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Prostate Optimizer, as its name implies, is a nutritional supplement that is designed to help optimize the health and functionality of the prostate gland. This includes improving prostate size, soothing inflammation and irritation, and helping to control the symptoms of conditions like chronic prostatitis (CP) and benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

This may involve benefits like controlling the amount of times that men have to go to the bathroom in a day, improving the strength of their streams while urinating, and reducing the pain and discomfort that many men feel in their lower abdominal and pelvic floor regions. The advertising for Prostate Optimizer claims that it is able to help support the healthy replication of cells in the prostate, which they say can both control prostate size and reduce the likelihood that users develop cancer of the prostate later in life.

The prostate health and urinary function support product that gets our team’s highest recommendation is named Prostatrinex. It uses a blend of herbal ingredients and basic core nutrients that are formulated to have the greatest impact on the largest percentage of men’s prostate issues. Click on this link to learn more about the different benefits that Prostatrinex may be able to offer men that are experiencing prostate and urinary issues.

How Does Prostate Optimizer Work?

Prostate Optimizer uses a combination of fatty acids derived from fish oil as their main ingredient. These fatty acids, EPA and DHA, are two of the most broadly-useful chemicals in the body.

EPA and DHA, also known as Omega-3 fatty acids, are used as a lubricant for the body’s joints and muscles, they help improve mental functioning, and they also have strong anti-inflammatory properties. They are less specifically useful for the prostate, though they can help to somewhat reduce inflammation, irritation, and some of the urinary symptoms of prostate swelling.

Another source for fatty acids is the herbal ingredient saw palmetto, which is the third listed ingredient in Prostate Optimizer behind fish oil and flower pollen extracts. Saw palmetto is generally regarded as one of the most effective non-prescription prostate health ingredients because in addition to fatty acids it is also rich in plant sterols like beta-sitosterol that have also been connected to improving the symptoms of BPH and CP.

Because of this usefulness, Prostate Optimizer also includes an additional 100mg of phytosterols, including 40mg of beta-sitosterol. Beta-sitosterol is so well regarded in products of this nature because it has been shown to help men reduce the frequency of their trips to the bathroom, improve the strength and consistency of their urinary streams, and efficiently cut off the urine stream without leaving residual urine in the urethra.

Residual urine can be an issue because men either have to return to the bathroom minutes after leaving to it, or risk developing an infection due to uncontrolled bacterial growth. It can also be a socially embarrassing problem if it is not cleared, as residual urine can also leak out throughout the day, causing unpleasant personal smells, staining clothes, and potentially even leading to visual spotting.

Their secondary ingredient, Graminex flower pollen extract, is not one of our experts top-rated additives for products of this sort, and it is not thought to be able to have any direct benefits for the prostate itself. It may still be able to benefit urinary function somewhat, especially increasing the velocity and volume of men’s urine streams, but it has also been linked to increasing the frequency of men’s needs to urinate, which is often one of the things that men are trying to control with a prostate health supplement.

To see which brands were named to our experts’ list of the top ten non-prescription prostate health products on the market, just follow this link.

Potential Benefits of Prostate Optimizer

Prostate Optimizer has some potential benefits for reducing the symptoms of prostate issues like benign prostate hyperplasia, chronic prostatitis, inflammation and irritation, however it does not provide the type of core nutrition that is needed to help prevent their development in the first place, or help to make them go away instead of just reducing their symptoms. This makes it more effective for men that are looking for immediate symptom relief than long-term prostate health control.

This may include improving the bladder’s ability to empty completely each time men urinate, which in turn will decrease the overall frequency with which men have to go to the bathroom. Another side benefit of this that men may find that they get better sleep thanks to the fact that they are not compelled to get out of bed to go pee as frequently. This can help men have more energy the next day, as well as also potentially improving mood, problem solving abilities, and even hormone functioning.

Prostate Optimizer may also increase the volume, velocity, and consistency of men’s urinary streams, as well as helping them start and stop their stream efficiently and without pain. Other secondary benefits may involve strengthening the users’ hair and skin, immune system, and flexibility.

Are There Side Effects of Prostate Optimizer?

The vast majority of the ingredients in Prostate Optimizer are mild herbs that have not demonstrated a particularly concerning history of causing side effects in either the short or the long term. Most of their ingredients are included on our experts’ list of recommended additives that they believe are safe and effective for daily prostate health supplements, with the one exception of Graminex, which they do have some minor concerns about.

In addition to the fact that Graminex flower pollen extracts may increase the frequency of men’s trips to the bathroom, which is frequently one of the problems that men might be taking Prostate Optimizer in order to help resolve, their allergic potential is high. Flower pollen allergies are thought to be one of the most common forms of sensitivities in both the United States and worldwide. Potential allergic reactions to flower pollen may include:

  • Watery eyes
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive mucus production
  • Headache
  • Facial swelling

Individuals that have previously been diagnosed with flower pollen allergies of any sort are encouraged to consult with their doctor about the practicality of taking Prostate Optimizer, or simply to seek out a supplement that is more likely to be both safe and effective for your personal needs. Men who are particularly frustrated by the frequency and intensity of their need to urinate should also probably seek out a prostate health supplement that does not include Graminex or other forms of flower pollen byproducts.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this pill with a proven prostate support pill such as Prostatrinex for better results

How to Buy Prostate Optimizer

Prostate Optimizer is one of the many products of Jarrow Formulas, a fairly large and well-known manufacturer of health and wellness supplements. Their products are available from many retailers, both online and in some physical locations, however they are not sold through their own home page.

The prices for Prostate Optimizer can vary somewhat dramatically from retailer to retailer, however potential customers should be able to find it for prices within this range:

  • 1, 90-count bottle (30-day supply) of Prostate Optimizer softgels: $22.09-$37.65

These prices all fall within the range of what we would call average price for a supplement of this type. Our team would recommend, however, that any man who decides to purchase Prostate Optimizer also buy themselves another secondary prostate health product that can provide some level of core nutritional support as well. This will reduce the cost-effectiveness of Prostate Optimizer, however on its own our experts do not believe that it will be able to offer the type of support that most men are looking for from a prostate heath supplement.

Follow this link to get advice from our panel of health and wellness experts about the best ways to support prostate and urinary functions through dietary supplementation.

Our Recommendation

There is a very good chance that a man that is experiencing some degree of prostate inflammation, irritation, or swelling will have the severity of their symptoms reduced by taking Prostate Optimizer. They may not see these symptoms go away entirely, however, and they may also see them return over time.

This is because it is highly unlikely that Prostate Optimizer will be able to significantly control the growth of the prostate for most men over time as it does not provide the necessary level of core support ingredients. Our team of experts encourage our readers to find a product with a more complete nutritional profile than Prostate Optimizer.

The product that they recommend the highest for these purposes is Prostatrinex. It has an ingredients list that is both long and deep, using potent doses of all-natural ingredients that are all highly recommended by our team of experts.

It provides a potent selection of core level ingredients, such as zinc, copper, selenium, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and the amino acids alanine, glycine, and glutamic acid. For more data about the contents of Prostatrinex, or to read reviews for their previous customers, just click on this link.

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