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Prostol is a nutritional supplement that is formulated to help men improve their urinary functions and prostate health. It is designed to soothe inflammation and swelling in the prostate, including that irritation that is the product of conditions like benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH) and chronic prostatitis (CP).

It may be useful for helping men to reduce the severity of symptoms like overactive bladder, difficulty starting and stopping urinary stream, and pain in the pelvic floor or lower abdominal region. Their advertising says that it can help to inhibit 5-reductase and aromatase activity, which can contribute to the swelling of the prostate over time.

The product that has shown the most utility for helping restore urinary function in men with prostate issues is called Prostatrinex. It is a potent blend of amino acids, herbal aids, and core vitamins and essential trace elements that has been shown to help reduce the effects of prostate swelling and irritation. Follow this link to read our experts’ complete review of Prostatrinex to see if it is applicable for your specific needs.

How Does Prostol Work?

Prostol has one of the simplest proprietary blends that our team has ever analyzed. It contains only two total ingredients: saw palmetto and nettle root extracts.

These are two of the most effective ingredients for prostate health supplements in general, however it is very unusual for a product of this nature to have so few total additives. This is especially unusual given how little of each ingredient that they end up using, as there is only 160mg of saw palmetto and 120mg of nettle extract in their blend.

For comparison, 160mg of saw palmetto is less than half of what is found in most successful over the counter prostate health blends. Saw palmetto is one of the most potent herbal prostate aids and is commonly found in many of the most effective over the counter prostate health blends. It is highly recommended by our team of nutrition experts.

Saw palmetto trees are native to the southern United States and its berries have been used for their health benefits by the Seminole tribe and other indigenous people for centuries. While the berries are unpleasant in taste and smell, the Seminoles did use it to make a health tea that they used to help treat prostate and urinary disorders, amongst other conditions.

It is loaded with a variety of nutrients that can help the prostate, including beta-sitosterol, a potent compound that can reduce inflammation and the symptoms of BPH. Saw palmetto can help to slow the growth rate of the prostate and potentially even reverse it in some cases, which makes it especially useful in products of this nature.

Stinging nettle, also called urtica, does not affect the prostate directly, however it is still considered extremely effective for prostate health products. This is due to the fact that it is excellent at increasing urinary performance in men, which can help them overcome many of the symptoms that are caused by prostate swelling.

This includes helping men that have experienced difficulty starting their urine stream regain normal functionality, and may also reduce any pain or discomfort that they feel during the elimination process. It has been shown to help men more completely empty their bladders during urination, which reduces the overall total number of times that they have to go to the bathroom.

Prostol does not use any of the core nutrients that the prostate needs to remain healthy and functional. It does not contain any amino acids like alanine or glutamine, no basic vitamins like B6 or E, and no essential trace elements like copper, selenium or zinc.

Zinc, alanine, and glutamine especially are found in high concentrations in the prostate and are needed by the gland in order to function properly on a daily basis. A prostate health product that does not provide any sort of support in these areas severely limits the number of people that it can be effective for.

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Potential Benefits of Prostol

While Prostol has one of the weaker prostate health formulas that our team has analyzed, it is still possible that it can have some benefits for their users. These benefits may not tend to be as significant as those that are experienced by the users of products with more diverse and potent ingredients blends, however both of the ingredients in Prostol are well-regarded enough that our experts believe that it is still possible that it can have some beneficial effects on its users’ urinary performance.

Most frequently, this will involve fewer trips to the bathroom and a more comfortable, effective urination experience. Men may also see reductions in pain and irritation in the pelvic floor region, and an increase in stream strength and consistency.

Improving prostate and urinary function can help men’s lifestyles in a number of unexpected ways, including helping them get better sleep. Prostate swelling can cause men to have to get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, often multiple times in a night. This can cause fatigue-related problems for men the next day, including low energy, bad mood and irritability, and depressed immune function.

Many men are also embarrassed by their prostate issues, as they do not like having to constantly stop activities or excuse themselves from company to have to go use the restroom. Many men even report not wanting to engage in activities that do not have easily accessible restrooms in order to avoid the potential of accident or emergency.

Other social issues that can be caused by prostate swelling include leakage from the urethra after going to the bathroom, which can lead to spotting and unpleasant personal smells. Taking Prostol may help reduce the instances of these events, potentially restoring men’s confidence in their urinary abilities.

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Are There Side Effects of Prostol?

It is highly unlikely that any consumers will have a negative reaction to the ingredients included in Prostol. Both saw palmetto and stinging nettle are well tolerated by the majority of their users and are not typically associated with any serious side effects in either the short or long term.

It is possible that in some very rare cases users could have a mild allergic reaction to either of these ingredients, however that is not typical. Talk to your health care provider if you have any serious food or plant allergies to ensure that Prostol is safe for you to use.

EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostol

Prostol is a product of Nature’s Way, one of the more well-known supplements manufacturers in the marketplace. Their products can be purchased in person through several of the larger supplements distribution chains. They can also be found for sale online, though not through the Nature’s Way website, which redirects customers to their choice of third-party retailers. Prostol is generally sold for prices in the following range:

  • 1, 120-count bottle (60-day supply) of Prostol Dual Action Prostate Formula: $22.79-$39.99

This is slightly lower than the average price for products of this type. This makes sense, as their limited ingredients list should be less expensive for consumers, especially given that they may need to add a secondary supplement in order to get the type of nutritional support that they need for optimal prostate health.

Follow this link to find out the best ways to relieve the pain and frustration of prostate swelling.

Our Recommendation

Our team of health and wellness experts strongly recommend that users that are experiencing pain or difficulty urinating due to prostate swelling find a nutritional supplement that contains saw palmetto and stinging nettle in their blend, as Prostol does. They also recommend, however, that that blend include larger doses of those ingredients, as well as a more complete roster of secondary ingredients.

Those ingredients should include, at a minimum, the amino acids glutamine and alanine, the essential trace elements copper, selenium, and zinc, and the basic vitamins B6 and E. These are the core chemicals that the prostate needs in order to be fully functional, and a product that does not include them is always going to be somewhat limited in its effectiveness.

Prostol is far too weak of a supplement for our review team to recommend it to our readers. They encourage them instead to seek out supplements that use saw palmetto and stinging nettle as a part of a more complete prostate health blend.

The prostate health product that has the top proprietary blend according to our team of experts is called Prostatrinex. It also uses saw palmetto and stinging nettle in its formula, however it supports them with one of the most diverse and potent blends of ingredients found in any non-prescription supplement on the market.

It has a complete selection of basic core ingredients, including all of our experts recommended aminos and essential trace elements. Click here to see exactly what goes into Prostatrinex’s ingredients blend.

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