Salmon Baby Food Can Spark Child Development

Have you fed your baby fish today? It’s probably something that many parents don’t really think of much. But if a food science professor has her way, more people will be doing it.

Incorporating fish into an adult’s diet is recommended for several reasons, one of which is those rich in omega-3 fatty acids help prevent coronary artery disease. Experts generally recommend it twice a week.

But why would a baby need fish? Well, there are many other benefits as well. Registered dietitian Susan Brewer of the University of Illinois says that there are two main reasons that we should all feed out baby’s fish:

“First, babies need a lot of the omega-3 fatty acids found in fish for brain, nerve, and eye development, and when they switch from breast milk or formula to solid food, most of them don’t get nearly enough,” says Brewer. “Second, children’s food preferences are largely developed by the time they’re five, so I urge parents to help their kids develop a taste for seafood early.”

Brewer is working on developing a nutritious salmon dish for toddlers. While she thinks there may be some initial resistance, Brewer knows that she has the experts on her side.

“The American Heart Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics is solidly behind the idea, and fish-based baby foods, common in Asian markets, have been marketed successfully in the United Kingdom and Italy.”

Brewer has experimented with both pink and red salmon, favoring the red variety since it survives the food production process better.

I didn’t realize this was a novel idea, as I recall buying salmon baby food for my children. While pureed salmon sounds pretty gross to us, it got no resistance from the food critics that mattered most!

(via: Science Daily)

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