Biggest Loser Stars Phil and Amy Parham Help Overweight Americans [VIDEO] 

This summer, Biggest Loser 6 contestants Phillip and Amy Parham published their first book, “The 90-Day Fitness Challenge,” and continued their journey of helping Americans get fit. For August and September, they are the featured sponsors of the newsletter, and below you can learn more about their mission.

When “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” launched on ABC, the UK native set out to change the way people eat in what has been dubbed “the fattest city in America,” Huntington, West Virginia. But when he appeared on the “Late Show with David Letterman,” Letterman told him his mission was hopeless. The White House recently declared war on childhood obesity. There’s no doubt we have a battle on our hands—but is it already lost?

“Not even close!” say Phil Parham and Amy Parham, stars from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Combined, Phil and Amy lost more than 250 pounds on the hit TV show. Viewers related to the Parhams immediately, as their struggle with weight was—like it is for most people—more than just about food.

Years before “The Biggest Loser,” the Parhams felt life had spun out of control. Phil had lost his mortgage broker business after his partner left. Along with financial problems, the Parhams faced the challenges of raising a son with autism. Like many, they turned to food for comfort and neglected their health as they struggled to cope. “Every day felt like hell on earth,” says Amy.

Once things finally began to settle down, Phil and Amy determined to conquer their weight problem. And they did! They went on to lose the highest percentage of weight of any married couple in “Biggest Loser” history to date. Now, the Parhams are sharing their journey to healthy weight loss and helping others to achieve similar goals with The 90-Day Fitness Challenge. Their brand new book and DVD will encourage those fighting the “battle of the bulge” to transform their lives and fulfill their dreams of being healthier and happier. Along with cooking and exercise tips, they emphasize practical food plans, changes in eating habits, and development of an active lifestyle.

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