Going to the Gym Makes Me Paranoid and Uncomfortable

Filling the guest blog position this week is Israel Lagares. He’s the writer behind FatManUnleashed, where he shares his personal weight loss journey, and the creator HealthRanker, a health-focused, social media news site.

fatmanunleashedYesterday somebody made a comment on my blog about how they hate weight training because it made them feel uncomfortable. Actually, “stupid” was the exact term she used. I completely know this person feels. Being really fat did not help my self confidence. I used to avoid going to the gym because lifting weights made me feel silly. I would constantly think negative thoughts. This ruined my workouts because I would not focus on the exercise. I would instead focus on the fact that I was paranoid of people looking at me. Was I lifting right? I’m a big man, am I lifting enough so I don’t look like a complete wuss? Am I lifting too much? Am I going to hurt myself?

For the past few years I have not felt completely comfortable lifting weights in the gym, but I realized weight training is very important, so I bought a set of weights that my wife and I could use in the comfort of our home. Today I’m not so self-conscious at the gym, but there are always times when I feel a little silly.

Here is a list of other things that can sometimes make me feel uncomfortable at the gym:

5. Running on the Treadmill. I can’t help but question the whole time if I’m slamming my feet too loudly on that thing? I wonder what the weight capacity is on it? What if I slip and fall in front of all these really fit people? The embarrassment would kill me.treadmill

4. I am a fat man and I happen to sweat profusely! I’ve seen folks giving me the evil eye when working on the machines, I’m sure they are saying to themselves, “I sure hope he cleans this thing off when he’s done!” That thought alone makes me not want to be there.

3. Changing the amount of weight. Down from 1,000 lbs where the previous person had the weight set to something that I can actually lift. Nothing makes me feel like a bigger weakling! I consider myself to be a strong guy, but there are some guys at the gym that are just beasts!

2. Spotter turned personal trainer. I dislike the attention I get when my spotter wants to be my personal trainer. He tries to encourage me by yelling loudly, “One More! Come On You Can Do It!” Everyone starts staring at me and then I lose focus because I think about it…ugh.

1. Sweaty all over. ALL OVER. I love going to the gym, getting in a good workout and being covered in sweat from head to toe actually makes me feel good, like I’ve really accomplished a lot. Unfortunately, having sweated so much that its soaking through the butt of my shorts makes me feel most uncomfortable. This makes me really wish I were at home instead of the public gym.

What makes you feel most uncomfortable at the gym?

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