Ruby Season 2 Premiere Recap

ruby gettingerRuby fans finally had their moment last night as Ruby season 2 premiered on Style Network. Down more than 100 pounds since the beginning of the first season of this hit show, Ruby is ready to take on the next chapter of her weight loss journey.

One big moment in last night’s premiere was the pizza party that Ruby hosted. You might be thinking “why would she do that?” She brought temptation right through the front door, to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend Denny.

“I have to live in the real world,” says Ruby. “Everywhere I go I’m surrounded by food.”

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Ruby’s former boyfriend Denny returned to treat her to a Rascal Flatts concert. Ruby and friends packed up for a road trip to see the show in Charleston. Her friends were on the defensive as they didn’t want to see Ruby’s heart broken again by Denny. When asked if he was trying to get back with her, Denny denied it. Then, toward the end of the evening, Denny starts coming on to Ruby. To which she responded “It was bugging me bad! I was like, get off me!” Denny stood by the fact that he only wants to help Ruby, and she made it clear to him that she no longer has feelings for him.

An unexpected hurdle was that Ruby had to climb what she thought were “10,000 stairs!” We can all be proud of Ruby as she climbed every last one of them to get to her seat. It was a reminder that she has a long way to go and that she can’t afford to turn back.

Watch the clip.

Ruby also faced her toughest challenge yet – the loss of her father. Calling him her hero, and crediting him with loving her unconditionally, Ruby struggled to make peace with her loss. She met with her psychiatrist and discussed her grieving process. She says the three weeks after his death she went completely off her program – no exercise, no journaling, and even lacking a desire to get out of bed. Worried that this would leave her unable to return to her program, as the premiere episode progresses, we see that Ruby’s going to be able to do it!

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