Metagenics Estrofactors Review (UPDATED 2018): Don't Buy Before You Read This!

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What is it?

Metagenics Estrofactors is a product designed to promote estrogen balance with use. The supplement claims to reduce hormone-related symptoms like breast pain, irritability, cramps and potentially, menopause symptoms.

Metagenics Estrofactors features an isoflavone blend at the heart of the product, sourced from kudzu and red clover, as well as a handful of ingredients there to make sure estrogen levels don’t rise too much. As per the directions, users are advised to take one pill a day.

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Metagenics Estrofactors Ingredients and Side Effects

Metagenics Estrofactors is made with isoflavones, along with a handful of ingredients, which, according to the product description, are present to ensure that estrogen levels stay within a healthy range.

Isoflavones Rosemary Turmeric
Resveratrol Chrysin

Isoflavones: This particular supplement gets its isoflavones from kudzu and red clover. Isoflavones are chemicals found in a variety of plants and when ingested, are converted into a type of estrogen.

Isoflavones are often used as a menopause supplement, as they may soothe symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats and even out frequent mood swings.

Turmeric: A spice known for its long list of health benefits, turmeric is used as an anti-inflammatory — it may help with joint pain, autoimmune diseases, stomach problems, fatigue and cognitive function.

Rosemary:  Rosemary is used to improve digestion, treat gas, heartburn and liver complaints. Rosemary may help with memory and cognitive function.

Resveratrol: Resveratrol is found in the skins of grapes and berries, providing protection against sun damage as the fruits grow. This ingredient is thought to prevent heart disease, stroke and lower blood pressure, and may provide some anti-cancer properties.

Resveratrol is high in antioxidants and may be used as an anti-inflammatory.

Chrysin: Chrysin is a flavonoid often used in body building supplements. It might have an effect on testosterone levels, and may reduce and anxiety and inflammation.

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EDITOR’S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven menopause pill such as Femmetrinol for better results.

Metagenics Estrofactors Quality of Ingredients

Metagenics Estrofactors appears to have a nice ingredient profile. Isoflavones are a favorite amongst those who opt to treat their hormone issues with plants, rather than synthetic vitamins. Additionally, ingredients like rosemary, resveratrol and turmeric all provide some nice health benefits — for any age or stage of reproduction.

Our primary concern with the quality of Metagenics Estrofactors is in regards to the potency. The supplement contains just 33 mg of isoflavones, when an appropriate amount for menopause treatment is about 100 mg per dose.

While isoflavones are not recommended for women who have hormone-sensitive health conditions, this supplement doesn’t contain any ingredients that healthy menopausal women need to be concerned about.

The main issue with this supplement is, it’s not really made with menopause in mind.

For example, the main benefits outlined on the official product page are more focused on things like period pain, breast tenderness and PMS — conditions affected by the same hormones that cause menopause symptoms, but clearly associated with a different phase in reproduction.

This may soothe some symptoms like hot flashes or night sweats, but it is clear that Metagenics Estrofactors was designed for women who need a bit of hormonal support, not a potent attack on menopausal discomfort.

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The Price and Quality of Metagenics Estrofactors

Metagenics Estrofactors is not sold directly from the manufacturer, at least not to the general public.

The product is sold in 90-count bottles and 180-count bottles for roughly $75 and $125, respectively.

While Metagenics restricts the purchase of their products to registered medical practitioners, users can find this product on Amazon, Pure Formulas, iHerb and more.

This product is quite expensive, especially considering there are countless other options available to consumers containing the same ingredients (in some cases with greater potency) for a quarter or half the price of Metagenics Estrofactors.

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Business of Metagenics Estrofactors

Metagenics Estrofactors is made by the company, Metagenics. The company does not provide contact information to the public, aside from a form that potential retailers may fill out for more information. Here’s a little more about this company, and what they do:

Metagenics Estrofactors is made by the company, Metagenics, a reputable supplements maker who only sells their solutions directly to registered practitioners.

Metagenics does not make prescription medications, so it’s a bit unusual that they’ve opted to restrict sales to medical practices. We like that they’ve made an effort to encourage responsible, informed use of supplements, but this barrier to access has not stopped those registered users from reselling on channels like Amazon.

The Metagenics website is clean, clinical and informative, but not overly so. The company offers support to its healthcare partners — with nutritional experts and clinicians on hand to give advice in regards to using the Metagenics line of products.

Overall, though Metagenics is known for their attention to detail. They’ve published several scientific essays and regularly test their supply of over 3000 raw ingredients.

This company provides a good product, but we’re not totally sold on the restricted access to non-prescription supplements.

Customer Opinions of Metagenics Estrofactors

Metagenics Estrofactors has mixed reviews. While many are quite positive, the comments highlighted that this product isn’t quite the right fit for all users.

Additionally, we’re not sure what the reproductive demographic is for most of these users — none of them have explicitly mentioned any vaginal issues caused by menopause.

Here are some of the comments we came across in our research:

“This supplement has been a complete game changer. I have an autoimmune disease, and as a result, my hormones are all over the place. I do wish it was cheaper, but I’m definitely feeling more balanced.”

“If you have hormone trouble, I cannot recommend this enough. It’s made me feel so much better, so much so, my period almost surprises me each month. I’d certainly say it’s worth the price.”

“I’m in my early thirties and have had issues with estrogen for quite some time. My nutritionist recommended this product to me, and it has really evened things out, along with regular doses of vit. D.”

“These pills have been great for my perimenopausal hot flashes. They take a couple weeks to kick in, but it’s well worth the wait. I don’t have severe symptoms yet, but this pill is great for keeping them at bay.”

Metagenics Estrofactors has a range of reviews from women of all ages—including some women who are going through menopause.

Most of the reviewers, however, are still menstruating and are using this product to eliminate recurring breast pain. Based on the comments we read, it looks like this product is especially effective in reducing monthly weight gain, PMS, cramping and heavy blood flow.

This product, based on the anecdotal evidence alone, seems like a great supplement for women who want to mitigate some of the pain they experience during each monthly cycle.

For our purposes, Metagenics Estrofactors doesn’t quite seem right for most menopausal women. Metagenics does make a menopause-specific product, so there’s really no reason to select this one over the more targeted blend.

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Conclusion – Does Metagenics Estrofactors Work?

Metagenics Estrofactors is made by a reputable company and does not contain any ingredients known to be dangerous for healthy women. Yet, we wouldn’t recommend this supplement to most women going through menopause.

Metagenics Estrofactors does contain good ingredients, but there’s not enough of active isoflavones present to yield any meaningful benefits. Simply put, this product is likely too weak for those women experiencing severe menopause symptoms. Metagenics actually sells a different product aimed at treating menopause symptoms. This one however, is geared more toward younger women who may have uncomfortable symptoms associated with menstruation.

Of course, there is some overlap between herbal remedies for painful menstruation, PMS, cramps, PCOS, etc. and those used for menopause. Metagenics Estrofactors, as a menopause product, suffers from a potency problem — bringing a minimal dosage of isoflavones to the table.

Femmetrinol is the most effective product for treating menopause symptoms quickly and with maximum potency. A handful of carefully selected herbs balance hormone ratios in the body, so consumers can get back to their lives free from hot flashes, mood swings, low energy and night sweats.

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