Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil Review (UPDATED 2017): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is a coconut oil supplement used for a variety of indications from weight loss to digestive health. This product is encapsulated and meant for use as a daily supplement.

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil provides users with a reliable source of MCT oils, lauric and caprylic acids — ingredients thought to provide a number of nutritional benefits to users. This product may also work to treat yeast infections, as well as have an effect on hormone balance.

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Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil Ingredients and Side Effects

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is a plant-based supplement made from soothing herbs and amino acids. Here’s a look at what users can expect in terms of PMS relief, as well as some added benefits:

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil: made from cold-pressed coconut “meat,” coconut oil is typically used as a cooking oil and has long been a kitchen staple in Southeast Asia and the Pacific.

In addition to its role in the kitchen, coconut oil is often used to help soothe dry, cracked skin and broken, dry or damaged hair.

The health benefits associated with coconut oil come from lauric and caprylic acids, fatty acids that are thought tom improve a range of conditions from blood pressure to brain fog. Some users believe that coconut oil is good for 2weight loss, as it provides a long lasting feeling of fullness.

Additionally, coconut oil may be used to treat candida overgrowth in the body, as well as function as a home remedy for yeast infections and more.

Though it has yet to be proven definitively, some people also believe that coconut oil may be used as a way to regulate hormones — which may have an effect on menopausal users.

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Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil Quality of Ingredients

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is simply another coconut oil supplement. It may be effective for some users, but overall, we’re not totally convinced of its benefits — at least from a women’s health perspective.

With other coconut oil supplements, the indications typically include things like digestion, as well as the anti-fungal properties found inside this ingredient.

Additionally, some people believe that coconut oil has an impact on estrogen levels and that it may be used to control yeast and bacteria in the vagina — hence our reviewing this product in this context.

Unfortunately, there’s not much information available documenting whether or not the women-specific benefits of coconut oil are actually valid.

These claims — like its use as a candida supplement or a hormone balancer have not been reviewed in depth by any reputable organizations, so it’s not entirely clear if this product, or anything similar offers protection against menopause symptoms, yeast infections, BV and more.

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The Price and Quality of Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is sold through the Puritan’s’ Pride website, along with a range of other products. The supplements giant typically sells this product for $19.99 for a bottle containing 120 capsules.

Currently, they have some promotions going on — buy one get one free for $16.99 and buy two get three free, for $33.98. It’s not clear how long the deal lasts, or if this sale is along the same model of the perpetually going out of business store.

Shoppers can get a similar deal if they opt to buy the larger bottle — 240-count — paying $32.29 and $64.58 for the same discount.

In addition to the official website, Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is sold through a variety of other online channels. Amazon offers a 120-count bottle for $8.99, while Vitamin World is selling it at the MSRP, $19.99 for the same size bottle.

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Business of Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil

This product is made by a company that also goes by the name, Puritan’s Pride. Here is their contact information, and a little bit of background:

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is sold on the official Puritan’s Pride website. The page advertising the product is loaded with deals, bundling promotions and several product suggestions, and at times, it feels a little overwhelming.

The product description for the coconut oil is rather vague. It essentially just says that “people take coconut oil for all kinds of reasons” and that the encapsulated version makes getting your MCTs easier than eating spoons of oil from the jar.

We wish that consumers were able to read more about the use of coconut oil as a supplement, rather than the more common uses as a cooking oil or as an alternative to hair masks and body lotions.

Aside from the general feeling of chaos when looking at this website, as well as the lack of information, Puritan’s Pride is a company that has been around for a long time and has wide spread distribution and name recognition.

We’ve noticed some of these larger companies pay less attention to the education component of their marketing mix — mostly because they don’t need to work as hard to build trust.

Also, Puritian’s Pride has an enormous selection of products, and it may be hard to fill each page with the amount of confidence needed to explain say, the many uses of coconut oil.

Customer Opinions of Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil has largely positive, yet vague reviews. Most people mentioned that they liked this product for ease of use

“It’s okay, I mean, coconut oil is definitely good for your hair and skin, but I’m still not totally convinced that it’s the superfood some people believe it to be.”

“Pretty good — I like taking these on the go, and I’m pleased that I’m able to get the fatty acid benefits of coconut oil without all the mess and the calories.”

“These are horse pills, but I do like them, nonetheless. Much better than trying to swallow spoonfuls of oil — for sure. I can’t stand the taste of coconut oil, so these are a real god send.”

“Really happy with the coconut oil I got from Puritan’s Pride! The strength and quality of this product fits right in with my health goals. Love that this comes in easy to take capsules, too. Just fantastic.”

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is well-reviewed, if you consider the large amount of people who gave this product four or five stars. The problem is, however, these reviewers have not provided any detail as to why someone might want to purchase this supplement.

Vague comments like “everything from Puritan’s Pride is good” don’t really help us understand why someone might take use this product — are people buying this for digestion? Candida? Weight loss? We don’t know.

Aside from the lack of quality comments, there weren’t all that many comments in general. Because there’s not much information available,

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Conclusion – Does Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil Work?

Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil is just another coconut oil supplement. People seem to give these products good reviews, as we’ve seen with a number of other brands selling the same product.

Because it seems like people consistently like encapsulated coconut oil, it’s hard to say that we wouldn’t recommend it — there just isn’t enough information available to confirm that coconut oil is effective for all of the many indications it has been linked to.

In the context of products designed for menopausal women, we do not believe that potential users will get much out of using Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil. The claims that coconut oil can help regulate hormones are rarely mentioned and have not been studied in great detail.

As a women’s health product, Puritan’s Pride Coconut Oil might help with things like yeast infections, but again, there’s not enough evidence proving that this home remedy is as effective as other yeast infection treatments or candida cleanses.

While we’re sure that this product won’t cause most users to have an adverse reaction, we’d advise against using coconut oil supplements as a replacement for proven care methods.

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