — which the manufacturer claims can heal 45+ skin issues from rosacea and dry skin, to deep wrinkles. Green tea, vitamin E and aloe round out the blend — working to offset environmental pollutants that affect under eye skin.

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Airbrush Eye Cream Ingredients and Side Effects

Airbrush Eye Cream relies on emu oil to do the heavy lifting, along with some tried and true antioxidant ingredients like green tea and vitamin E. Here’s a look at the formula and what each of the active ingredients have to offer:

Emu Oil Collagen Green Tea Elastin
Vitamin E Ceramides Aloe Vera Borage Oil

Emu Oil: Emu oil is sourced from emu fat and is used in a number of medicinal applications. It is thought to improve circulation, reduce nerve and joint pain and skin irritation.

The high fat content present in the oil makes it an ideal moisturizer — great for repairing dry, cracked or split skin. Emu oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t cause breakouts, so it may be safely used on the face.

Collagen: Collagen is a fibrous protein found all over the body — it’s present in skin, tendons, cartilage and organs and is responsible for keeping skin firm and supple.

Green Tea: Green tea has a number of antioxidant and antiaging benefits. When used topically, it may help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and other signs of damage. Green tea may also be used to neutralize free radicals on the skin, preventing further damage.

Elastin: Elastin is a protein responsible for forming the elastic connective tissue in the body, particularly in the skin. Elastin gives skin structure and keeps it from sagging and allows the skin to resume shape after being pulled or stretched.

Ceramides: Ceramides are this type of wax found naturally inside our skin. They function as this waterproof barrier, working to regulate skin cells and protect them from damaging. Ceramide production slows as we age, causing dry skin and wrinkles.

Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an antioxidant vitamin that provides both soothing moisture to the skin, as well as protection against environmental stressors like pollution and UV rays.

Aloe Vera: Aloe vera works to repair dead skin cells and fight inflammation on the skin. It may also help tighten up loose, sagging skin, at least temporarily.

Borage Oil: Borage oi is loaded with a fatty acid known as GLA, which works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It may be used to smooth dry skin, restore moisture and improve the skin condition of people suffering from dermatitis or eczema.

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Airbrush Eye Cream Quality of Ingredients

Emu oil is the star of the show here. The company that makes this product, Dremu, based its entire brand on triple-refined emu oil, an ingredient the site claims is an antiaging miracle and can improve the skin condition in people with all kinds of conditions.

According to WebMD, emu oil provides some of the same benefits as mineral oil, but there’s not sufficient evidence backing Dremu’s claims that this bird-based oil is as multifaceted as they say.

Airbrush Eye Cream does contain some solid ingredients. We like that they’ve included green tea and vitamin E — both known for their nourishing antioxidant benefits, along with aloe vera, which may help tighten loose skin naturally.

Collagen, elastin and ceramides do some of the heavy lifting and provide justification for the higher price tag.

What’s also worth mentioning is, this ingredient does contain isoparafin — an inactive ingredient sourced from petroleum. While this may not bother some people, petroleum has been linked to some health issues. The thin skin around the eyes is highly absorbent — making it all the more important to be aware of what you’re putting on your body.

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The Price and Quality of Airbrush Eye Cream

Airbrush Eye Cream may be purcashed directly from the manufacturer’s website, for $68 for a 45-day supply, or $126 for a 90-day supply. There’s another entry one the site offering the same 90-day supply for $127.99 — which makes things a bit confusing from a consumer perspective.

The site also bundles this product with other antiaging creams, for users looking to incorporate the emu oil products into their full skincare regimen.

This eye cream is available through Amazon and the Derm Store as well, though both retailers are selling the product at the same $68 rate.

Airbrush Eye Cream is somewhat expensive, especially given the reviews suggest the product functions almost exclusively as a moisturizer, not so much a wrinkle reducing solution, as advertised.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this product with a proven eye cream such as Kremovage for better results.

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Business of Airbrush Eye Cream

Airbrush Eye Cream is made by a company known as Dremu—who makes a line of skincare products made from emu oil:

Phone: 800-373-4011

Dremu is a company that makes a range of products with emu oil at the core—from personal lubricants to antiaging serums and more.

The site itself is poorly organized, and the product page for Airbrush Eye Cream feels cluttered and confusing. They list the product on multiple pages, rather than keeping things simple and use complicated product titles for each item.

Airbrush Eye Cream gets a bit of a marketing boost from Oprah’s iVillage website, as well as mentions in Vogue, the Los Angeles Times and more.

Despite the attention the product has gotten, the site feels a little spammy. It’s possible that the company is smaller and doesn’t have a great web designer.

But, the busy, rotating coupons on the home page, lack of an “about us” section, we weren’t left with a great impression.

Customer Opinions of Airbrush Eye Cream

Airbrush Eye Cream has mixed reviews, though the bulk of them are positive. Based on the comments we came across, the price point may be a little high for many consumers. We also noticed that this product was stronger in some areas than others — not so effective for crow’s feet, but great for dry skin and creating a more refreshed look.

Here are some of the comments we came across in our research:

“This eye cream works well on wrinkles around the eyes, but it does nothing for dark circles or puffiness. I put it in the fridge as recommended, and that didn’t seem to change anything. Not worth the money.”

“This is certainly not worth the $60, but it smells nice and has this great luxurious texture. It’s just not especially effective in treating more stubborn aging concerns.”

“It actually works. I’ve had a yeast infection for nearly three years and I was skeptical that I would ever be rid of this terrible fate. I will continue to buy this product for the foreseeable future.”

“Been using Airbrush for about a year now, and I like it. It smells awesome and leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple. It doesn’t take away wrinkles, but I’ve yet to find anything that actually does.”

Most of the women who loved this product were in their 20s and 30s, so it’s likely wrinkles were less of a concern than preventing damage or hydrating skin.

There were a few mentions of allergic reactions to this product, meaning users need to be aware of what they are putting on their faces.

Additionally, many of the reviewers mentioned those product was great for dealing with puffy or tired eyes. It’s likely it’s just not the antiaging product it claims to be.

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Conclusion – Does Airbrush Eye Cream Work?

Airbrush Eye Cream has mixed reviews, but it has garnered the attention of Oprah’s iVillage website, lending some credibility to this emu-centric brand.

While we’re not entirely sure about the miracle benefits of emu oil, this product contains a strong lineup of ingredients known for their powerful antiaging benefits.

The product is paraben-free, but it does contain petroleum—and—though obvious, it’s worth mentioning, it isn’t vegetarian.

Airbrush Eye Cream has received many positive comments from people who believe this product works to smooth skin and provide hydration to the under eye area. These benefits may be enough — especially for women who are younger or who don’t have a major problem with crow’s feet or sagging skin.

It’s clearly not the right product for tackling wrinkles, and those who are seeking major results in that department should save their money and try something a little more targeted.

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